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  • What Happened to Calculus?

    I remember when people in the 90's and 00's thought that calculus was this mysterious super hard math that only geniuses took and now it seems like pretty much everyone takes it. What changed?

    1 AnswerMathematics2 months ago
  • Asseto Corsa Competizione?

    I always follow the ideal line to a tee  and even when I am perfect there are still players who are 2 seconds faster than me on lap time or even more. Is it not really such an ideal line?? It doesn't make sense.

    1 AnswerOther - Auto Racing2 months ago
  • Natural Tanning?

    I am a fairly pale guy, I play hockey so I don't get outside a lot lol. I started tanning about a week ago in the mornings at about 11am. It's been about 90 degrees with full sun exposure all week and will continute for the rest of July it seems. I started with 10 min each side since I didn't want to burn my pale skin. I've moved to 15 min on my front today and 10 min on my back still. How long might it take me to get tan naturally like this? Should I be out there longer? Do it earlier in the morning? I think i've gotten very slightly more tan, at least not a pure ghost, but still pale.

    1 AnswerOther - Skin & Body3 months ago
  • Hockey Goalie Knee Protection?

    I just started playing goalie, been on the ice about 10 times now. All my gear is used from sideline swap. Every time after I get off the ice I come off with my knees hurting and they were bruising at the beginning. At first I was tightning my pads really tight and I loosened them because I was told if I have them too tight I am putting to much weight on my knees when I drop down. I have bauer supreme knee guards but the knee protection doesn't seem great... seems more focused on thigh protection. When I drop down I land on the knee pad stack on my pads but it isn't always in the center, could that be a problem? They told me I was a 35 +2 size but the pads I have are 35+1 but I don't think the + should matter.. What can I do?

    2 AnswersHockey3 months ago
  • Lewis vs Bronsted?

    It almost seems like they describe opposite things to me. Lewis acid is an electron pair accepter, but a Bronsted lowry acid is something that donates a proton. A lewis base donates an electron pair, but a Bronsted lowry base accepts a proton. Kinda confused because I feel like they are supposed to be describing the same thing, but it doesn't make sense.

    1 AnswerChemistry5 months ago
  • What are my chances to make the ACHA D2 club hockey team at Ohio State? Just looking for more opinions.?

    I play on a pretty average high school varsity hockey team (27-25-1) in Ohio. I had 11G, 21A, 32 Points and was +11 as a defenseman in 49 games. For comparison the next highest Dman is 5G 14A and +2. I have talked with my coach and he said I have a shot and I have spoken with the head coach there at OSU and he says it is mostly AAA and AA players.

    3 AnswersHockey2 years ago