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  • Are you ready for Christmas ?Poem?

    Waiting Christmas

    Form times of death to life I wait

    To love lost to life I wait

    As yesterday to the new one I wait

    As yet to I , I wait . As glowing light

    I wait; as yet to yet I wait

    Merry Christmas I wait

    Merry Christmas I came

    Star bright, stars bright

    I wait

    I came come I was

    death to life I,

    I wait, Merry Christmas

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  • Is Poetry discovering on its last standing ?

    Youtube thumbnail

    Spaces were given by divinity

    As was so it will be

    Who can escape the space of God ?

    When its space is touch and held

    We is in our heart but who am I

    but the space when i take of

    Am I He-- me or I did not care

    He is a body but who am I?

    Some may think hostilities but I say love alone, soul and body, end.

    Play it again Sam?

    The gangs weren’t interested

    Love of money was he whole

    And in between an ambush

    For no reason but snake hole

    Even if it bit its own tail

    Liken seven virgins’

    Bomb of their own kind

    Depart no they simply worship

    Anything to quake a response

    Turbans jokes and jocks

    That went boo then dead

    The whole of lines, bones on bones

    Could not even, sibilance

    For none was true bone of my bones

    Dead man’s bones healed nothing

    ( head, brains, heart, even no feet, )

    As the night lined it lost his way

    All give to the joke and fire

    Of their own fire-raising

    There the house went deep

    An ambush of all ambush

    Unsuccessful for love’s sake,

    Was never first but another stroke (last)

    They worshiped; so was their King

    they were given, over to what

    for what head?

    'Play it, Sam'?

    After looking around at them with anger, grieved at their hardness of heart, He said to the man, "Stretch out your hand." And he stretched it out, and his hand was restored. Mark 3:5

    He looked around at them one by one and then said to the man, "Hold out your hand." So the man held out his hand, and it was restored! Luke 6:10

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  • What do you think when John said “love one another; what was he really saying (one another)?

    Part two of the Question

    Christ second coming, coming for Him who eagerly awaits him, does this have to do with “another”? Hebrews 9:28

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  • Do you want transition of a new year without a repeat; a Christmas poem?

    How would you title this?

    The I had a Fat mouth and day; joy rang I heard

    As the New Year came to start I heard Hark

    I heard in the appearance of as one breathes;

    Its song s to the ear was bells on earth

    As in earshot herald’s mistletoes rang kisses

    Snowy-whites morning starry celebrate day

    Holding hands that hand, ends on ends

    As join tracks in the snows deep of deep,

    Was as oak for none got stuck before;

    For the sled was everlasting to everlasting,

    Mistletoes thick in the tree of oak

    Open seasons New Year untaught sung,

    Its dance was in a vision of a nut cracker

    When evening came laughing all the way

    Before the mountains were born

    Or You gave birth to the earth and the world,

    Even from everlasting to everlasting,

    You are God.

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  • I was inspired wrote a short poem; will you look and comment further?

    AS a lineament to,

    stars never leave the consolation

    Evermore visible in the lineament,

    All clear skies seen as solstice’s summer and winter

    The four corners to the north and south

    A sphere of earth by heavens fullness

    What would make this poem into a better Poem?

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  • Do you think the poem is religious?

    Journey Valentines

    I’ve traveled sea and shore

    I’ve travels Father and Son

    I’ve seeing a tower of troubles

    But when the valentine is near

    I forget all the mess in

    The favor true Valentine

    Dust away all the victories

    It’s what did do

    In consultation laid rest

    Butterfly wings exposed

    Dream out

    Valentines took place

    If no end Jesus appears

    Valentines’ never truly ended

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  • What should this poem be called?

    A: Crawling from the Wreckage o

    B: A valentine close

    C: Waiting for the break of day (something to say)


    As sun is to earth and earth to sun

    So mouthful air another day

    Another silent, the bogie man can’t see

    As bloom, her sheltered dusty eye

    O delight knowing she’s real

    And every violating endeavor

    These wheels on fire

    These wheels shall explode

    Voyeur conceives she

    She is the one she pleases

    Dancing insightful past

    Crawling From the Wreckage

    That I would get the message

    Crawling From the Wreckage

    Into a brand-new car

    (Crawling From the Wreckage)

    (Crawling From the Wreckage)

    (Crawling From the Wreckage)

    I can hear the grass Grow

    I see rainbows, in the evening

    A love that was meant around,

    Something to say

    On mind in soul

    The kind that last

    A valentine close

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  • Of whom was the Poet referring to?

