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  • Can someone give me information on creatures ie: werewolves, vampires, witches, etc.?

    Okay so currently writing a book on wattpad and I want as much information as possible on creatures. Now like most people who like the supernatural I’ve watched shows like charmed, tvd, the originals, legacies, shadow hunters, supernatural and much more.

    I’ve combined my knowledge of these shows and books I’ve read on wattpad and of course there’s a common denominator between each species in everything. But I just want some more information so I could get my book as “accurate” as possible.

    Books & Authors3 months ago
  • What’s a witches weakness?

    I’d really  like to know because I’m writing a story. I know vampire can be killed by a stake to the heart or ripping out their heart(also vervain). And werewolves aren’t good with silver and wolfsbane.

    Now what I’m really wondering is if they’re a MAJOR weakness because as far as I know, witches are just humans who do magic. Now I’m wondering if there’s a plant like vervain or wolfsbane for witches.

    15 AnswersMythology & Folklore3 months ago