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  • Should women get "conception leave"?

    So now that most Western Women are stuck behind desks most of the time, there breed is dying out. And the work is not exactly a turn-on, more like a turn-off. Who feels sexy after 9 hours at work and 3 hours in the car? Should women, now that they are finally get period leave, also get conception leave during their fertile age? For example on the condition that they officialy live together or are married. Are simply without conditions, as long as the period leave and conception leave are a couple weeks apart. 

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  • I wear subtle makeup but my boyfriend still thinks it's too much and not discrete enough, help?

    I love makeup but I always put a lot of effort into it to make it look natural. I wear just a tiny bit of everything and the textures are light, the colors or natural and fit my undertone. Lipstick and blush is s medium shade of pink. Yet my boyfriend makes me feel like I wear way too much. I have says when I feel great and don't wear eyemakeup, and he doesn't say anything. So it doesn't even seem to matter to him! But I don't always feel that good. I don't always sparkle naturally.

    I start by applying a drop of foundation all over my face. I have pretty good skin. Then I use some concealer under my eyes, some powder and non shimmery highlighter. Then I use a fresh pink blush that is almost completely matte with no shimmer. I love blush but I keep the application light. Then I fill in my brows with light ash brown powder. I apply a quattro eyeshadow according to Lisa Elridges and many other makeup artists' tips, in neutral colors. Sometimes maybe a bit shimmery. Then eyeliner in a matte brown and one light coat of mascara on curled lashes. I finish with some shimmer in the inner corners, a sheer pink lipstick and some nude lipliner.

    To me this is a wholesome makeup that took me years to learn and it breaks my heart that he doesn't like it. Men will drool over "natural" beauties who are actually wearing makeup too, they just won the genetic lotery... He called me a beautiful woman so obviously the makeup is not a real problem... is he the problem?

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  • Why didn't they maintain lockdown until there were 0 infections?

    Now we have to start all over again as the second wave is happening here. 

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  • Why do I feel dead sick after eating spaghetti?

    After eating spaghetti I get horrible symptoms like extreme fatigue, sweating, oiliness, convulsion,...

    I am supposed to take enzymes to digest fat better but after eating spaghetti it is strangely bad. 

    I wonder what it is in spaghetti that upsets my body so much. Could it be the meatloaf?

    Because I can handle any other ingredient quite well. I did use to be slightly intolerant to wheat but it would never cause symptoms like this. Not even lasagna would cause these symptoms... so strange. 

    By the way, I didn't take my enzymes beforehand. I wanted to see how I would do without them. Not good apparently! Ready to drop dead after one plate of spaghetti... 

    Anyway, no more spaghetti for me. I don't mind. Stuff is so unhealthy it's not meant to be eaten anyway is it? Or maybe the tomato sauce is made with red paint lol, cause ya know, food industry...

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  • Where can I see how long I will be blocked on Facebook?

    I was blocked for 30 days on FB for speaking some truths. Can I see how many days are left?

    2 AnswersFacebook3 weeks ago
  • What will be on a boy's second name if his godmother is called Helen?

    So in my country we get two middle names, one from each godparent. The names are lead back to an old root form in the sex form of the child.

    René becomes Renate, Catherine becomes Catharina etc. for a girl. 

    But what if the godmother is called Helen/Helena, what will the boy's second name be then? Is there a male root form of this name? 

    7 AnswersBaby Names3 weeks ago
  • Ovulation test: instructions say to not use morning urine, all websites say to use morning urine, which is it?

    So I have been getting strange results with my ovulation tests and I only now saw in the instructions that you shouldn't use morning urine cause it's too concentrated.

    I have on average a 26 day cycle.

    Day 9: vague lanue

    Day 10: farely strong line (had sex)

    Day 11: farely strong line

    Day 12: line has faded a bit

    Didn't test for a few days cause I thought I would ovulate on day 12.

    Realised I was super aroused on day 14 so started testing again out of curiousity:

    Day 16: very strong line, the strongest possible (had sex)

    Day 17: very strong line (even stronger than control line) (had sex)

    So what's going on? Why are my LH levels going up? Am I doing ok by using morning urine? Why do I seem to be ovulating so extremely late? I mean ovulation on day 17 (at least cause I don't know what tomorrow's test will bring) means that my cycle is going to last for at least 31 days no, which is not healthy? Should I talk to a gyno? Or, is it possible I am already pregnant from CD10 and the newest tests picked it up? So confused. Btw I only last my typical ovulation fluid on CD16. I literally saw a gelatine like substance coming out. 

