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  • I am at fault for an accident. The other driver hired a lawyer and is making a bodily injury claim. What can I do? ?

    So I got into an accident nearly 2 weeks ago. I was at fault for it. Right when I thought everything was just about settled and done, I get a call from my insurance adjuster informing me that the other driver hired an attorney and is making a bodily injury claim. Immediately after the accident and the fair amount of time dealing with the cops and tow trucks and what not, I repeatedly asked this person if they were ok and if they were hurt in any way from it. They repeatedly reassured me that they were fine and no harm done. And here we are 2 weeks later I'm getting slapped with a bodily injury claim backed by a lawyer. I know that this claim is just frivolous and motivated by greed. What are my options on how to combat this? 

    24 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 months ago
  • Tips on purchasing a vehicle from a different state?

    I recently got into a bad car accident in which my truck was totaled. This truck was a limited edition model and they didn't make very many of them but I was hoping to buy that same truck again. Through searching around I could only fine 9 of them for sale across the entire country. How does the process work to buy a vehicle from a different state and have it shipped to me without having to actually physically be there? 

    6 AnswersBuying & Selling3 months ago
  • I don't quite understand how home equity works.?

    I have been thinking about tapping into the equity of my house for some improvement projects and what not. I have always been under the impression that the equity of my house is MY money. As far as what I have paid into the house vs it's current value. So why do I have to take out a loan against my own money?

    14 AnswersRenting & Real Estate1 year ago
  • Help with having both swamp cooler and air conditioner?

    I try to run my swamp cooler most of the time since it is easier on my electric bill. But today I needed to do some maintenance on my swamp so I turned it off and turned the ac on. When I opened the swamp cooler up I could feel a good bit of cold air from the ac coming out through the swamp cooler fan. Why is this happening and how can I stop it?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 years ago
  • I want to leave my wife but the kids....?

    I no longer want to be married to this woman anymore. I try my hardest to give her the best life ever both intimately, sexual, and financially. Always providing always supporting always loving. But it seems no matter what I do she is never happy. She seems to always find something to complain about just to argue and I have gotten pretty fed up. In some cases she will over think the smallest of things and basically invent something to complain about. It has been almost 9 years now. What holds me in and keeps me sane are my children. I don't want them growing up with separated homes like I did. I really don't know what I would do if I couldn't see them every day. Then again.. My wife is a good mom. We may not be a good couple but we are good parents. I guess there is no way of the kids having the both of us all the time like I would want and not be together anymore. Sometimes I think the joy my children bring me outweigh the misery my wife brings. I feel trapped and don't know what to do. I keep telling myself I am willing to put up with her for the sake of my kids. A sacrifice I am willing to make

    7 AnswersMarriage & Divorce6 years ago
  • Vaginal odors and oral sex?

    Ok so I have always had a problem going down on my wife because of the smell. It is not even all that bad it is your totally normal natural feminine odor. But I can't seem to handle it. Of course I would like to please her in any way she asks of me. As bad as I want to do it I really can't handle it... Is there any way I can get past it? Some way to ignore it or mask it without her knowing about it? Like I said it is not that strong or anything the problem lies with me not her.

    3 AnswersWomen's Health6 years ago
  • Why does this dog hate me and only me?

    Me and my wife have a family friend who we come to her house all the time. Every time I come over her dog barks and growls like crazy at me and being all kinds of aggressive. He loves my wife and my kids and us super friendly to them. Even with the other man in the house. He only gets aggressive towards me. I don't have a dog myself nor am I around any other dogs. What could this be?

    3 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • Advice on buying a e-cig vaporizor?

    I have just recently started doing vapor instead of smoking. I am using a cheap BLOWEZ pen as of now but i am looking for something more higher quality. I have seen online about all these different mods and tanks with the hundreds of options of putting one together. I have tried out one called Sentinel M16 clone. I am looking for something similar to that with a tank and battery and everything. But I have not been too keen on searching for individual parts i need. Are there any sort of kits that is all inclusive and has everything I need minus the juice to start vaping right out of the box? One that is of that Quality as the Sentinel M16 clone mod and the Russian clone tank. I just dont want to be buying different parts seperately

    1 AnswerAlternative Medicine7 years ago