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  • Why vote Biden?

    Are all the Biden voters, voting for him simply because he isn't Trump?.. what a resounding indictment of the current Democrat party, if that's true. Bunker boy has barely been seen in public. Why are you voting for him?

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  • Why vote for Trump?

    I can think of reasons.

    1) The pompous, arrogant left who still think everyone who disagrees with them are stupid, ill-educated bumpkins - need yet another bloody good kicking since they patently failed to understand the gravity of the first one

    2) Pompous, arrogant celebrities need to be faced with the realisation that no one cares that much about their opinions.

    3) Antifa, and BLM need to find out that terrorising the populace will gain them nothing but resentment and rejection

    4) The disgusting, persistent attacks against Trump, in a desperate attempt to destroy the man by throwing anything at him, have to fail. For the sake of society's eternal soul

    Anyone else?

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  • Is the current cringe-worthy deification of black people really necessary?

    There is no doubt in anyone's mind, that what Derek Chauvin did was inexcusable - there's no doubt in anyone's mind that he's going to jail, and no doubt that he absolutely should go to jail.

    No one, anywhere is suggesting otherwise - it's illegal to kill people and the legal system is dealing with Derek Chauvin in the correct manner. Notice - not in the way that would suggest deep-seated racism. His death is being taken seriously, as is his apparent murderer.

    Notice, our societal response is not only, no less than the response you would see if George Floyd was white, it's actually far greater. When was the last time you saw black people protesting at the death of a white person in police custody?.. ok forget the colour of the protesters, when was the last time you saw anyone protesting at the death of a white person in police custody?

    The whole protest is built on the back of a disgusting lie. Although America undoubtedly has racists, it is not institutionally or societally racist. Everyone is equally disgusted by the events surrounding Floyd's death, but the fact that Floyd happened to be black rather than white, does not mean there's a race issue in the police. Twice as many white people die in police custody than blacks - but where's all the widespread wailing and fawning support for white supremacist movements every time one of those happens?

    The protesters are assholes. A response looking for a cause

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  • Now we've determined it is not illegal to investigate corruption?

    Can we please investigate the Biden/Ukraine shitstorm. Hunter is a pathetic drug addict spastic with no knowledge of the energy sector or the Ukraine. He gave a handful of hours to Burisma every year and yet we're being told by the liberal media that $80,000 a month for this retard is nothing to be suspicious about, despite the fact it was one of the most corrupt companies on the face of the planet, and he is on video saying .. you'd better stop investigating them or I'll withdraw the money... bragging about it..

    Are you liberals retarded or just totally amoral?.. why would it be wrong to investigate this disgusting sh­itshow?

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  • Sure, you hate Trump. But isn't it about time we had a straight talking, traditionalist white male in power?

    What's innately wrong with that?.. Can you not lower your intolerance levels enough to even listen? The US is actually doing pretty well - he hasn't been the disaster the left predicted, so can you not even pause to question your own position?

    Probably not

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  • Are drive-by Impeachments our new political reality?

    It's sat so long in their safe-space - and now it's outside - it's getting clobbered. What the Dems have would not even make it in to a courtroom, much less survive any serious cross-examination. Is that why they want this to happen quickly?..

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  • Why can't women work together?

    I was on this management course.. ILM something something. I dunno, I'm not interested in being a manager. But one of the things the lecturer said - multiple times - was: 'don't have female only departments. They all devolve in to gossipy back-stabbers. You can have men only departments, but not women only'.

    She said this multiple times on the course when the conversations went in that direction. So, why can't you women work together?

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  • tax records? seriously?

    So, the tax authorities are incapable of dealing with the tax indiscrepancies of  Donald Trump - but a shower of butt-heads who were on the hook with the Mueller sh­it, right until the final embarrassment, are?

    If they were out of line, he'd be investigated.. by the tax authorities.. he's not being investigated - so shut up

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  • When the motto of MS13 is Kill, Rape, Control?

    ..why would anyone be against a wall against the southern US border?

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  • You denigrate us for supporting Donald Trump's lies?

