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  • What can be done about the most dangerous team sport in the world?

    Today an international medical board is meeting to discuss the dangers of modern Rugby Union.

    The amount of hours per 1000 played lost to injury are as follows.....

    Rugby Union 220

    American Football 112

    Ice Hockey 80

    Football 40

    Cricket 10

    Now don't get me wrong, the reason I love union is because of how physical it is. However in recent times professional players have become as big as NFL players and as fast but they don't have the protection gear, don't have the stop start play to recover etc etc so there is constant big hits, constant conflict, constant risk.

    At the current rate there won't be many of the worlds best players competing regularly with each other. So what in your view can be done?

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  • Why all the lies about the NHS on US TV?

    I've been watching some American news channels about this whole health care issue in the US. The stuff I saw painted a completely different picture about the NHS than we know in the UK.

    Some of the lies they said were..... can't choose your GP or surgeon

    2.medicine is not a respected career

    3.doctors were poorly paid

    4.if something goes wrong there is nothing you can do as the government is in complete control

    Now nobody in the UK would say the NHS is perfect but it's damn good and you ask anybody in the world if they could receive free treatment for everything from acne to cancer, broken leg to flu they would say yes please.

    So why does a lot of the American media insist on lying? Paid by the opposition or something?

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  • Which sequencer software to produce music?

    I've been looking to buy software for a while but am unsure of which to buy, any advice? I'm looking to make dance music like Boys Noize, SebastiAn, Justice, Simian Mobile Disco, Deadmau5 etc etc

    Options I have are.....


    Ableton Live


    Pro Tools


    Digital Performer

    FL Studio

    PS I'm not buying a Macbook so Logic isn't an option at the moment.

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  • Higher Abortion Rates in those from Religious Schools?

    I have just looked at a study that has revealed that young women who have been educated in religious schools are more likely to have an abortion than those in public school education. The study was done on "1,504 unmarried and never-divorced young women in 125 different schools around the United States, aged 26 or younger." What do you think about that?

    Here is the article for anybody interested.....

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  • Song in the Ghost Whisperer advert for Living TV in the UK?

    Does anybody know the song from the Living TV advert for Ghost Whisperer, Season 4?

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  • Literary term for weather mirroring emotions?

    What is the term for when weather reflects the mood of scene/paragraph etc?

    For example if you were watching a film the weather may bright and sunny when the character is happy but could switch to clouds and rain when they are unhappy.

    I'm sure there is a term for it, completely forgotten!

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  • "Creationism is like 'X'......" Jerry Coyne?

    In an article by Jerry Coyne where he is arguing that we shouldn't cater for the faithful when teaching science(especially evolution)he says this-;"Creationism is like herpes: it keeps coming back again and again until you extirpate the root cause."

    What do you think about this quote?


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  • A saying/quote etc referring to a person who asks a question but already knows the answer?

    For example. If I were to ask my friend who he finds attractive but already knew the answer. I want to hear it from him however, yet he is reluctant to give me the answer because he is embarrassed or something.

    Are there any sayings/proverbs/quotations from people etc that convey this idea?

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  • Who do I address my CV/resume to?

    The advertisement for the job says-;"You can apply for this job by sending a CV/written application to Jim at *address*."

    So how do I address 'Jim'? Do I just do the usual 'Dear Sir/Madam' or what?

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  • Why is it the USA is so hung up on conspiracies etc?

    I know not all Americans follow these ideas but most of these ideas do come from the USA and have most support there. Things such as.......

    -the Jewish holocaust not happening, the whole idea of the Jews controlling everything

    -global warming being fake

    -evolution being another set of ’beliefs’ like religion

    etc etc

    Now I am not anti American, I have American friends who do not believe these but why such cynicism and scepticism in America about things that are whole heartedly accepted 100% in the rest of the world? Where does it come from?

    What sort of climate creates these ideas?

    *I'm not attacking Americans or America, just wondering :)

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  • Sending a word document?

    I sent an email with my CV attached and received 'Can you please send your cv back in a word document.'

    Am I just being stupid, does that simply mean to type it out in the email?

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  • People who take the Bible literally?

    If we were in communication with an alien species who could prove their existence to be far longer than 6000 years would you stop believing?

    *Don't bother answering-;"There is only God, he is real, his Bible is true" etc It's a hypothetical question that requires a hypothetical answer.

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  • Christians that don't believe Catholics are Christian?

    There are 2.1 billion Christians in the world but 2/3rds of them(1.4 billion)are Catholics. If you don't class Catholics as Christian then you belong to only the 4th largest religion so 'God' by that logic is losing his battle.

    The table would look like this......

    Catholicism 1.4 billion

    Islam 1.3 billion

    Hinduism 0.8 billion

    Other Christianity 0.7 billion

    By denying Catholics are Christian you are in fact making yourselves a less influential and weaker religion.

    How do you feel about this?

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  • Seems to me 'Satan' is more powerful than 'God'?

    *does not apply to all Christians.

    A lot of Christians on here say things like 'Satan is good at tempting' in relation to science contradicting the Bible, especially evolution.

    So why is he so powerful and can put literally mountains of logical evidence on front of us and God can do, well nothing except from 'speak' to those who believe?

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  • What do you think about these ideas.......?

    There has been a series of documentaries on Channel 4 in the UK about the history of Christianity. It's had Jews, Catholics, Anglican and non believers presenting it.

    There was one presented by an atheist scientist about Christianities relationship with science. This is what a couple of people on the show said.......

    A Priest said something along the lines of he accepts evolution but God started it. He also said-;"The Church is full of people who are not willing to admit they are wrong."

    The atheist scientist presenter said-;"The theory of there being a god who created everything is possible, just highly improbable therefore to me it isn't a working theory."

    An Evangelical scientist who worked at a Creationist museum in Kentucky(he was actually a credited particle physicist before he started in this museum)said-;"I accept science and all it's ideas but when it contradicts the Bible it is not true. It is wrong and mistaken."

    What do you think about their ideas?

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  • Why do Christians say......?

    I've seen Christians on here say;-"Everybody knows God is real, some are just in denial or ar scared to admit he does."

    I find this infuriating! I could say " Everybody knows God doesn't exist, they are just scared too." but I don't. Why? Because they have made that decision, rightly or wrongly. I am not that arrogant!

    I am not scared to believe in 'God' or any deity, there is just no evidence at all. When there is evidence I may change my mind but I doubt that very much.

    Why do you think I am scared of something that doesn't exist? Are you scared of Gargoyles?

    So Christians, why do you say such things?

    Is it just that you are so arrogant that you can't see people have their own minds that don't work like yours?

    *I know this doesn't apply to all Christians.

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  • How 'soon' is soon Christians?

    As an atheist I think your completely bonkers for thinking it will hapen at all! :P

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  • Theists and atheists alike, which Bible?

    I am an atheist and my friend is one of those people who doesn't know where he sits yet. Anyway he asked me to borrow a Bible of mine. Now the problem is it's the King James Bible. He is foreign to the UK and has lived here for 5 years. He has fairly good English but he feels for him to fully understand the Bible he would like to read it in modern English.

    So my question to you is, which modern English Bible should I buy him?

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  • Your top 5 atheist books......?

    My question got deleted! :( So what are your top 5 atheist books?

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