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  • can a commonlaw wife put her common law husband in a mental institution if he is violent and has an IQ of a to?

    This guy has the IQ of a toddler. He walks around outside in his underwear, his vocalizations are loud, louder and scream. He threatens my friend to beat her if she didn't do exactly the way he wants he smacks her. I've seen him do it. He has the voice of an irratated 3 year old and makes my skin crawl when shouts out, "I love you ----!

    He makes me sick. He would live in and bugs if it she wasn't there. He's been arreasted 25 times for drugs and, because I have been in the nursing field for 22 years, I can tell if he's been dipping. He has.They live in a small camper because they can't get help from anyone. She needs peace and being able to sleep not having to know that she wasn't getting a beating. She has one in the family that lives in this town to help her. Can she put him in a mental institution? He's dangerous.

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  • I think one of my two dogs are, (or tore up) a roach trap. Is there a danger?

    I have two dogs, both of whom are rescues. I went out with some friends and was a little late getting back. The good news, no potty accident, the bad news, one of them shredded a basket and ate/tore up, a roach box. One trap. Is it poison in there and do I need to rush her to the vet?

    Thank you

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  • I've been trying to get rid of toolbar but I'm having a problem How do you get rid of it?

    I've gone through all the instructions but my problem is I don't see Alot toolbar on my add/remove program. If it's not there where else do I look?

    2 AnswersGoogle9 years ago
  • What do you think of my trying to start a help fund to aid pet owners who can't afford to take their beloved p?

    I'm definitely not rich but I can get my babies vet treatment. I was in getting them their flea/tick meds and rabies shots when a man came out in tears. He had the most lovely Boxer girl I've ever seen. He said she was the smartest dog he'd ever seen. But she had heart worms. This vet wouldn't treat her because he couldn't pay the entire $200.00 for the meds. Another lady was weeping too. She didn't have the money to save her puppy. She said all she could do was put the 3 month old puppy to sleep because she didn't want him to suffer.

    I live in a town who's vets are only there to make money. There are 4 vets in town and none of them will allow payments on their work. This suckie town doesn't have one vet who actually has a heart for animals and their owners. So, I was thinking about using my artwork and baking tallent to sell and build a fund to help them. I do have a tender heart. Is there others who have tender hearts too?

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  • How do I get rid of

    All of a sudden I have this crazy thing on my computer! I hate it! It's taken away my bookmarks one I really need to get back. What's the difference between favorites and bookmarks? I've tried the add/remove thing and don't see the Is there a different exe thing? I have got to get back my bookmarks. Please help me!

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  • I have had a really weird experience?

    Where I live you can get a wall-mart gift card and buy gas at a Murphy's gas station that takes 3 cents off a gallon so I got a $30.00 card. I went to the Murphy's gas station. There was no car ahead of me so I waited and it left. There was nothing else in front of me as I pulled up immediately, no one else around behind me. I put my card in and started to fill my car and just as I stopped a man appeared and said that I had taken HIS GAS! I didn't know what to do. He told me to mail him the money, gave me his out-of-town address and stupidly I gave him mine. However, I just could not see how I could have taken his gas when I didn't see him use a card in pump I had.

    I went to the attendant and asked him what had happened. He was studdering about he didn't known what to do. Then the other man said "Well, I was on pump 8 but I think I said 1 but she still owes me money!'"

    I need to know what to do. How am I responsible for his mistake? I don't know what category to put this in.

    3 AnswersParanormal Phenomena10 years ago
  • I have a 12 year old Basset Hound who has Lymphoma and she has worms. Is there a "natrual" way to kill them?

    I know to take her to the vet but I don't get paid til Friday. I have lots of food, and fresh water and she's more of an inside dog. She has her own bed-sleeping on me.

    2 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Is there anyone here who will admit to being a bully when they were in school? Or do you know a bully?

    I'd like to know how and why did you or a bully choose the child to mock, beat-up and called names? What was your reasons?

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture10 years ago
  • My dog got up this morning and her tail, usauly wagging is drooping.?

    I don't know what could have happened to her. She was lying beside my bed and suddenly got up and started whining then went back to sleep. Then when I got up her tail just drooped. I wasn't sure untill now.

    4 AnswersDogs10 years ago
  • Can my poem become a song? How do I find a melody?

    Hey, How'ed You Kidnap My Heart?

    I had a world of my own.

    I had nurtured the way my spirit had grown.

    I had carefully written down the words of my song.

    I worked out and studied how to make myself strong.

    Then you came along with a smile that haunted me.

    And eyes that actually see what I see.

    Hey, how'd you kidnap my heart?

    I never saw it coming or how you appeared before my

    tunnel eyes.

    It seemed like you dropped down from the skies.

    Like a dashing fantasy, prince with a gleaming sorwd

    to battle the bad guys so I wouldn't get bored.