    Summer and winter spent a new

    Times going, one-see beauty sickles of isle

    Hanging from the rain pan

    As night drops cold, fire and ice

    Snow Caps Mountains shiver distance

    Southern California appear

    Warmth singing it’s time for winter

    (As it did it did I know a show doll?) \ was

    The making of you coated

    For the cold and warmth newest

    As someone lets you down

    Where frozen and defrost of way

    It was apparent she knew more

    Where clinging was no more

    Southern California appear in the sea

    As new song singing began

    Where one lead a way

    And a new song and generations sprouted wings of old?

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  • please read and c/c my love poem?

    Language and Love

    Language and love standing in the mist

    O a man be found and kept

    As the sky are blue and the sun bright

    O may God, of Love shower his

    In love of blissful bless thankful

    For by word Love all is held day

    As being a child loved marry souls

    He stands just in perfection Kings and Queens

    As the world turns and friends of him play

    O what a rainbow of color wheeled

    As finger fiddle Franco Morone Terranova

    As muff and strike He fills my soul

    The knowing of you makes all of me

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  • Will you read my poem and c/c?

    Time and story as going on up

    I saw gang bangers standing in street corners

    With masks of demon play language streaking?

    It sent a roar to the sword of heart spices

    When as they came to let down the mask lingo

    It was my girl and I was being put to another test

    Was she or was she not but I knew better

    But always being as she was

    Even though, they been king of corners time unknown

    And some community; it was short in my book

    Gang bangers and love of one’s own

    was not mine to carry nor bathe taken.

    But I was my girl, and warrior by name said

    And even this is no secret but likeness

    To the streets need cleaning by

    And they chose me

    So and so and she and me took by trade

    And the rest tells its own story

    Honor or dishonor

    Its known is no secret any more

    And mysteries taken

    Are open to love of him

    Time and story as going on up (caught up)

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  • Do think this poem fitting as time sets today?

    Shock is on going

    Standing on top of the world

    As sunsets and winds blow

    Summer and winter on the mind

    Being loved romantic

    Ages eons of wise at heart fill

    The void as young at heart in a kingdom

    But looking twice makes my way O Lord

    Its twist is not home but homely followed by

    In the mirrored of the back seat rest my Love

    As meadows spring and cures through

    Rainbow liken in the back yard barn

    Makes the word never end

    Thankful am I_ God being the good present.

    But love of truth is Home

    And here wait I stay

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  • Could this be called a Seasonal poem?

    Five hundred miles and no further

    MICHALE Journeys

    As right and left of Jesus

    Baruch … its span of time

    There was … a bird flying high as a mountain

    And I said to the angel, “What is this bird?”

    And he said to me, “This is the guardian of the world.”

    And I said, “Lord, how is it the guardian of the world?

    Teach me.” And the angel said,

    “This bird accompanies the sun and, spreads its wings,

    absorbs its burning rays.

    For if it did not absorb them,

    none of the race of men would survive,

    nor anything else that lives, so God appointed this bird.”

    And he unfolded his wings,

    and I saw on his right wing very lager letters …

    and the letters were gold.

    And the angel said to me, “ Read them”

    … and they said this, “Neither earth nor heaven bear me,

    but wings of fire bear me.”

    And I said, Lord, what is this bird, and what is its name?”

    And the angel told me, “His name is Phoenix”.

    I said, “And what does he eat?”

    And he told me, “The manna of heaven and the dew of earth.”

    … The bird spreads his wings

    and covers the rays of the sun

    and it flapped its wings

    and there was a noise like thunder

    and the bird cried out, saying,

    “O giver of light, give splendor to the world.

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  • Could this be a near Poem?

    Sounds Near-And Far Off

    As was, Master drum played the beat

    And I went off to follow the rhythm

    As joyful sounds filled the space I resounded

    Of the clapped hand the beating heart surround

    And its horn came in, i as low snare harmonization drumbeat folioed breast manuscript

    With clarinet whisper the beat as then flew off to whirls (where by) time by Time.

    It was time set-sun-belt-Flare-Sun-Spot eyes golden steel; the horn was cold nigh






    Heat C# Note was stead:




    And its rhythm was no more ordinary harmonization a manuscript

    As I lain in of place.

