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  • I slashed a random person's bike tires cause I lost at FIFA and it felt good?

    How come when im angry i can make myself feel better by just breaking something that belongs to someone else? the other day I lost at fifa, and i got proper mad. Went outside and cut the neighbours bike tires. and i instantly felt better, almost as if i had taken care of the situation that made me angry by causing a problem for someone else?

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  • Why does it feel good to ruin someone's day when i'm angry?

    Whenever im angry at something in life (usually FIFA 20) I write it down on my phone, and at 2 am i'll check back on my notes at how many times life has tried me during that day, and for every time life made me mad I will destroy something in my communal block. 


    My ps4 crashed - I urinated in the elderly ladies shopping cart

    Fifa glitched on me - I slashed the other neighbours bike tires


    Psychology2 months ago
  • I take my anger out on my neighbours property at night?

    Ive always had a problem with smashing things when they wouldnt work, its been a problem for years of mine until recently i discovered a method that stops me destroying all my belongings in rage. Every time something pushes me over a certain limit, i sneak out at night into my communal block and vandalize the neighbours stuff ( cut their bicycle tires, pee through letterbox, put their boots down the chute) It kinda feels now like every time life wants to send problems my way, i have a way of sending the problem and the anger over to someone else, and it's saving me a fortune. Is this concerning behaviour though? im scared to tell anyone i know 

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