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  • Booking: how long does the payment stay off my card if I have payed on the spot already?

    I booked a hotel with a credit card warantee but with payment at the hotel itself. I payed in cash and received an invoice. I noticed however that the amount is also gone from my prepaid credit card in my bank app. I asked booking and they said that the amount can be locked for 5 workdays. It's been three workdays so I am patient but also a bit anxious. Is it normal that the amount is really not visible anymore? They will pay it back right? Has this happened to you? It's the first time I book myself so it's kinda scary. It's a really good hotel though, I trust it, and I also trust Booking.

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  • Chance of getting pregnant on cycle day 10 in a 26 day cycle?

    My last cycle was 26 days long. The cycle before that was 24 days long. Before that is was 28 days. What is the chance I got pregnant after sex on day 10, if ovulation is usually around day 12 in a 26 day cycle. Idon't know how long the current cycle is gonna be but my ovulation test was already vaguely positive on day 8 and clearly positive on day 9 and 10. 

    1 AnswerTrying to Conceive4 weeks ago
  • Why does sexual arousal feel like an itchy sensation that needs to be scratched?

    How is it possible that the inside if the vagina feels almost like an itch that needs to be scratched and an orgasm also feels like an enormous itch that gets relieved? If the ears or the skin are itchy, it's because there is an irritant. How does the body make the vagina itch though? Are there hormones at play? Or a different chemical? There must be something that is telling our minds to get a penetration to relieve that itch during ovulation. Could it be that estrogen or testosterone make a woman itchy? 

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions1 month ago
  • Good mascara that makes lashes look very full and fat instead of spikey?

    I know a few mascaras that make my lashes look very full, like falsies almost, but they usually smudge or aren't waterproof. Currently using Lancome Doll Eyes WP but it's cone shaped and that's difficult so use in the corners. Can you recommend a normal shaped mascara that is WP and makes lashes look really fat?

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  • What is the breaking distance of a 10 ton truck driving 100 km/h?

    I want to know because they only leave 1 meter distance everywhere.

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  • I want my money back from the hair dresser? ?

    So I had light brown hair that went a bit brassy and I wanted to get it toned. My hairdresser did that well last hair. I told him I just wanted cooler looking hair. For some reason he managed to convince to get some sort of dye in it. I said I meant like a purple shampoo. He said bla bla same system, showed me a color chart with hair dyes... and said let's go for light brown. I knew that light brown would look dark brown on my already brown hair. So I said: shouldn't I go for dark blonde? Yet he didn't listen and made me sort of pick the darker shade... fml. Why did I get into that. He also let me sit at the wash table for 15 minutes with the shampoo like dye in my hair. Then I told him to only cut off 1 cm but he cut off 4 cm. I went from fairly long, light brown hair to disgusting "frosty chestnut" brown with these disgisting charcoal and burgundy hues in it. I felt like I was gonna vomit. He didn't even ask if I liked it. I wanted to cry but my stupid *** said I like the color. Fml. I tried rinsing that "toner" out and a heap of product instantly came out, gross!! But I kept looking dark like a dumbass raven!!! In the summertime!!! I want to ask my money back. I don't want him to fix it. He'll mess it up again and I honestly never want to go to a hairdresser again!!! I am done!!! So can I get my money back? Bich didn't give me a receipt but he knows me.

    2 AnswersHair1 month ago
  • Will Zalando refund me if I return something without tags?

    So they give you plenty of time to return so obviously I have already worn the clothing, I removed the tags. Can I return them without tags then? Will I get fully refunded?

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  • How can I delete my facebook account when facebook asks for ID?

    I made another facebook account with another e-mailadres but my name there is fake. Now facebook wants proof with ID. I don't wanna show ID cause obviously it doesn't match, and I don't wanna keep the account anyway, I want nothing to do with it. I just want my emailadress free again. So what will they do if I sent ID and it doesn't match the name? I can't change my name anymore cause I can't access my account, it seems, until I have uploaded ID.

    Facebook2 months ago
  • Attachment image

    Where can I buy a lipstick in this shade?

    I don't know how to describe this color. A matte medium burnt pink?

    Makeup2 months ago