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  • Mother in law got a personal loan for our debt as a gift. Now wants to sue us for the balance?

    over a year ago my mother in law offered to get a personal loan to consolidate our debt. It was solely in her name and drafted from her bank account every month. We have offered to help pay for it even though she said it was a gift. Since losing our jobs we haven't sent her any money and now wants to sue us. We have had a falling out a year ago and haven't spoken with her. Does she legally have a leg to stand on?

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  • Husband previous liked transgender men?

    I found out that my husband liked transgender men. They were passable as females but had the parts of a man. I'm worried that he may revert back to his old desires later on. He seems to only look at me, think about me, care about me. We never do anything without eachother, we have a good sex life. Before we met he visited a transgender in the Philippines on two occasions. He said he never had anal sex and he was always the top. He claims that the reason he became interested was because regular heterosexual porn was to fake. He liked seeing a male that looked like a female ***... I'm scared to continue my life married to him if he decided to pursue that again in the future. Any ideas from experience? Or scientific explanations? Thank you!

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  • My Fiancé used to like transgender men and I just found out?

    He is in the military and we met in June. I knew he was the one and we kept contact. While he was in england and i was in california. We were in a relationship to my understanding so I remained loyal. I found out he cheated on me with a girl for two months. Then I find out he is cheating on me via webcam with two transgendered men. I found out one of them he actually had sex with 1 year prior. We have since been together for 11 months. I just don't know what to do. If I stay with him, will he have these tendencies later? Is it normal behavior?!