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  • Does life get better?.... Contemplating suicide ?

    I'm 21 years old and currently in my last year of college. These past few years have been very rough for me. I'm not sure if I will even graduate because I'm failing. No matter how hard I try, I fail. The last straw was recent. I've always had bad relationships, never good. I finally met this guy that was WONDERFUL. Everything I've ever wanted in a guy. He was amazing and I planned on even marrying him. Well, I got a phone call from his WIFE! I did not even know or have any clue he was married. He's 22 and she's turning 23. She blocked me off all of his things. He even told her I meant nothing to him and everything he told me was a lie. She claimed she was going to divorce him but I doubt it. Everything has been hell ever since. I've been extremely depressed, failing school (most likely won't graduate), and being ignored by everyone (none of my friends will return my messages or hang out with me). I truly have no one to talk to. I don't know how I'm going to get through this or if I can. I've always suffered from depression and anxiety and I've contemplated suicide in the past. I just don't understand my purpose in this life or why I'm constantly being dragged into situations. I just want the pain and hurt to stop. 

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  • Why is he doing this?

    A guy I really liked told me to never talk to him again. I’ve been respecting his wishes. However, he has started to like every picture I post on my social media account. When we were on good terms, he never liked my pictures. What’s his problem?

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  • Why is he trying to hurt me?

    My ex-boyfriend dumped me back in September. When i went to go get my things, he beg for me to stay with him. I decided to be with him even though we weren't official anymore. He took me through hell and back. It was better than when we were dating but every time he text another girl or call, I would get mad and he would throw "You're not my girlfriend" to me face. I finally decided to let him go after he tried to talk to my roommate (which he claims he did to aggravate me). I went off on him and told him I was completely done with him. He called and text me 2 days later. Then we went almost a week without talking and he sends me a game. After the game he says, "That's why I don't **** with you anymore". I just responded with "Ok". I thought everything was done and we both were going to move on but the next morning, my roommate messages me that he's messaging her. She sends me screenshots of all the things he were saying. He was calling her pretty and being sexual. I don't understand out of all the people he could've talked to, why is he trying to talk to my roommate knowing she has a boyfriend and is going to show me. He knows we're close and knows she's my only friend. I've never done anything to him that was bad. Why is he doing this to me? It's embarrassing. How should I handle this situation? I want to respond but i think it might be better to just ignore it and move on.

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  • Is my boyfriend cheating?

    Lately, my boyfriend has been acting different. Since we started dating, he's started being more of an asshole. We used to hang out every night and he used to beg me to stay which I couldn't always do. Now, something always comes up when we plan to hang out. He doesn't call me like he used to and he just talks about sex all the time. I've dumped him not too long ago because he wouldn't take me out and acted as if he was ashamed of me and didn't want to be seen with me. I also NEVER met his friends and I'm positive his parents and sister doesn't even know of me. We came to a "compromise" but he still hasn't changed or made any effort. He always claims I'm so pretty, he loves me and misses me but I'm not buying it. I recently realized the girl he said was his sister is probably not. I looked his sister up and she looks completely different than the girl I saw him with that he claimed was his sister. Every time I throw "Go talk to your other girl" at him, he acts confused and as if he's completely innocent. When I would spend the night at his house, he's usually not on his phone but when he does gets a text, he turns his phone away. I'm starting to feel like a crazy person and I'm trying not so assume things, but his actions are speaking louder than his words.

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  • Should I approach a cute stranger?

    Okay, I saw this really nice looking guy working at a restaurant that my friends and I were eating at. A girl that I know well works with this guy at the restaurant. I told her to tell him I thought he was cute (I know it's childish but I don't know him) she did and that was that. I went back to the restaurant (Not because of him) to eat with another group of my friends. He stared at us, so I was sure he knew that I was the one who said it. Anyways I was thinking maybe I should talk to him but I don't want to be weird and go up to his job or ask for his phone number since I don't know him. Should I just get over it or grow some balls? And If I did talk to him, what should I say without looking desperate?

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  • Are my friends jealous of me?

    I'm not asking in a conceited way.

    Friend 1 always tells me about everything she gets. Basically rubs things in my face. Talks about her boyfriend soo much and how he takes her out (I've never had a boyfriend) Argues with me about every little thing and doesn't help much with situations I'm in (she gives me a dull reply like "I'm sorry" or "dang")

    Friend 2 always tells me i'm fat. (I'm 5'4 1/2, 112 lbs) and too dark.She always gets on to me about my hair or hygiene (which is fine). She gets annoyed when i talk about school and says things like i need to have fun and that I haven't experienced being an teenager (We're 17 and seniors in Hs)

    Friend 3 always tries to put me down in front of other people. When ppl bring up bad qualities about her, she instantly bring out mine pulling the attention to me. One time she because the girlfriend of a guy i used to like 2 years prior and would rub it in my face. Accusing me of still liking him (which I sure as hell didn't) he would join in talking about me and she even showed me the messages of them discussing how basically pathetic I am. She talks about my makeup being too much and what ppl (guys) say about it

    Friend 2 and 3 are more popular/ likable than I am. They all dress better than me. All get more guys than I do. A few of my friends admitted to being jealous of me and I was really shocked like what is so "Good" about me? . I don't think I'm too ugly but I also don't think I'm prettier than them.

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  • Did I make the right decision for my senior year?