    You call us idiots, uneducated, ignorant hill-billys

    What about your own lies? .. what about the Russia hoax?.. That was a serious lie - and a total lie it was, yet you still support the people who perpetrated that anyway. Those same people are perpetuating a lie again. It's pathetic

    Perhaps if you want an answer as to why people support Trump despite the fact he lies - you might want to get yourselves a mirror

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  • Arm the women?

    If I could go back in time to Cologne 2016 new year's eve, with a bag full of handguns. I'd hand one to every women leaving that station. Sh­it changes when you pull a gun out of your purse.

    Thanks to left wing policy that has invited everyone from every culture here - this is where we're at. Thanks

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  • Why are Democrats still clinging to the wreckage?

    This is nothing but a a low budget sequal to the Russia hoax. Do something honest for a change

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  • Why do homosexual men effect a feminine demeanour?

    Hyper-masculine makes far more sense. They adopt, feminine posture and mannerisms. They become centralised on clothes, appearance, attention seeking and creating drama.

    I'm not convinced they find men attractive - I think they may be just demented

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  • Is overt sexuality in the workplace a problem?

    Ok, so I work in an open plan office. We have this woman there who comes to work in skirts so short she can't even lean over a desk without exposing everything - which she does just about as often as she can. When she pick up her handbag, it's like a scene from the rocky horror picture show. And come rain or shine, she dresses like this every day.

    I reported her to HR as flagrantly abusing their relaxed dress code and using overt sexuality in the workplace. If overt sexual messages are frowned upon in the workplace, then it applies to both genders, surely..

    Any thoughts?

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  • Is transgender treatment for children, child-abuse?

    They're going through a period of their lives where they are very plastic - ie, open to suggestion of anything - and their minds will adapt to that new suggestion very rapidly.

    They're also going through a period of emotional chaos created by wild hormonal interplays, they'll never experience again in their lives. It is our job as parents to give them a solid framework to throw some hooks on to and build their future selves on - not just leave them to their own devices and decision-making. To me, that's abandonment of responsibility, and that makes you a bad parent.. hardly a parent at all

    The data also indicates that such treatments render them infertile in almost all cases that are at the onset of puberty. What a decision to leave to a child, are you serious?

    It's my view that this process with children is an utterly obscene example of child-abuse

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  • Attachment image

    Is intersectionality, feminist piggy-backing?

    So, first wave feminism is over in the west. Mission accomplished and we all agree with it and have done for a long time now. That seems to me that that's the end of that, everyone can go home and enjoy their freedoms.

    But it also seems to me that feminism has never screeched more lowdly than it does now. And if you look at the 'everyday feminism' website,. it seems largely now a race centric movement.

    This sounds like good news to me. ~Feminists no longer have anything to complain about with regards to women's rights, but instead of shutting up their harpie screeching and going home, they're looking for other people's perceived issues to screech about as a way to keep their dead issue alive.

    Is there a way of burying these demented sk­anks at sea without alerting the coastguard?. It seems to me we'd be doing humanity a big favour

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  • Can men be given equal control over their potential parental status?

    So, a woman maintains full rights, for a very long time after conception, whereas the man in the picture, loses his control  over his parental status at the point of ejaculation.

    This is a stark imbalance of power here. Post-ejaculation. should men get some say as well? Or are ew left with the idiotic position of 'we should have kept our pants on'.. like she didn't equally taker her pants off as well

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  • Is abortion necessary in the west?

    Women have been provided with all the tools necessary to control when they get pregnant. Apart from instances of rape, incest or serious medical issue, why is it needed at all?

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  • Should men be empowered to walk away?

    One of the lingering legacies of the so called patriarchy, is that from the point of ejaculation, men have no voice over whether they're going to become a parent or not, whilst the woman remains in total control for both of them. I don't know how that could possibly work in the service of men - rather than exclusively women - but it remains anyway

    In the name of equality, should men be given equal control over their legal parental status to women? Should they be allowed to say - you have the baby, but it's yours, when her decision goes against his?

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