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  • I need a simple sound effects board to push a button and hear a programmed sound over a speaker?

    Does that exist? Where do i get it? Dont need fancy DJ equipment, just need to be able to demonstrate a few sound effects to groups of people outside. So 10-15 buttons that have a specific sound file saved to them. I press the button and it plays that sound over a small speaker.

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  • What's wrong with my cat6 wiring?

    Im trying to run Ethernet cables through my house. The people before us had a couple wired already. It looks like they used T568A. I ran 2 cat 6 cables about 30-40' through the attic to 2 separate rooms, terminated them in keystone wall jack's on the room and router side. Both sides T568A. I then have a short store bought cable running from the Jack's directly to the router. And another from the wall to devices in the room on the other end. I think the cables are T568B. I'm getting no connection at all on either cable. Nothing at all. Should I have used T568B? There doesn't seem to be anything physically wrong on either. Why is it not working?

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  • If I register my car (and get it insured) in Nebraska will the points on my CA license still apply?

    I currently live in Los Angeles and have 3 tickets and an accident on my drivers record in CA. They were all minor, and several years ago. I could and should have done traffic school for 2 of them but was out of the country at the time. But they do add up and until they go off my record next year my insurance will cost me $700+ per month.

    I also rent a place in Nebraska. If i registered the car there and got insurance for Nebraska (but enough coverage to cover me in CA when i'm there). Would the points on my CA license still apply? What if got a Nebraska license? Has anyone done something like that? $700 a month is ridiculous for getting trapped by bored cops going 5 MPH over the speed limit (And following another cop because I wasn't sure what the speed limit was)

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  • Under AB 2499 In CA will my traffic ticket be masked from insurance companies after old ones go off my record?

    First of all freaking terrible law.

    Second. I have 3 traffic tickets on my record. 2 I received in march of 2011 and was unable to fight convictions due to being out of the country. The third one I received in may of 2012 and went to traffic school for.

    Now apparently traffic school is completely useless and insurance companies can see all 3. Will the 3rd one be masked as soon as the first 2 go over 3 years/drop off my record? Or will insurance companies still be able to see it even though it would be the only one on my record at that point and I went to traffic school for it?

    Third, Is the 3 years from the date of conviction or from the date of the violation? Is it the same for insurance companies and the DMV?

    And finally are their any other options to get these off my record? Any way to appeal convictions this far after the fact/etc, get insurance that isnt affected by my CA record?



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  • If I have to log in to access the internet can I plug a router in and broadcast wifi?

    At the appt complex i live in, in order to access the internet i have to plug my computer into an Ethernet cable from the wall, open a browser and log in to connect. (log in as in a username and password specific to me that allows the appt company to monitor usage for each tenant). The problem is I cant move my laptop out of my room because its plugged into the wall. If i were to buy a router, plug the Ethernet cable into the router and then connect my laptop wirelessly, would I be able to still access the log in screen as if my laptop was plugged into the wall? Or would the router confuse the system and I wont be able to access the internet? My roommate also use the system, would they also be able to connect wirelessly and log in using their credentials?


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  • How do you pitch a news show idea to the large news networks?

    I have a brilliant idea for a political news commentary show Ala Crossfire, hardball, etc. Assume it's good (which i believe it is), does anybody know the process for pitching the idea to CNN, FoxNews, Cspan, etc? Do they accept show ideas from other parties or is it all done internally?

    If anybody knows the answer could you also info on the process AFTER the pitch as well, ie would they work with me to get the show going? Would they just take the idea, or could i remain involved? etc etc.



    1 AnswerMedia & Journalism9 years ago
  • Where to get lists of registered voters for precinct walking?

    preferably free, electronic preferred. I need republicans in my county (CA), but information about all counties and states would also be helpful. is that available to anybody? If not how do I get access?

    1 AnswerElections10 years ago
  • What is the best Webcam setup to record/skype a presentation at the same time?

    I need to record a debate in a class type setting (IE 2 speakers different podiums). I also need to broadcast the debate via the internet to people who cannot attend but still want to see it live.

