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I like anime, but love shoujo and romance. I have spent a majority of my times outside studies in such leisure things, reading manwha and manga alike. I adore cheesy one-shots and actually think moe is cute. I am not fond of Western popular series, but endure them anyway. I am knowledgeable, and like to help others to the best of my ability. I am starting to study French and am particularly fond of my own Japanese dialect. I plan to study Korean and Latin in the future as well. My aspirations are for only me to know.

  • Manga where the boyfriend is a call boy/host...?

    I read a manga not to long ago, but only remember it vaguely. It has something to do with a girl (I think her first kiss was stolen? or something?) and her classmate, who is really suave and misses class (sometimes?). Somehow they begin to date, but it turns out he actually works as a host, and in order to get her boyfriend out of the business, she has to join and get a certain amount of customers. The boyfriend finds out and gets mad, and then in the end something happens with his boss (he gets stabbed).

    Oh, and I don't think the boy & girl always liked each other. It somehow happened though...?

    There's a bunch of middle stuff, like the older woman that lavishes the boyfriend, and why the boss is such a cold hearted person.

    I hope this was enough, and thank you before hand!

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  • Will stretching my ears effect my career choices...?

    Just recently I considered stretching my ears - it's not anything new, but I was thinking on it harder than usual, and asked my step dad about what he thought, since he's down for the weekend and he's really someone I can talk to. He said that if I could pull it off, I am open to anything once I turn eighteen (which is a good two years or so off). I was considering starting to stretch now, because I want to go up to a 0 gauge at most (and I think that time period I've been given is pretty lengthy).

    I am fully committed to this, and I know at some point (depending on the elasticity of my ears) that my ears won't go back to "normal". I'm fine with that. I've done thorough research - but I'm not one to go out on an impulse.

    But, as the title of this says, I have many career choices ahead of me - nursing, hospitality (lodging - hotels), and other things, with a side job as a Graphic Designer (surprising, right?). I want to know if I will have any complications with having my ears stretched in the future? Will that limit my career options?


    I am looking for people who have experienced or have had friends who have experienced limitations or no complications what so ever with a nice, good paying career, similar to the ones stated above, or knows something about such limitations in their place of employment.

    Thank you before hand.


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  • A book about a girl, her cat, her watch, and a well...?

    It's not Alice In Wonderland, a it's a very modern book. I read it last year, and can't think of a name but I know the plot well. It's about a girl who's moved to a new house, and there's a well in the backyard. I think she finds a black cat, and somehow go through the well (she drops her watch, I'm pretty sure of) and finds herself in medieval times. The cat turns into a handsome young man, fighting for her affections against the prince (and I think someone else...?) Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

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  • What is the name of this movie relating to Houdini...?

    I watched it a while back; it has a little girl and her mother in it, and I know it ends with Houdini's death. The whole film kind of centers around how the mother and her daughter are trying to win the prize Houdini was offering to have contact with his own mother in the afterlife, and in at the same time him having a love interest with the mother of the little girl (I think). Any help with this is greatly appreciated!

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  • I'm looking for this movie about a man who has to defend his grandfather on death row...?

    So, the beginning of the film is about 20 or so (maybe even less) years prior to the time the main story takes place (which is around the 2000's or late 1990's). The story is about a man who is a part of a hate group (he was some sort of white supremecist I believe) and he set a bomb off in a building of a Jewish lawyer of some sort, and accidentally killed the man's kids in the process (because he was unaware that they would be in the building). Or so, the beginning makes it seem.

    Anyway, he gets arrested and charged and all this, and he's a very stubborn, racist old man. His grandson ends up taking his case when he gets sent to death row.

    There's a whole backstory to the grandson, including his dad killing himself and all. I remember major parts in the movie, but I can't remember the name. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Which is the best language to take: German, French, or Latin?

    I already am completing studies in Japanese and am entering an International school where these courses are offered. Spanish is also optional, but I have my intake of Spanish in Tagalog.

    Which is the best and easiest?

    Also, is Korean good to learn?

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  • How do you feel about the ending of Inuyasha manga-wise?

    As some should know (if you keep an update with the manga) Inuyasha has ended...and for me, it has left an endless gaping hole of unanswered questions and plot openings. Rumiko has done good, but not so good at the same time.

    So, for those who are in the know, how do you feel about it?

    What are your questions and feelings about Inuyasha ending?

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  • Help on how to lose weight sensibly but quickly...?

    I am 14, about 73-75kg and 5"4. My BMI is "overweight".

    My eating pattern varies, but I would like to considerably drop weight as much as I can over the summer, since I will be starting high school on the 20th of August. About two years ago, I weighed the same, but over the course of 60 days lost 40 pounds due to visiting abroad.

    Now my mother is foreign and normally has good produce selections for our home, but lately her shopping has been a drag, and I plan to do chores and take on a summer job so I can earn my keep and stock up on my own food.

    I like things like sushi and strawberries. I drink water and usually colas. But what other good food decisions should I make? Does detoxifying the body help?

    I would like to drop at least 10 pounds per week, is there any way I can eat things that suit me, but lose weight by running a considerable amount?

