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  • Any way to find out about a crime?

    I was on the number 7 train headed to Manhattan from Queens. An incident in the train car happened in which a man and a woman started  assaulting some passengers. When the train stopped at Queensborough Plaza the man and woman fled out of the train station. . One woman who was struck in the face called police on her cell phone. I  told some MTA workers at the station about what happened  but could do nothing else and left. 

    Is  there some kind of online "Police blotter" or crime report page in which you may find news of such a witnessed incident?

  • If my company is taken to small claims court does it go into public record?

    Theoretical or rhetorical  question,  if I had a company that was taken to small claims court and whether I win or lose the case, does the information go into public records and  stain my company's reputation  or make it seem as if  someone  made a  complaint against me and my company?

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  • Can you sue a repair shop for disabling instead of fixing a computer even though you have not paid yet?

    I asked this on Yahoo! in a different way. I have not yet  gotten answers.

    Basically, I brought my computer tablet to a laptop repair shop to be factory reset which I found hard to do on the particular tablet. It  otherwise was working properly and could access the internet, etc. 

    The  repair shop disabled the tablet in the process of trying to fix it possibly taking out drivers and/ changing the password and username. They did not tell me. They just emailed me telling me that they have to charge me more than they originally stated  to do the job (about $150 instead of $75)  because the tablet is hard to deal with and if I don't agree to pay more I can simply take the tablet back home. I decided to take the tablet back home to think  it over. When I got it home I saw  that the username was changed and I could not even try to access the functions because the touch screen was deactivated and not responding to touch. 

    I complained to the repair shop that  the tablet was given to me in completely non-working condition whereas it was working when I brought it to them, (also they did not tell me I was getting the tablet back this way). They said it is a rare tablet with hard-to-find programs.

    Could I sue for "Failure to provide proper repairs" (a term actually used to describe acceptable reasons to sue in small claims court). 

    Depending on the answers I will ask more questions or provide more information. 

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  • Anyone know about small claims court?

    NYC.The relevant part of the story is that I took a small tablet to a computer repair shop to be factory-reset. I could not do it myself. The repair-shop people told me it would cost $75. Later on they emailed me saying  that they will raise the price to some $150 because it is a harder job than they thought and if I don't agree to pay I can simply come to take my tablet back. I decided to take my tablet home to think it over. At home it turned out the username and password was changed and the touch screen was not working at all. I complained to the repair shop that they did not tell me I would be getting the tablet back in worse condition than when I brought it to them. The tablet was working properly when I left it with them. The computer repair shop gave me answers that sounded like excuses. They said it was a very rare tablet that they are not used to dealing with and  they told me that I requested that they change the password (which I did not). They did offer to repair the tablet free, but as we communicated they eventually said that they would do it for $75, the starting price. I told them they should do it for free.

    If I were to bring this case to small claims court  can I sue  to get them to fix the tablet free? Or, would I have to sue for them to pay me the cost of the tablet which I best recall was some $135.  It is about the principle for me even though I have to be careful about the cost too. 

    I will provide more information depending on the answers. 

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  • Word-usage question: How to make it clear who is who ?

    if you were to write a sentence such as:

    My friend told me that whatever I cannot do no one can.Obviously the person speaking is saying that his/her friend told  him/her (the speaker) that s/he  (the speaker) can do things that no one else can if s/he (the speaker) cannot.You can also  write it in the following manner:My friend told me "Whatever you cannot do, no one can."But if you are not writing but talking, sometimes it can be a bit harder to know who is referring to whom. If you say "My friend told me whatever I cannot do no one can."If you think about it, you might wonder if the speaker's friend said that about himself or herself.  You might think that the meaning is to say 'My friend told me 'whatever I cannot do, no one can'." Of course you could say that  if  the speaker meant that his/her friend was referring to himself or herself  then the sentence would  be "My friend told me whatever he cannot do no one can"  (depending on the friends gender) but it can be hard to know if you are quoting unless you take time to also mention that.. Also I am not sure if the word "that"  put before the uttered words actually help in certain instances. . You can use your voice a certain way.Pause at certain points:  "My friend told me (pause) 'whatever I cannot do no one can'" it seems to  indicate the friends reference to self in this case, but basically, in writing you can use quotes or italics etc, but when talking and stating an idea are there word-usage rules to really clarify?

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  • Attachment image

    I am trying to "Factory reset" a small "Jumper" 8" brand tablet. But, how do I first "clean" the drives?

    Before anyone tells me to merely "run disk clean," I already have done it several times.  I also have removed ALL downloaded programs. No matter what I do, I cannot clean out the tablet enough and no amount of cleaning  gets enough space in the drive or whatever , and when try to factory reset the tablet I keep getting a message that an additional  3.60 MB  or whatever is needed  and that  I need to run disk clean or remove programs. I tried transferring certain files to a flash as backup and then formatting the C drive but I just cannot  get the drives to clean out enough or at all. The C drive constantly shows as a "red" line always full. See photo. I hope it is visible. What can I do to re-set the tablet?  How can  I make enough space in the drive to completely reset it?

