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  • What is the difference between these jobs..?

    Coroner vs Medical Examiner vs Mortician vs Pathologist vs Forensic Analyst.

    Just quick simple explanation to tell apart what each do would suffice, please. Just job descriptions to not sound like other position unless they really are similar, nothing about salary or education or etc.

  • Natural dangers to lions?

    I tried to google what natural disaster has an impact on lions and found nothing. Like do they have a lot of earthquakes in their region or famine to wipe out food sources of a lion's prey? Disease? Or do they usually not face natural dangers?

    3 AnswersEarth Sciences & Geology2 weeks ago
  • Lion VS Tiger?

    If a perfect, strongest, fastest, smartest etc Lion and the same thing except a Tiger would fight... I see how Tigers are more agile and stronger and more smarter and more everything than Lion (according to this, they are

    Youtube thumbnail

    ) and Lions are faster than most Tigers... Is there any better advantages or circumstances where Lion would win the fight 100% of the time? Like hunting at night? in grasslands? etc

    Personal Finance2 weeks ago
  • S.W.A.T. MP5 sights?

    What optics or crosshairs or reticles does SWAT use on their MP5 or SMGs?

    2 AnswersHunting4 weeks ago
  • S.W.A.T. MP5?

    What optics or reticle does S.W.A.T. or U.S. police use for their MP5 or any SMG?

  • Best 3D Pen?

    I see many videos and posts about the best 3D pen... But I don't know if people are getting paid to say that this one brand is best or whatever. What is the best 3D pen for me, I never used it but I am willing to keep practicing with it and hopefully become skilled and professional at it.

    1 AnswerDrawing & Illustration4 weeks ago
  • Dog tag engraving?

    Can I use military dog tags on one of those dog tag engraving machines at PetSmart or PetCo or whatever or does it have to be bone shaped?

    6 AnswersDogs2 months ago
  • Paramedic legalities?

    Could Paramedics or EMTs or anyone get in trouble if they did everything right, yet the victim still dies en route to the ER?

    7 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 months ago
  • Can I fly to Mexico for a week?

    I live in Syracuse, NY and want to go to Cancun in a week and stay for a week. Is that possible without breaking laws or having to go to quarantine or anything?

    3 AnswersCancun3 months ago
  • Xbox controllers?

    Whats the difference between Bluetooth and nonbluetooth Xbox One Controllers?

    1 AnswerXbox3 months ago
  • What is a Bluetooth Xbox Controller?

    It says on that the Xbox One doesn't have a bluetooth controller, what does that mean?

    Xbox3 months ago
  • NonBluetooth XboxOne Controller?

    I see that the Xbox One doesn't have a Bluetooth Controller ( ) So what would that mean? Does it mean it would have to be wired or what?

    Xbox3 months ago
  • Xbox Controller?

    I see that the Xbox One doesn't have a Bluetooth Controller ( So what would that mean? Does it mean it would have to be wired or what?

    Xbox3 months ago
  • Legal question?

    If I catfish as a girl and say i sell nudes, and a guy sends me money on cashapp or paypal or venmo or whatever but then i block him without sending anything, are there any repercussions? like can he sue me or something or will i get arrested for theft or something?

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating4 months ago
  • Instagram banned?

    NO I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT SHADOW BAN!!!! I can't tell what happened, my youtube works fine, my snap works fine, so its not my network yet Insta says it is. I go on insta and it immediently says "Couldn't refresh feed", no posts are appearing, just blank, and the stories work fine, and i try to delete a chat and it says "Network request failed. Please try again later"... i go on someones profile, it doesnt show their numbers of follows or anything, profile pic is there, bio is gone, i can follow and unfollow them, posts are vanished, stories on their profile doesnt appear (from the newsfeed, it appears)... i cant search anyone... and my messages "failed to deliver"

    2 AnswersFacebook5 months ago
  • NYS learner's permit restrictions?

    im 17, i got my permit when i turned 16 (im not taking the road test for insurance purposes.... not yet anyways) and my parents said its legal for me to drive to work and school by myself... is that true?

    7 AnswersInsurance & Registration5 months ago
  • Marvel's Agents of SHIELD?

    What happened to the underground SSR base as HQ? Like before they switched to the Lighthouse.

    1 AnswerComics & Animation5 months ago
  • Marvel's Agents of SHIELD?

    Do y'all know of the monoliths? Specifically the Space travel one where Jemma was trapped on a desert planet across the universe?

    If No, please continue on

    If Yes, do you know those portals that appear on the desert planet to teleport people there and back? What if you threw the monolith into that portal? Like some how put that Monolith onto a ship, flew to the planet, activated the monolith, which activates the portal and the monolith becomes liquid (which is the state in which it activates) and pours onto the portal?

    Other - Television5 months ago
  • Halo Movies in Chronological Order?

    Someone please put these films in chronological order?

    Fall of Reach: (...obviously first)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

    Youtube thumbnail

    Halo 4: Spartan Ops

    Youtube thumbnail

    Dawn Under Heaven

    Youtube thumbnail

    YouTube11 months ago
  • Rabies from house cat?

    I don t think my pet cat got his shots and it s a small bite, like a baby ant s size of blood came out, the wound is like half a millimeter deep, the bite is at the joint of the left thumb... Do I have rabies?

    9 AnswersCats2 years ago