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  • Can a link aggregate my modem to router?

    So I have a Netgear Nighthawk X10 Router (R9000) and I was thinking of getting the Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem CM1200. I saw that the modem supports link aggregation, and I think my router supports that as well.

    My question is, if I were to buy this modem could I use the link aggregation from the modem to the router in order to boost the internet speed and performance? I don’t really know much, or anything about link aggregation, I just want to have the best signal and performance possible.Thank you for any help and tips.

    Computer Networking10 months ago
  • What is Microarchitecture and MIPS?

    So I have an online dating profile, and this guy sent me a message saying "We would be perfect, only my 486 microarchitecture is in compatible with your MIPS 😂"

    WTF does that mean?

    I even tried googling and it confused me even more, and I felt like a total idiot trying to comprehend what he's saying.

    Does anyone know?

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  • Does anyone know where this is from?

    A friend of mine posted this online, and I was curious where this came from.

  • I have a shady question about VUDU's Disc to Digital program my friend mentioned.?

    So my friends and I were kicking it at my place, surfing to something to watch from our phones to watch together on the big screen.

    I saw a thing on VUDU that said Disc to Digital, clicked on it and it said I can convert my DVD/Blu Ray to Digital by scanning the bar code and my first one is free. After that, it's $2 for Blu Ray or $2/$5 for DVDs depending on what resolution I pick.

    I told my friends about it, and I said out loud "which movie should I convert?" When one of my friends started to ask more detailed questions like, just the bar code and nothing else.

    Which I said, apparently yes that's all it said for me to do.

    So she asked, what's to stop me from going to Target or Walmart and grabbing the newest movie and scanning the bar code from that?

    Which I wondered myself, what is going to stop people from doing that? I mean, from what I can think of the bar codes on the box are going to be the same. So what's going to stop me from going to Target and scanning let's say the new Star Wars movie and getting a free Digital Copy?

    It does say GPS location services has to be on, so I'm assuming it's just going to detect if you are in a retai store or not.

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  • What's a good pair of wireless or Bluetooth headphones for listening to the TV?

    So I like to buy stuff for my parents, I bought them two TVs and a really nice sound bar for the living room.

    However, my mom hates that sound bar at night because it's way to loud... even with the sound bar off she hates when it's loud when she's trying to sleep. So my dad is forced to listen to a high end sound bar at volume like 10 if not less.

    So I was thinking of getting him a pair of wireless headphones, so at night he can pop them on and listen to the TV from those. My mom can get her sleep and he can listen to the TV at a volume he likes.

    So the TV is the LG 60LB7100, would that tv support Bluetooth headphones and if so what do you guys think a good pair would be. I would love recommendations that are between a decent cheap pair and a good reasonably priced pair. I don't mind spending the money, just don't want to go crazy on it.

    If the TV doesn't support Bluetooth, any good pair of headphones that would be wireless that could solve this issue?

    Last night he was watching the new Star Wars movie at volume 7... no one should have to watch a Star Wars movie at that low of a volume.

    1 AnswerTVs4 years ago
  • Where do I go to sign up for PrEP?

    I've grown up never going to a doctor, rarely went to the hospital and I went a good portion of my life without needing to go see a doctor and if I got sick I normally just took whatever medicine I could get at the store and powered through it.

    Well I recently got health insurance, and as a gay man I want to be fully protected against HIV. So I'm not exactly sure where I would go to get some, or who I would go see to discuss about it.

    Any help or advice would be nice.

  • Does anyone know this song from "Careful What You Wish For" trailer?

    Can anyone please tell me the song from the trailer "Careful What You Wish For" trailer?

    We were watching upcoming movie trailers, and my friend heard the song that was playing and instantly fell in love with it. Now she won't shut up about trying to find it because apparently Googling part of the song lyrics she did hear isn't working. So I figured I would ask the Yahoo Answers community and see if anyone else would know the song, and hopefully put an end to not only my misery but my friends first world problem as well.

    Thank you.

    1 AnswerLyrics4 years ago
  • Need a little help with PlayStation Now and my Samsung 4K TV?

    Okay, so I have a Samsung HU8550 4K TV and I recently upgraded it with the new UHD Evolution Kit. So according to Samsung, my TV should be at least the latest and greatest internal spec wise.

