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  • Travel query about Air Canada if you'll indulge me?

    If I was on an Air Canada flight from Vancouver to the centre of the world Toronto traveling at light speed - and the pilot turned on the landing lights... would anything happen?

    BQ - do they still serve WW2 surplus peanuts during flights or have they upgraded?

    Thankies :)

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  • Does anyone know if these are on the market yet?

    "The Canadian military has been secretly test-driving a $620,000 stealth snowmobile in its quest to quietly whisk troops on clandestine operations in the Arctic.

    The Canadian Press has learned that soldiers have taken the new hybrid-electric snowmobile prototype on trial runs to evaluate features such as speed, noise level, battery endurance and acceleration.

    In one test, military personnel used sound-meter readings to compare the prototype's noise performance against two gas-powered snowmobiles.

    Another trial saw the machine driven at a steady speed on a mix of flat terrain and hilly snow-covered roads until batteries died.

    Soldiers wielding a radar gun also tested the stealth snowmobile's acceleration as it raced 100 metres down a flat, snow-packed track."

    I WANT ONE !!!

    I'd love to cruise around the neighborhood without disturbing my neighbors, and just think how quick I could finish my paper route!

    Are the 2014 models in the showroom yet... Anyone know of any dealerships that have it?

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  • An obscure military question, if you're up for it?

    When General Montgomery planned an offensive in North Africa he realized his advance would take his troops though a German minefield... the title he gave that offensive was "Operation Lightfoot"

    When British Intelligence deliberately floated a dead body out to sea planted with false intelligence about the D-Day invasion they called this "Operation Mincemeat"

    In Burma when the Brits were surrounded and relying on air drop, due to circumstance they had to drop at low altitude and on the rare occasion Tommy's were hit by these crates of food [eg canned spam, peaches, preserves] & ammo - result being injured or killed. The Brits refered to this freak occurance as "death by flying fruit"

    Is it just the Brits that are twisted like this, or does the same dry wit exist in other militaries?

    Examples please if you have them :)

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  • Is it 'normal' to want to be punched in the face?

    Reflecting back to Chris Brown kicking the crap out of Rhianna... is wanting to be a default punchingbag a standard reaction?


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  • WW2 era fighters comparison question?

    I was channel surfing and saw a show on Patton and the 3rd Army's advance through France, in that show a US tank column was attacked by some Bf Me-109s... the commentator described the Me-109 as "formidable but didn't have the firepower of a P-47 Thunderbolt"

    That comment has me confused.

    As far as I know the P-47 had 6or8 .50 calibre mg's in the wings as 'firepower' - the Me-109 has 2or4 wing-mounted mg's plus a 20mm cannon firing through the propellor hub. Both can carry bombs or rockets under the wings.

    Obviously I'm missing something.

    How did the P-47 have more firepower than a Bf Me-109... what was the commentator talking about?

    Thanks kindly in advance!

    6 AnswersHistory9 years ago
  • Need to enter the USA without a Passport, is it possible?

    My friend has a 15yr old daughter that needs to make a 'same day' trip into the USA on Friday. Her parents are not going, it's a group of friends and other parents supervising.

    Problem is the parents cannot find her passport.... she has a valid passport, they just can't find it.

    Is it at all possible given other documentation including photo identification a 15yr old could enter the USA without a passport?

    It's a same day trip from Canada across the border crossing into the USA for a few hours, then back again.

    Thanks kindly in advance!

    2 AnswersOther - United States9 years ago