    I'd like to use a HD webcam, what is a good one for $30 or so? and will the microphone on it be powerful enough to record sound well if the speakers are using microphones and a speakers system?

    Also how do i set it up on my computer (PC) to record and broadcast at the same time? Is skype a good tool? or is there a better one? Can i record if i'm using the webcam to broadcast at the same time?

    What is the best way to do this? I don't want to spend more then $30 or so.



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  • What are the pros/cons of a 1973 Mustang Convertible?

    Are they cheap and easy to fix? What is the reliability? Is the MPG horrible? Are they known for any problems? Is the power roof, doors, windows, steering all mechanically sound? Is there anything i should know? Is there an average price? what is the ride like? do they sound like muscle cars when stock? any help is appreciated. thanks

    1 AnswerFord1 decade ago
  • Where is the best place to find weekly resort rates for the Caribbean and Florida?

    I'm looking to find a 2 bedroom resort room in either south Florida or the Caribbean. Where is the best place to find it per week (as opposed to per day). I'd like to find a week for a 2 bedroom for under $1000 at a relatively nice resort.

    1 AnswerOther - Caribbean1 decade ago
  • Buying and immediately selling a car in CA-Registration?

    If i were to purchase a car in CA and then before I had a chance to report it to the DMV, I got an offer on it. Can i sell it without having to pay all the taxes and registration? or do I have to report the purchase to the DMV first?.

    2 AnswersBuying & Selling1 decade ago
  • I have a complicated situation with CA unemployment?

    I receive unemployment of $395 a week. Recently (Feb 1) I started volunteering for an assembly candidate. On my first february claim form I reported it as how many hours and $0 paid. The system had a major problem with that, they didn't understand why i would report it, the computer didn't recognize it, etc. All in all it took me over a month to get that check, meaning i have very little funds available now (while i wait to catch up with the other checks). Now I was just informed i would be getting paid by the assembly candidate, $1000 a month starting in February, payable at the beginning of the month. How do I report that? I've turned in both my february claim forms already. And i haven't actually been paid by the candidate yet (although it should be soon). If i report receiving $2000 the first week of March wont that really mess up the numbers? Same as if i reported it $1000 a week for the first two. Would they even send me another claim form, even though the week after that i wouldn't be making the same. Do I just report $250 a week up until a month after I stop working for the Candidate? I want to do this right, i dont want to get in trouble, but at the same time I dont want to have to deal with the mess i just went through where it took me 1.5 months just to get one check because they didn't know how to deal with it. Anybody know?

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  • I need noise canceling headphones with volume control, that are for reducing noises around me, NOT for music?

    I am very easily bothered by loud booming music, and other loud noises. this makes it really painful to go to movies where the sound is loud, concerts, or any type of party with loud noise. I've heard of noise canceling headphones and they look great, except that they all appear to be for either listening to music or cutting sounds out as much as they possibly can. That's not what i need. I still want to hear things, but not at a painful level. Is there a type that does this? Allows me to adjust how loud "life" is? I'd prefer not to have a whole lot of wires that can get broken or tangled if possible. and i don't mind if they can also be used to play music, but that's just not my primary use.

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  • Faith-Based Salvation Vs. Works Based Salvation?

    I have a topic of general conversation, and i know this has been debated on a lot before, but i wanted to look at it from a slightly different angle.

    I am protestant and my girlfriend is catholic. As a protestant i believe that salvation is through faith alone. As a catholic she believes that salvation is through faith but in order to have faith you must do good works. Which is backed up by a Bible verse (i forget which) that says to have faith you must do good works. Now the confusion is thus, i know there is a lot of argueing about salvation through good works being contradictory to John 3:16 and some other verses, but this is not salvation through works as most protestants assume (i think) in that you must do A. B. and C. to get saved and say this to this guy and so on. It's more of in order to have true faith you must do good deeds, but it's not specific on what deeds. In other words it's still technically salvation through faith, they just also focus on "you can't just say you believe and it's faith, you have to actually follow through with your actions" Which as far as i know is generally what us protestants believe.