    I recently found out that my TV was compatible with PlayStation Now and I've been a little curious to try it out. I have a PS4, and for some reason even though we no longer had a PS3 in our household for the longest time still have the controller for it. So I went to go find the PlayStation Now app, and I can't find it for the life of me. I've Googled search to see if Samsung once upon a time had it and removed it, but all reports show that my TV is compatible and that I should have it. Nothing that says it's been removed, and no articles slamming Samsung for removing it.

    So I was curious if anyone else would know if they removed it, or if you have a Samsung TV and still have it. I'm at a lost on how to find the app, or am I missing something that I need to have to make it work?

    1 AnswerTVs5 years ago
  • Does anyone know if the new Pokemon 20th Anniversary 3DS is an XL?

    Me and my brother preordered the new Pokemon 20th Anniversary Edition 3DS because it's pretty much our childhood in a box. However, he said that it sucks that it's not the 3DS XL. I was under the impression that the New 3DS only came in XL. I've looked everywhere to find out if it is in fact XL or regular but it doesn't say.

    Does anyone know?

    4 AnswersVideo & Online Games5 years ago
  • Where can I go to get someone to come calibrate my 4K TV?

    I've owned a Samsung HU8550 4K TV for the past year and a half now, and I've played with the settings enough to get a pretty good picture. But I know it can be better, so I would like someone to accurately calibrate my TV.

    I know I can get Best Buy's Geek Squad to come out and calibrate my TV, but I just like to have the ability to shop around, maybe see if I can't get someone better to do it. Also, I would like someone who would also come and calibrate my 3D picture settings as well. Because didn't really give advice on how to calibrate the 3D picture settings.

    1 AnswerTVs5 years ago
  • My cable modem keeps dropping the speeds from 100 to as low as 1? How can I fix this?

    So I thought it was my wifi router that was acting up because it's really old, figured it was ready to kick the bucket. However, after replacing it with a new and powerful one I come to find out the cable modem is the one who's been acting up. Which the cable modem is fairly new, so I'm a little shocked by this.

    I haven't a clue how I can fix this, and not sure where I would start. Unplugging and plugging back in seems to solve it temporarily, but recently it's been dropping speeds almost every day now. Where as before I could go a week or two with a solid 95-100 speed and no drop, now I'm lucky if unplugging it would bring it to 50.

    Any ideas on how to do this?

    3 AnswersComputer Networking5 years ago
  • Anyone know of any good professional calibrators?

    I ve had my TV for roughly a year now, I ve played with the settings the best I can and I do like the picture. But I know it could be better than what I have now, so I was thinking of having someone come out and do it. It s a Samsung 4K HU8550, so I know it can be amazing with the right settings.

    However, I have no idea where to start looking. I at least want someone who is ISF or THX certified doing it, and want someone who is going to go balls deep into my TV and get it to look the best it can be.

    So I was hoping this could be a good starting point into seeing if anyone had any good recommendations.

    1 AnswerTVs5 years ago
  • Which TV would you get?

    Ok, so my little sister is going to have her 13th birthday pretty soon and I thought I would buy her a new TV at work but I'm torn on which one to get.

    Both are REALLY good prices, but I just can't make up my mind.

    The first is a plasma, which I love plasmas but her room is really bright and unlike me she doesn't always watch TV in the dark. But for a 51" Samsung F5100 for $324 isn't a bad deal. I like plasma for their strong range of colors and their VERY deep black levels. None of which I think she'll care for like me.

    The second TV is a 48" Samsung LED H6350 for $399. Which I think is a REALLy good deal... But my heart still says plasma, but my brain thinks LED.

    Which do you think is the better buy, or what a 13 year old teenage girl would want.

    1 AnswerTVs6 years ago
  • Just to prove a point.... Does vodka freeze?

    Ok, so I have an expensive bottle of Belvedere vodka and one night I decided to leave it in the freezer.

    So the backstory of why I'm asking is because my dad is an alcoholic, and it's gotten to the point where we have to hide our alcohol bottles so he won't drink it all. Well, I left that bottle not even in there for one night, only to find that there are large chunks of ice floating around in it.

    Now, I may not be a chemists... But I know that alcohol doesn't freeze, and I've had this bottle in the freezer before and it's never had ice in it.

    So we confronted him about it, and suddenly my bottle of vodka will have ice crystals because he searched on the iPad for an article that said that vodka will freeze with ice crystals. So I turn to you Internet, to ask... Will a bottle of Belvedere freeze?

    9 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits6 years ago
  • Just a little question about TVs.?

