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  • Why is my mother never happy for me?

    Everytime I tell my mom something that makes me happy she is not happy for me. I told her about a guy I'm talking to and will meet this weekend and showed her a bit of our conversation where he was nice to me. 

    She said he's trash and never talk to me about this kind of subject again. I said why are you so mean and she said im not mean but i will not deal with your trash guys. 

    The guy works and has so far been nice and kind to me but she doesnt care. I told her it is my life in a calm way and if Im happy and dont hurt anyone else then why cant she be happy for me. She threstened me and  said that you can move out then and dont speak to me again.I got very mad and sad because I dont understand why she always makes me sad and lets me down when I'm happy? She wants me to tell her everything and not hide any secrets but when I do she gives me guilt and is not happy for me. Im 20 years old and can't move out now im still in college. I cant get a good job because of this pandemic so this is not an option for me right now.Please help how should I handle situation when she treats me like this? And WHY is she doing this? I get so hurt and sad I'm sensitive as a person and want my parents approval otherwise I get guilt feelings 

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  • What does 💜 mean?

    What does it mean if a guy send you a purple heart emoji and not red? If u ever use this emoji what do u think of when sending it???

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  • My mother doesnt let me get lip fillers?

    I am 20 years old and I work and study at college. I love makeup fashion clothes etc. Its my interest. So i love to get my lashes done every month, get my nails done, pedicure and so on. The thing is I want to do lip fillers. I dont want to look FAKE and make my lips super big but I would like to enhance them a bit. Ive thought about it for 2 yesrs now and I still want to get it done. The problem is my mother does not agree. She gets mad at me when I tell her Im getting my lips done. But the thing is I work, its my money and Its a thing ive wanted for years. What to do?

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  • Please help Im freaking out?

    Please help me Im crying and Im freaking out it’s 5 am where im at

    My mom and dad had a huge fight today and my mother says he dosent treat her well she cried so much and kept talking about everything he has done to her and hurt her 

    And it’s 5 am, and my mom ran down the stairs and screamed she will kill herself and we ran after her and my sister fainted and me and my dad dragged her from her arm and screamed stop and she took a knife

    She has depression and take anti deprissants but it doesnt help. I am so scared she is still crying and screaming my dad holds her so she cant hurt herself I am so tired of this ****

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  • Boyfriend brokeup with me because I dyed my hair?

    I wanted to dye my hair red/brown (burgundry) and I asked my boyfriend what he thought. He said that I shouldn’t do it and I asked him for permission for days because I know he would get mad if I did dye it without asking. He still refused and yesterday I was bored and I had already bought the box dye so I just dyed my hair and I thought if he didn’t like it I would dye it back dark brown/black. I sent him a picture and showed him and then he stop replying and ignored me. I called him like 40 times and he wouldn’t answer. Today he finally sent me a message telling me, it’s over between us and that we should take our seperate ways and he ended the message with ”take care bye”.

    I am crying my eyes out I didnt know he would leave me for such a stupid thing because he always says he loves me much and that he would die if I left him. I dont know what to do anymore. I feel guilt but at the same time I feel like he took it too far, I told him I could dye it back if he didnt like it but now he just broke up with me and left me. I’ve sent him so many messages where I . and explain that I only wanted to do a surprise but he wont answer

    What should I do??? I love him very very much and He does too but now he just left me because I dyed my hair red without his permission

    I’m 18 and he’s 22 if it matters

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