    No the point of this is: what exactly is the difference? Is one of us wrong on the beliefs of protestantism and catholicism? or are they pretty much the same and we've just been thinking they were different? Or are they different and i'm just not seeing how???


    14 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • I need personal finance software that does virtual account splitting?

    Basically I have 3 bank accounts that i keep my money in, but i need a software that knows that but also can pretend i have a lot of accounts, for example: Lets say i have $1000 in the bank, but i want $300 of that to be for a car payment every month, the software would put it in an account labelled "Car Payment" and deduct it from the "available money" in the main account (although it still shows the total). Now even if i spend less moeny on my car payment than $300 the remainder will will remain in that account to be used later. So basically every month i get my pay check and it automatically splits all the money up to different accounts so i know how much money I have to spend on different things. Anybody get that it's kind of complicated. Quicken and Ms Money just aren't doing it, quicken is close because you can do financial subaccounts, but theres no way to tell how much moeny there is left to allocate.....

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  • I need some deep IT admin power PC cleaning tools?

    My pc run absolutly so slow that it's not doing anything, it take litterally an hour or more to boot, anything that runs on windows runs so slowly it's useless, i need a free program that will take power from my computer by force and allow me to go in and remove all the software, processes, registry items and such that shouldn't be there (and also help me identify which ones they are) anybody have something like that?

    4 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Need the name of a super powered PC deep clean software?

    I know i downloaded one on my old computer that basically scanned my running processes, startup programs, installed software, hard drive, registry, etc. It allowed me to modify the appearance of my PC (via system files) as well as control whats on the installed programs list. IT allowed me to delete and process of anything i wanted to as well as identified potential virus and spyware threats (And delete them whether they were or not), my computer has 2 gigs of ram but is TOTALLY clogged up and i need the program to just wipe all the crap off it from deep in the computer as oppossed to trying to get XP to do it. I believe the program was freeware, does anybody know waht it was, or one like it?

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  • I need a good musical?

    I need a family friendly musical to direct for a community theater. It must meet the following requirements:

    Must be funny or light hearted (preferably hilarius)

    Must be family friendly

    Must have amazing music

    Must be a good length

    Must have a larger cast

    and Must NOT be any of the following:

    Sound of Music

    Mary Poppins

    Willy Wonka

    Cheaper by the Dozen

    Pirates of Penzance


    Joseph and the Technicolored Dreamcoat

    Jesus Christ Superstar

    But needs to be in the same general style/genre as the above

    any ideas? I'm thinking about South Pacific but it seems dramatic and sad, anybody have any experiance with this or any ideas?

    11 AnswersTheater & Acting1 decade ago
  • Which Operating System should I use?

    I'm getting a new top of the line computer without an operating system. I've run XP ever since it came out and i'm kind of bored with it, but i do know how to use it. I've recently upgraded to Vista and really hated it, it's interface is awsome, but it's functionality just sucks, especially networking. I've heard good things about linux, and used it once or twice briefly and was impressed, but i also heard it doesn't run games or programs well. I will NOT use a mac....ever. I own copies of both Vista and XP and Linux is free so i have a choice. I will use it mostly for surfing the web, watching movies, and playing relatively high end games (most of them Microsoft). Which one should i put on my new computer? or are there other better options?

    3 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • NEED DESPERATE HELP networking with Vista and XP!?

    Here the setup:

    We have a Linksys wireless G router, my brothers computer (desktop, XP, no wireless) plugs directly into one of the ethernet ports. My computer (laptop, Vista, Wireless, Also on internet network) connects via wireless. My sisters computer sometimes connects (laptop XP, wireless). The network doesn't have internet (we have another network for that, one that my brother's computer is not on, and we don't want it to be on).

    Here's the problem: Ussually for gaming i take my laptop to my brothers room and plug them both directly into a router, i don't want to do that, one because it takes forever to set up, and two i'll be getting a desktop that won't be mobile (but will have wireless). The problem is i can connect to the wireless network, i can even see his computer on my network map (although i can't click on it), but when we start a game, and one of us hosts, the game can't find the hosted game on the network.

    3 AnswersComputer Networking1 decade ago