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  • How should I bring up my sister’s search history with her?

    today my dad approached me and asked if I could talk to my 9 year old sister about a search he found on her iPod for ‘imiges of cex’. When he brought it up to her she strongly denied that is was her, and blamed it on her friend who she’d let use the iPod. He looked at the search time and it was from after she’s hung out with any friends though... he asked me to talk to her about it and I’m trying to figure out what to say. Curiosity about sex is natural, but it’s worrying that think of her going down that rabbit hole on the internet. 

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  • Why do I feel so distant?

    I feel like I’m looking at my life from behind a piece of glass sometimes, like I’m watching but I’m not really there. When I think about people in my life that I love it’s almost surreal feeling, like they’re just in my mind and my interactions with them don’t really happen. I feel so confused and frustrated and like I’m just not in touch with myself and my life anymore, it scares me. Sometimes someone will talk to me and I just hear but my brain will be somewhere else and I can’t understand, I just feel stuck in my head and I don’t know what to do. I can spend hours just sitting in my bed thinking and making up situations in my head when I have things I actually need to do. I don’t feel excited about things, I tell myself it’s so I can’t get let down but I don’t know it doesn’t feel good anymore 

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