  • What is the strongest alcoholic beverage Vodka or Tequila or something else?

    By "Strongest" I mean what has a very intoxicating alcohol content.

    I used to think it was Vodka, but I was recently told it is actually Tequila.

    How about Bourbon ?

    I don't drink. But I am just wondering.

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    What do you call an "up-dented" pothole?

    Hopefully the photo is visible. I have seen potholes which are indentations on the street or road. But this was something of the opposite. The ground was damaged but not in an indented way, it was rather protruding slightly but noticeably upward from the ground..

    Is there a name for this kind of ground damage? It is not exactly a "pothole."

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    Can potatoes cause harm to another plant if they grow eyes like this?

    I saw a sidewalk tree inside a planter with a fancy designed tree-guard. There seemed to be some discarded potatoes in the planter which apparently grew very long eyes.. I heard that eating potatoes with eyes can be harmful to humans. Do these potatoes pose a threat to the tree growing in the planter because of their eyes? Or, would they drain nutrients from the tree?

    Or would they just act like mulch along with the potatoes. In fact I think it is curious that the potatoes did not automatically turn to mulch instead of growing. They are not buried in the soil..

    Will the tree wither and die because of the potatoes next to it?

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    What it this?

    I hope the photo is visible because without it there is no way I can actually describe this item.

    I took several photos of the item and using the "Paint" function put them all into one photo of four different images.

    As far as the item itself, I found this in the office I work in. I tried to figure out what it is by looking at the "logo" that it has. As you should be able to see by looking closely at some of the photos, it has the "Columbia" logo. Columbia is a well known camping-equipment and hiking-shoe manufacturing company.. So It might be some item for shoes, or for tents or inflatable mattresses or maybe something to that effect. Does anyone know? Has anyone found this in a Columbia product?

    Depending on the answers I will ask more questions or provide more information.

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  • Is there a list of every brand-name of vitamin supplements that ever existed?

    I guess if it cannot be found on the internet it cannot be found anywhere. I am looking for a list of brand-names of vitamin/ herbal/ homeopathic supplements that ever existed. Not just "Top brands" but "Lower brands" too. . Not just "The most recommended brands" but brands that are hardly recommended" too. Not just "Most known" brands, but "Hardly known" brands too.

    This has to be one of , if not THE hardest to find information in the history of the internet. Of course if anyone know of a book or special dictionary or whatever that has a list of all brands of supplements , you can mention that too.

    Depending on the answers, I will ask more questions or provide more details.

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  • Are there, or have there ever been vitamin supplements with human organs in them?

    I recall that a few decades back I was at a store that sells vitamins and I saw some bottles of obscure brands and I looked at one of them and it stated that it contained "ovary" in it and I read the label as best I could and it seemed NOT to indicate that the ovary was that of an animal, and I came away thinking that it must mean that there is human ovary somehow as an ingredient.

    This was a good amount of years ago but NOT the 16th century when supposedly some people out-rightly ate human bodies in the belief that it can cure certain illnesses.

    I have since NOT been able to find any information on the internet about any vitamins or supplements that contain or have ever contained anything like human ovary or maybe any other human organs such as kidney or spleen or prostate (probably in minuscule amounts and ground up) and I guess if there is such a thing, there must be or would be some controversy about who the body parts are taken from ( maybe from dead slave laborers in a brutal country) etc.

    However are there or have there recently been any instances in which human parts are used to make vitamins ?

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  • Anyone know the truth about whether recyclable items actually get recycled?

    I was about to discard a glass bottle and wrapped it in tape as I often do with glass so that should it break the pieces would not shatter.

    My friend told me that I should not do it even if it is for safety reasons. She explained that any glass that is mixed with something like tape, will not be recycled because the glass is "Mixed" with another material and it is too much trouble for recycling facilities to bother with taking tape or stickers off of glass bottles or jars or whatever.

    She said that in Florida glass is not even being recycled anymore because it is not profitable.

    Also in other parts of the US it is only profitable to recycle aluminum and paper so a lot of cities will not recycle anything else.

    My friend also told me that even when recyclable items are put into recycle bins, little of it actually gets recycled.

    Anyone know about recycling laws and procedures in New York?

    Depending on the answers I will ask more questions or provide more information.

    (I think from now on I will just put glass jars and bottles in some paper bags and wrap the bag without putting any tape on the glass and mark the outside of the bag "Glass.").

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    How to put up cellular blinds on windows like these?