    Ok, so I work in electronic sales and that's mainly TVs. I've worked for the same company for almost 4 years, and recently came back to electronics. The same manager is there, but not over my department and never has been. Me and her NEVER get along, and probably never will. So when I first started in electronics back in 2012, I was told that at 8:40 to go around and shut off the TVs by remotes, because the breaker is timed to go out shortly after 9 when we close and we risk damaging the TVs if we don't already have them off. First off, is this true?

    Because today, I was doing just that and the manager who I don't like came over and I swear will look for something to complain, yell or argue with me about, said that I should not turn off my TVs because we are still open. I informed her that I was told that if the breaker shuts them off, we risk breaking the TV. (I'm not going to be the one to informe the company we broke a 75" Samsung 4K because we allowed the breaker to shut it off) but she yells and insisted that for months we've been telling people not to do that.

    Even though there are only 3 of us, and never once have I heard of this deal in the months I've been working in that department.

    So before I complain about this situation, I wanted to know if there is a risk involved in allowing the circuit breaker to shut off and turn off are TVs?

    It just doesn't seem safe to do such a thing.

    2 AnswersSafety6 years ago
  • Which TV should I get for my mom?

    I'm planning to get my mom a new TV for Christmas and was debating on what I should get. If a coworker of mine (from another store) is right then next week the UN55H7150 will be $999 (which I get an extra 10% off) and there will be a promotion that will give me an extra $200 gift card to use on my next purchase. Which is an amazing deal, however I also saw the Vizio 4K TV which had a fantastic picture, and I have the Samsung 4K and I love it so I thought maybe why not that one because on Black Friday it will be $698 for the 50".

    I could get the Samsung this week, and roll the dice for the 4K Vizio Black Friday... But which do you think is better or would rather have?

    1 AnswerTVs6 years ago
  • If you could pick one, which would you pick?

    Ok, so me and my friends were shopping at Best Buy and found out the store was doing a raffle, and you could win $5,000 on a gift card. So we were all talking about what we would buy, one of the main things was a TV.

    Allot of my friends, if not all were for buying a Samsung curved 4K TV. However, I was the only one torn between that or a 1080p curved OLED TV. Which in specs wise, far exceeded any 4K LED. However I do own a 4K Samsung now, and love the picture with those pixels.

    So I was curious, if you could pick a TV for free... Which would you choose?

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys6 years ago
  • I need help knowing the difference between these two?

    Ok, so I've been thinking of upgrading my Blu Ray home theater system since I've gotten a new Samsung HU8550 4K TV. But the problem I have is I can't decide which to get, let alone the difference between the two I was looking at getting.

    The two models I'm looking at is the HT-F9730 and the HT-H7730. Besides the way they look, an price different I can't tell the difference between the two because they both share similar specs.

    Both are 7.1 surround sound with 1330 watts

    Both have the ability to 4K upscaling feature. Which is one of the reasons I want a new one.

    Both have tower speakers and wireless rear speakers.

    Both Vacuum tube

    Both have DTS NeoFusion, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby True HD.

    So I can not tell the difference, I've emailed Samsung in the hopes they could tell me but they were no help. They just read the side by side comparison on their website and said (of course) the HT-F9730 was better because and listed what I did above and said the other did not. Which just by looking at the picture wasn't true.

    So I hope any of you could help me, and possibly shed some light on which I should get. Unless you could recommend something else that's better and not to much money.

    Thank you.

    5 AnswersHome Theater6 years ago
  • I just have a question about a blu ray?

    Ok, so I was thinking of ordering Maleficent in 3D from another country. There are some venders that are selling them for pretty much a little above a fair price, and some that are just outrageous. I found one I was about to order when I noticed that it said originally region free Blu Ray 3D then listed under format PAL. I have never heard of a Blu Ray disc being in PAL format. I haven't heard back from this vender, but I'm assuming he just made a mistake in his original ad posting.

    Is there such a thing as PAL Blu Ray discs?

    4 AnswersMovies6 years ago
  • Is it possible to get drunk in a dream and wake up hungover?

    So last night, I had a dream I was at my favorite bar that I normally go to. I was just downing a bunch of cherry vodka sours and I got drunk. I don't remember much of the dream, I just know that I was drinking a bunch.

    Well when I woke up, I had a headache. It was the normal headache I get when I drink to much. But I haven't drank any alcohol in a long time, so it's not like I had a drink or two before I went to sleep.

    So is it possible to have a dream, where you know the drink your drinking has alcohol and you know the feelings your suppose to feel after so many to make your body think you actually drank alcohol?

    4 AnswersDream Interpretation6 years ago