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  • What was Paul and Leto supposed to do?

    Since Dune got delayed, I've been taking the time to research more about the saga.  So some debate as to Paul and Leto's decision, the ethics, the cost etc.  What exactly though were they supposed to do?  Paul apparently couldn't stop the jihad, and humanity would have died without leto's golden path I'm told.  So are there other options I missed?

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  • What is the real purpose of putting kids on offender list?

    When I was a kid, if you were caught doing something inappropriate like playing doctor, imitating something you saw on tv or caught your parents doing,  you might get a spanking at worst but you'd get a talking to, explained what was ok or not, and after a little cry or grounding in the corner, you'd go on.  Nowadays, people are being put on the offender lists as young as 10 or younger for doing the same thing.  Or turning 18 and a girlfriend just a day under 18. Are these laws really about protecting kids?  It sure don't seem like it.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 weeks ago
  • Hate for Lovecraft but not others?

    Everyone is giving cain to lovecraft for being racist, but wasn't Disney an s.o.b?  How many classic films and stories and songs are written by perverts and racists?  Why the specific hate for lovecraft?

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  • God concept/difference in sci-fi and real life?

    So I'm researching lovecraft stuff due to the new show and something sticks out to me in my research.  In a lot of sci-fi there appears to be a confusing God concept.  God is a myth and superstition in the story, but the idea of a godlike alien, future human, interdimensional being, etc. is perfectly plausible.  Mysteries and stuff exist beyond human comprehension, but man can understand it all.  So what is the difference between an eternal entity or entities existing outside time and space, so advanced as to be beyond the detection of even our highest technology, and some aliens/future humans/other that could or already get to such a state? 

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  • Wap music video insights?

    So I watched that cardi b wap music video and I don't get the point of all the snakes and cats, and being in purple yellow sewer systems or whatever it was.  Anybody have any ideas?

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  • Yellow and Purple villain colors?

    Purple and yellow are common colors of bad guys.  Killgrave, Joker, Ivan Ooze, Thanos, etc.  King Ghidorah, Shyamalan's Horde/Beast, Lovecraft's King in Yellow.  Even Luke Cage was shady at the end of his show.  Why are these colors associated with villains so often?

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  • How to download podcasts and youtube videos?

    I was going to download some podcast shows to my ipod shuffle to start walking to.  However, the ones I wanted no longer are on itunes.  Where can I go to start researching how to download podcasts form other sources, convert youtube videos to audioformats, etc?

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  • What makes the Uighurs different from other humanitarian crises?  ?

    China has oppressed religious and ethnic groups not fitting its mold for a long time.  The Rohingya (if spelled wrong sorry) got some attention in Burma, but don't hear much about them now.  Ethnocide and persecution of religious and ethnic minorities happens in one form or another across the world.  Why are people paying attention to this particular crisis more so than others it seems?

    2 AnswersOther - Politics & Government3 months ago
  • Nightclub girl situation?

    When I was young there was a police supervised teen nightclub in my area.  On anniversary night, they were jam packed and I was sitting down when two guys came in carrying a girl who was clearly out of it.  They plopped her down on a seat in front of me and just left her there.  I wasn't sure what was going on or what to do, and I didn't see any cops, security or staff, or anyone anywhere.  Not the lobby or dance floor, or entrance or anywhere.  Just a few minutes later they came back with four guys and carried her out through the main lobby.  Now I'll never know for sure what was going on, be it predators, the drugs I later learned the management was selling, or something else.  And there is nothing I can do now.  But what I can do is ask if anyone has any insights to share.  I want to do the right thing and if there is something I could do differently next time, I'd want to be prepared to do it.  If anyone can help me with this I'd appreciate it.

    5 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police3 months ago
  • In service vs out of service cop calls?

    If a police officer is on call or 'out of service' or stationed somewhere, etc.  How long is it before a 911 dispatcher can reach them vs say someone who is 'in service'?

  • Communication time length between 911 and dispatcher?

    When a 911 operator gets a call, how long does it take the operator to get in touch with the dispatcher for police, paramedics, etc.?

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  • How quick can 911 get in touch with cops?

    Say you're a cop at an event, like a bar.  Someone calls 911 to alert something's happening because for whatever reason, they can't or don't want to approach you.  How long does it take for the dispatcher to get in touch with that police officer?

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  • Why don't priests remove fleshly temptation?

    If priests are supposed to keep a lifelong celibacy as a sacred vow, why not be like the Essenes in Jesus time, or the castrati in classical music eras?  

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  • Why is acting so despised?

    I was reading an article about Sandra Oh, where she says her parents did not approve of her career choice.  They believed acting was one step above prostitution.  I've done a little theater myself but I never felt like a whore.  What exactly is the problem people have with actors?  

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  • What was it about George Floyd's murder?

    What do you think it was about George Floyd's, after so many stories of police brutality and injustice, that broke the camel's back and burst the dam?

    12 AnswersCurrent Events4 months ago
  • Couple's accountability of baby black market?

    Many couples are desperate for adoption, but the process is long and difficult. Understandably they are tempted to cut corners and get children through unofficial channels. However, considering the shady sources of said babies, why is there no accountability? With the exception of maybe an episode of the Old Walker Texas Ranger show, I never hear about how the average citizen's role, either in film or in real life news.

    3 AnswersAdoption4 months ago
  • Why not high budget human trafficking movies set in US?

    I understand the subject matter is hard to watch, but movies like Taken, Rambo Last Blood, etc., deal with sex slavery but always in another country. I know of a few low budget indie films, but I've never seen a big budget popular film that deals with it liam neeson style set in U.S?

    1 AnswerMovies4 months ago
  • How is Last of Us 2 sequel possible?

    At the end of the last of us, I thought they were basically stating that not only die Ellie's friend die for nothing, but also that the the human race was doomed, since she was the only hope for a cure and hence the title. Yet the sequel takes place 5 years later and there is still plenty of people around?

  • Gorean war?

    I know it's fantasy and fiction, but considering that books and authors like Gor, Sade, roquelare, etc are so popular even today, than could that imply that the issues against women go much deeper than thought, and simply holding men accountable and me too movements are o only scratching the surface?

    1 AnswerPsychology6 months ago
  • Super voice disguisers?

    Oliver queen sometimes used a voice scrambler in Arrow, and Christian Bale went all raspy and scratchy voiced in batman, but traditionally, how have comic book heroes disguised their voice in comics and comic cartoons?

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