    For anyone that helps, thank you. Please lay back on lecturing me and just stick to the question and information given. :]

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  • How do you say "help me" in Chinese?

    Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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  • Does anyone know what this Korean manga is?

    I don't read/speak Korean so I was just wondering.

    Thank you to anyone who helps!

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  • Do you know this website?

    There's a website out there where [I think] two people take/receive photos and put little quotes or excerpts on them that look like they've been put on there with clipped paper. It's very moving, and some are very humorous.

    The quotes and what not are something similar to what one would find on Post Secret.

    Anyway, if anyone has any idea on this, it would help alot.


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  • Where can I find this type of sweater?

    So I was walking in China Town last week, and a passed a lady who looked very very pretty, and fashionable. I loved her look, but what I loved more was her sweater.

    I can't find any picture examples, but it was basically a gray, large, long sleeved sweater that exposed her shoulders (she looked totally Indie since she was in skinnies and had on a pair of flats). Anyway, I always see the coolest chicks wearing them, and was wondering where I could possibly find one at a good rated price since Winter is rolling in, and I'd love something to add to my wardrobe.

    If you have any idea what I'm talking about, please could you help?

    Also: I've already thought about just buying a very very very big sweater and just making it expose the shoulders by stretching it out. What I'm really wondering though is does it come in the type of style? If so, where can I by it? The look I go for is always a pair of skinnies, flats, and a tunic. I just think the sweater will look more boss though.

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  • I'm sure, but should I ask him?

    I've liked my best friend for several years.

    He's been away from state, and just came back over the summer. He spent a good while looking for me before our new semester started, and he's gotten very attractive since I've last seen him.

    He's asked me out, over the passed couple of years, but I've always said no, afraid that it would ruin the good friendship we have. Now, he'll give me attention, but (I know this sounds selfish) not the attention he shows the other girls (which I'm very envious of). We rarely talk like we used to, but he's a good person, and I'm not sure what I should do with the feelings I'm harboring (lock them in a jar? Burn them?).

    Anyway, I've been discussing this with my friend these passed days, and one of them had said that if I don't do it now, when he might return my feelings, I'll regret it, and he'll move on, since sometimes a guy loses interest quick. And he is shallow, don't get me wrong.

    What are you views on what I should I do?

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  • What is this Romance anime?

    For the passed few days, I've been thinking about an anime I had come across. It has very good animation, and it's a bit new.

    It's about a boy who has a minor illness and is sent to a hospital, where he meets a girl who has a heart illness (which means she's been or she is going to be there for a while). They talk, and fall in love eventually (not immediately, but they're feelings grow gradually). In the anime, there's a perverted old man who's in the hospital too, and when the old man dies he gives his Pornography stash to the boy.

    Does anyone have any idea what this anime is (It's driving me insane!)?

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  • Newly Released Digimon on JETIX?

    I was flipping through the channels...and my little brother came in the room, and decided to enlighten me that there was a new Digimon, when did THAT happen, by any chance?

    Fully-lengthened and supported answers loved (...and the voice actors are very odd-sounding D: GYAH! But the animation looks nice~).

    Anyway, details (since I'm a fan of the Digi series and can't believe I missed this news)?

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  • Paranoia Agent?

    I was recently watching Paranoia Agent (for the dozenth time) and I was reminded of a serial killer copy cat of Tsutomo Miyazaki named Hiroshi Maeue. If you're not familiar with him, he was a convicted of killing a 14-year-old boy, a 25-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man after being linked to a suicide site. Reminded of this, I began to think about the PA episode about the online suicide chat.

    Does anyone think that could have any ties to the anime (as in, the anime was inspired by that chain of events)?

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  • Best way to get hair bleached?

    I've finally been able to grow my hair out over the passed year, and I'm looking forward to bleaching it. I have brownish black hair (due to sun exposure), and I'm Asian so I have very "asian like" hair (managable, ect.). So, I'm a fan of the ex-member Bou of a band called Antic Cafe. His hair's a light, almost ash blond, that looks white in the right lighting. I've never bleached my hair before, but I plan on trying to get it the color I want over the passing weekend. I'd like to I just go to a hair salon with a reference picture, or can I manage it at home myself? How long will the color stay, and how do I maintain it?

    Ref. Pictures (of the hair color, not me):

    Detailed&&supported answers please, I'd like to know whats best for me to do, thank you!

    (Please don't just say "Go to the salon"!)

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  • The ideal way to break up with a girl?

    On our 1 year anniversary in March my ex-boyfriend broke up with me in the strangest way possible, to me at least. He had his good friend (and mine at the time) call me, frantic, and very convincing that he had been hit by a car the previous night after we had left the movies separately once I had said I couldn't give him a ride home. I was at the beach at the time and I was in tears. I called everyone I knew to find out about the accident. When I got home I asked my friends down the street about it and one said they were doing it to 'Get back at me.' For what, I didn't have a clue. A few minutes later the friend called back saying "Are you happy now? He's done with you." The rest was me getting to where I knew he was and pretty much screaming at him.

    His excuse was that I didn't show that I 'cared enough'.

    Now, since then I've moved on but am a little sensitive about it. I'd like to know your opinion on it, and if you could have thought of a better way to end the relationship

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