    I shut in eyes

    And went ways



    Two days when She rises

    When she will:

    This I know, this is known

    The Nearness of You

    Sounds Near-And Not Far Off

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  • What do you c/c , do you a Gospel Rockabilly Dance , imagine a poem?

    Gospel Rockabilly

    Ubangi Stomp Cradle of Love

    Be-Bop-A-Lula Blue Suede Shoes

    Lonely Weekends Train Kept A-Rollin’

    Two step Rockin’ Daddy Miss Pearl

    Hot Rock Stutterin’ Papa Something’ Else

    Believe What You Say Domino

    Flying’ Saucers Rock ‘n’ Roll

    All The Time

    Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

    Jungle Rock I Walk The Line

    That Anit Nothing’ But Right

    Rocking’ Rollin’ Stone

    Little Pig ‘Rocket ‘88’

    Suggested Category

    Arts & Humanities > Dancing

    Arts & Humanities > Poetry

    Arts & Humanities > Other - Arts & Humanities

    Arts & Humanities > Performing Arts

    Entertainment & Music > Music > Jazz

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  • a poem , would you give your thoughts to Romance , c/c or what interest it holds and why?


    See many a place in the sea

    To go, but I say no more sea

    As the sea is but waves

    And the strong breaks the shore

    So the tide this one

    I wade out not for lost

    For the water is for salt its self

    As it bends for her shore line

    For that one He left the night-nine

    That one if ‘Come’, come

    Gave that water to Jesus

    Gave him that love making

    That hund red th one

    Like eight bars of Soul

    For if they left ninety-nine

    The no more sea, and went

    For His of beloved went

    And that day be moved

    Living by the sycamore tree

    As the chirp sings

    So my beloved stood



    As you venture kindred folk

    The door is free now, kind ’90 - - spent

    Liken romancing the stone

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  • What was the gifting that was the gift that Able, remind Us?

    Why the respect unto Abel and his offering:

    Please be informational as Q

    Suggested Category

    Society & Culture > Holidays > Valentine's Day

    Society & Culture > Etiquette

    Education & Reference > Trivia

    Arts & Humanities > History

    Politics & Government > Military

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  • A Romance to share of Yahoo , what should the title be?

    Shameful is not shame,the friends of love

    As words across the universe hold Me (Father and Son)

    As music to the ears and some stump

    For love as if when they see

    The face in the call is enlarger

    O how this band of ring love

    Under the skin period, Rebounds

    Do,I Yahoo in its own way

    To a venture advent

    First line

    As smiling the way

    O how they Yes,’ Romance

    To Me and you

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  • In the outer city, what would your Question be? Utterance of a poem what’s in your thoughts?

    Judgment is not grim

    Judgment is not, grim, is it? I say not! It’s you

    We all on earth, for, of the voice hear and you

    Its pleasantness’ is the majestic of judgment

    Its stay is you

    No longer fallen any

    but timely of place

    and timely you

    Be afraid of hell? I say not!

    Be hell no!

    But yes by going through

    He then of his them

    Judgments pass away

    No hell!

    But you am me that image

    Be it that place,

    Be it its,

    Good end

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  • What could be wrong with a timely poem again?

    Today 2


    Sitting in the prestige of Temecula

    There looking through the window

    After a rain night, window opens

    And fresh breeze field the air

    I set in array of ageless free

    As the thoughts rowed cone side

    In to what freedom gives

    That day longed

    In the matter of being scattered

    And faceless to be this one

    This has its abundance.

    But yet in harvest moon

    I see wonders of beloved ones,

    Sitting side by side as birds love

    For me to be and taken

    I was happy in times virtue

    For She in all to do my girl

    Was not alone but tremolo

    In vibes tune on the top ten chart

    now, in her favor love.

    She was not gone, she was set.

    I looked to days and times time

    To see her face, do I of Her

    But still in the voice I was the long that keep me Sur.

    Not that she

    Bur in the smiling past

    Was unforgettable

    She was my girl and spoken for

    She was the implement of my eyes

    As stone Pillars of height

    Without end or

    The city adorn

    But Sill: she had me

    At first of glance

    even when I knew not.

    We were caught in

    For the beginning

    Was like the end

    And the first was last

    and love grew them

    I miss her so

    I do

    The city speaks louder than words

    And harvest is good

    and hope in time gives that taste

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