    I planned to take College Algebra and English my senior year. It was in my mind my entire Junior year. I even put it on my schedule, but over the summer we were supposed to go to a meeting on these classes and we had a deadline to meet. I decided not to take them. Instead I'm taking AP English and Calculus (I took Pre-calc the Junior year) I don't know if I made the right decision. I don't have senior leave (Due to band) so I have to have a full schedule and I just put easy courses down (Jazz Band, Band, Human A&P, and I still need one more class) besides the required Government class. Did I make the right decision? I would've been going to classes at 8 am and leaving school at 5:30 because of practice.

  • My dog got hit by a car. What should we do?

    My only dog got hit by a car and I honestly can't stop crying. I don't know what to do. His face is cut up really bad and now he's lying down and breathing weird. I'm really scared he's about to die. I'm waiting for my dad to get home and decide what to do. What should I do in the meantime? He won't drink any water. There's no local vet around or any vet I know of that's open.

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  • Am I getting Carpal Tunnel?

    I am very scared. Recently, my hands have been hurting. One day I tried to play my piano piece and a burning sensation was shooting from my hand through my arm. I have a competition coming up in 3 weeks and I've been working months for it. It would be devastating to get Capal tunnel before or after eventually ending my piano career. Please help me

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  • Does he like me? Or am I reading into this too much?

    Well I passed this guy in the hall (who is kinda my friend. We had one class together last year and I barely saw him this year) and I spoke to him. He was walking with his friend so after passing him I heard him tell his friend I was "very" pretty. It really surprised me.

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  • Can I pull my GPA up my senior year?

    I'm currently a junior and I have a 3.286. I would like to have a 3.4 before I graduate. Is it possible? If so, how can I make it?

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  • How fast can I get my arms toned?

    My arms are super skinny with no fat at all. I need them tone in a month. Is it possible?

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  • Can I get into college with a 3.2 and very low Act score?

    I'm a junior and I have a 3.2 :( and I've taken the ACT like a lot times and only got a 20 as the highest. I feel hopeless and I've toured the college that's first on my list and I feel like I won't get in and that I'm not good enough. It's not an Ivy League or anything. My junior year is closing and Im wondering how can I boost my GPA up? And I'm taking my ACT again but this time I'm getting tutoring.

  • Should I keep trying to pursue him?

    There's this boy I have a little crush on. I've never spoken to him. My friends know him. I had my friend to text him (bad idea) and she told him my name and he didn't know me and she asked him could she give his number to me (I don't know why. It was stupid for her to ask) and he didn't reply back to her. I feel like I should just stop but I just can't. I've gotten some of my friends view of him. Some think he's annoying, kinda perverted, and not attractive. My bestfriend hates him. Anyways I dont want to judge him from other people, I want to make my own judgement. The girls he goes for are typically really pretty which I don't really fit under. Should I still try to get him to know me or just leave it alone?

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  • Why do girls ditch their close friends for boys?

    This has happened to me all my life. My bestfriend would always ditch me for her boyfriends. As i got older, i just made new friends and grew closer to another friend, who eventually became my second bestfriend. Now she's ditching me for her boyfriend. I try to understand, but it's really hard. Especially when I feel so alone and have no one to talk to. My first bestfriend won't even text me back at times when I need her the most. When i send her long paragraphs basically "crying" for help. When we occasionally talk on the phone, we talk for a while but then she comes up with an excuse saying she's going to call me back but doesn't. We never get to hang out, we only see each other twice a year. She came over recently and left a day early(she only stayed one day) because she missed seeing her boyfriend, who is her next door neighbor. I'm pretty use to how she is so I would just talk to my second bestfriend, and tell her things. Well now she's ditching me. I see her more than my other bestfriend but we all go to different schools. I really needed to talk to her today, after not being able to (because she's too busy with her boyfriend). I'm not jealous of their attention on their boyfriends but I feel neglected as a friend. I would never do them the way they have done me but they still expect me to be there for them. I'm thinking about going offline as in turning my phone off ect for a few weeks or a month. My first bestfriend and I will be in college soon.

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  • Self-conscious on the way I speak?

    Well people tell me I'm smart and can answer things well. It's just the way I pronounce certain words. Because of this, I have lost many competitions but im trying to talk better. At this point, I just don't want to talk at all because I feel like people are judging the way I say things. My friends make fun of the way I speak, saying things like I cant talk and it hurts my feelings. My mom constantly reminds me on how well everyone else talks and I'm just tired of feeling so bad because I can't say certain things like there is something wrong with me. Why can't people accept that others just aren't as well spoken and articulate. I try to talk different and even have a speech therapist sort of. How can I become more confident with talking?

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  • Why do people have different opinions on when I wear makeup?

    When I wear makeup, I get 2 complete different reactions. Some people will tell me I like a model, Barbie doll, and gorgeous. Girls would ask how I get my makeup smooth ect. Then there are people who say it's too much and I look too cake up with it. That it makes me look different and its not pretty. When i don't wear makeup no one says anything. Some of my friends admit I look better with makeup but I'm still pretty without it. And others say I look better without it. I mean I always alternate, I'm not dependent on makeup. When I want to wear it, I do. When I don't want to, I dont.

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  • Why doesn't my crush notice me?

    I pretty sure he knows i exist because his older brother use to have a huge crush on me. I'll pass him in the hall and he doesn't even look my way, just straight ahead or over me. At lunch i'll pass his table and it's the same thing. Today i decide to not put any effort in my outfit and had on no makeup, and i looked at him and he kind of looked down and ran his hand through his hair, so i just started conversing with my friend. He's good looking, so I could understand why he wouldn't look at me with interest, but he doesn't look at me at all, like i'm invisible

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  • Pre-Nursing vs Nursing Major?

    I want to bee an CRNA, i m not sure what i should major under. What s the difference? Which one will help me more?