    I would like to try inside-mount cellular blinds on my apartment windows but internet how-to videos only show how to install such blinds on a window frame made of wood. Also I have only seen videos that show a "single window within a single window frame." In my apartment (small studio) there is one single window but the other two windows are within one large frame next to each other. See attached photo. The ultimate problem though is that for me to install cellular blinds I would have to install the brackets on the frame and the frames are not wood but some kind of metal. When I moved in the apartment regular blinds had already been installed and their brackets seem to be very different from those you use with cellular blinds. I think the brackets had to be installed by drilling the metal frame with a high power drill meant to drill into metal. I don't have such a drill. Also I'm wondering if I could just use the brackets that are already installed if there was a cellular blind with a headrail of about an inch in height by an inch and 7/16th in width (slightly less than 1-1/2").. One window is 40" by 63" the two withing one frame are 40" by 59. . Anyone know where I might find relevant information about this? Do I just have to have to pay to have custom cellular blinds made and hire a mechanic to install them?

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  • Attachment image

    Is this part of a bicycle replaceable?

    Hopefully the photo is visible. It shows the round plastic part that is between the back bike wheel and some of the cranks ( if I am describing it the right way). This is the wheel of my bike.

    I am still learning about bikes. It seems that this round plastic part is getting worn out and is cracking slowly. It is also very dirty. Is it replaceable? If I were to take it into a bike mechanic would s/he remove it and replace it with a new one? Or, would the entire wheel have to be replaced?

    Depending on the answers I will provide more information or ask more questions.

    9 AnswersCycling4 months ago
  • Why can't I get online pages to work like they used to only about three days ago?

    Whenever I go online and, let's say, go to Google and type in some search words, such as when I am looking for products such as "clothes," then when the search results come up on the screen there are these "arrows" that you can click on to see a series of photos of clothes. When I click on those arrows, they do not work, not like they used to. I used to click on those arrows they worked as they should. Also let's say I am looking for information on how to adjust the focus camera on a cell phone, there are these "People Also Ask" sections on the screen which for example will say "How to change focus on android" or "why doesn't my cell phone focus?" (etc) and a lot of you are familiar what I am referring to but you are supposed to click on the small arrow next to the question and see the answer but when I point and click on the arrow, it does not work. Nothing happens. Is the internet down for everybody like this?. Has it to do with technicians staying home because of Contravirus? I tried different computers or tablets or laptops. It seems the internet is not working as normal

    Software5 months ago
  • Anyone know about the better kinds of "fabric, " "Germ killing" and "Bed bug" steamers?

    A relative of mine has a Conair brand steamer for bed bugs. I have heard that there are "fabric steamers" and "germ killing steamers" (with "Germ killing" steamers I have heard you can sanitize doorknobs and other surfaces to help prevent COVID-19 and that is what a friend of mine wants) but you can use these three kinds of steamers interchangeably, at least certain brands and models.

    However certain steamers I have tried or looked at seem to have a button that you constantly have to press to get the steamer to work. If you remove your finger from the button then the steamer automatically turns itself off. It can cause hand fatigue. Anyone know of a brand and style that does not have a button that needs constant pressure for the steamer to work? I would prefer a hand-held steamer .

    Cleaning & Laundry5 months ago
  • What is the use of releasing prisoners so as to reduce risk of Contravirus in jails?

    I have heard that certain prisoners who have committed "low-level offenses" are going to be released from prison because they are at "high risk" for contracting Contravirus in prison.

    However, how will that help? If these prisoners are released to society without anyone to watch them, where they go and whether they gather in groups, and prevent them from doing things that could spread the disease, then it will only foresee-ably mean that those prisoners might or will only be at high risk for contracting the disease and spreading it to the general public than in prison..

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  • Anyone is like me? Do you eat the peels of certain fruits?

    I have sometimes seen people peeling apples before eating them. I eat apple peels. I don't think that apples taste as good without the peel. I also eat the peels of mangoes. I more often see people peeling mangoes than apples. I think most people believe that mango peels are not healthy to eat. I also eat the peels of kiwi fruit, fuzzy and all. I also bite off some of the white inner part of orange peels. Not the entire peel of course.

    Sometimes I have seen people peel grapes before eating them. I eat the skin of a grape.

    Of course not banana peels or coconut shells or certain other fruit peels or shells but is it unhealthy to eat mango peels or kiwi fruit peels? Anyone out there do it?

    Any ill effects?

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  • Questions regarding the Census. What if...?

    Everyone is supposed to fill a census form either online or whatever other way if they cannot do it online however the purpose of course is to get a "headcount' of people within a household.

    However, from what I have seen of the Census form (online) it asks questions such as "Who will be in your household starting April 2020?"

    What if a person plans on having his friend stay with him starting April 2020 and answers the Census form that there will be 2 people in the household starting that date but then after submitting the Census form, the person's friend changes plans and decides to move in with someone else?

    IN such a case, would you have to contact the Census department and change your answer? What if the person who planned on staying starting April 2020 instead dies? What if there are changes to the number of people in the household after you submit a Census form?

    Will you be held responsible for "false information" ?

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