    And this is how our romance will start.

    Hey, how'd you kidnap my heart?

    What book did you jump out of to be how you are?

    I pictured you on a fine steed instead of a car.

    A Knight of King Arthur, gracious noble and jester

    all in one.

    I am so in love and in wonder, I'm truly having fun.

    And as the damsel in distress, I'll play the part to

    the handsome rogue warrior who kidnapped my heart.

    2 AnswersLyrics10 years ago
  • My question is to young men. Why, O, why do you belt your pants around your thighs?

    It looks so stupid. Do you really think it's cool? It makes you look like a child who has no clue how to get dressed and you waddle like a duck with a diaper full of poop.It's gross.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating10 years ago
  • I just wrote this and want someone to help with it. Can you tell me if this is ok?

    Love Me Kitten

    I found a little kitten, or rather he found me.

    It was getting dark so it was hard for me to see.

    But, he jumped upon my leg and hung there on my knee.

    I picked the little guy up and he curled upon my chest

    saying "You are someone I can love because I think you're the best."

    3 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • I rescued a puppy and have kept her. She's 1 now but she is starting to guard things that she's not done befor?

    before. I rescued her when a truck ran her over at 2 1.2 months old. She's been such a good dog,(an American dingo I was told) until now. She used to be dog friendly and is most of the time. But about 2 weeks ago she started guarding things from my sister's 2 Basset hounds. She'll guard treats, toys, even me. I take the treat away from her when she starts to growl, take her aside an give it back to her. I don't want her to guard these things. She's never bitten anything. Am I doing the right thing or is there another way to stop her?

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  • I would like to know if this short poem would be good as a greeting card?

    You asked me how long I'd love you

    and what you meant to me.

    I smiled,"My heart is yours dear, look inside and see."

    I opened all the pages and in words written in red.

    "I'll love you longer then always."

    Was only thing it said.

    Seehowtheyrun, 4-4-2010

    3 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • I'm working on a poem and I'd like to know how it is so far. Could ya'll let me know?

    Red Bird

    Red bird singing in an old Elm tree,

    Take my love and bring it back to me.

    I make my wish and I blow a kiss.

    I've never been so in love like this.

    Fly red bird fly, take my heart up in the sky.

    Find someone nice to give it to.

    Make him come and follow you.

    When you return to comfort me,

    I'll be the one whom he will see.

    Heart to heart and soul to soul,

    with each other we make us whole.

    4 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • I just wrote this poem this morning and was wondering if it's good. It's just a for fun poem.?

    The Wren

    A little wren looked in at me.

    I guess he wondered who I could be.

    I looked back with a little grin

    and wondered where this wren had been.

    He gave a chirp and ruffled his wings.

    It's a song I've heard whenever he sings.

    From the cold of snow to spring anew,

    he bobbed his tiny head

    and bid me ado.

    3 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • A friend of mine asked me if I would put his poem up here for opinions. So here it is.?

    The Eyes of Africa

    In the silken shadows

    on the African plain, she wakes.

    Hunger presses her to rise.

    Food will not come to her.

    She glides as silent as the clouds.

    She is on the hunt and nothing

    escapes her eyes.

    Clad in darkness her gaze shines

    with the flame of African life.

    What's your opinion?

    I've already given him mine.


    4 AnswersPoetry1 decade ago
  • I have a friend who had a strange thing happen to her. How would you have handled this?

    My friend works in a Mcdonald's that is in a Wal-mart. An 8 year old girl walks into the Mcdonald's from the store and asks for a water cup. Susan, who is in the lobby, gives her a water and follows the child to the drink fountain where she fills the cup with soda right in front of her. Susan tells her she can't have the soda because she didn't pay for it. She can only have water because that's what she asked for. So the child pours out the soda and gets water and leaves. Five minutes later the child's grandmother comes to her and is very angry that she corrected her grand daughter herself and didn't come to her. She told her that she should have let her grand daughter have the soda then told her but she, the grand mother was in the store and really wasn't planning on going to the Mcdonald's only until her grand daughter came to her and told her that a white woman told her that, they were black, she couldn't have a soda.

    Susan said she was sorry that she didn't tell her but that she wasn't around when the girl got the soda and didn't pay for it but she could not let her get a soda without paying for it and leave the restaurant with it. She wasn't doing this because she was black but because she hadn't paid for what she took. She would have done the same thing if the child was white.

    Some of the customers in the restaurant actually thought Susan should have let the child have the soda. I don't think she should have without making her or the grandmother pay for it. I don't think this is racial I think this is just you have to do what is right. I think that Susan couldn't help that the grandmother didn't teach her grand daughter right from wrong but she would have gotten in trouble if she had let her away with stealing soda.

    What would you have done? Susan is not a prejudice person.

    7 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago