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    How much would this help me in life? Looking to improve my CV and job prospects, like to create a free fitness group?

    This picture is old I'm a lot more stronger now but it's just to show how I have developed. Sport, fitness and nutrition is something I am very passionate about and I would like to create a free fitness group for anyone who wishes to join. Right now I am depressed because I no longer love my job and stuck in a rut, I want to improve myself and go for something more so in line with my passion. 

    My current job is a braindead pathetic excuse for an income, I used to love it but everyone tells me I'm better than that and I think I'm starting to believe them. This isn't something I want to do just for me it is something I feel I would enjoy doing, I want to help others. At the same time I do need to think about myself and was curious if I did manage to do this how much would it help in say events management? 

    Thank you.

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  • Sometimes opposites attract? Well how about a Christian and an atheist?

    I like this girl, we share so many things together from sport to nature and love for art and music. We could just be friends I suppose and I be happy with that but could be happier with something more. Could never see myself going to church every Sunday or sharing that ideology.

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  • Looking for a job in line with the fitness industry, event management sounds fun but I have no formal qualifications. Any advice?

    I was really hoping for an entry position, work hard and make my way up however I'm uncertain when it comes to requirements. I do work now so could take small steps like a course but then I have no idea what qualifications are taken seriously.

  • Old housemates are constantly bad mouthing me to my new housemates?

    I was in one place with all guys and it was a nightmare, they were all lads/alpha male types and I can't be bothered with that. Basically all I was looking for is a relaxed environment. So one night one of the guys put the bolt through so I couldn't get in and I went mental, it ended up me moving next door living with a bunch of girls. At first I felt a Lil unwanted but it's been 2 months now and I actually love them, feel happy here and accepted. There's been a few things they asked me to do like fix the shower, we also put effort in making the place look nice. I said I will leave as soon as possible and thank you so much for letting me stay here and they were really upset asking why I wanted to go, that made me feel really happy. Anyway I'm in my room and overhearing a conversation with the girls and the guys next door, the guys wouldn't stop bad mouthing me. The girls all backed me up saying really nice things about me, they take my side. I'm just wondering why the guys are acting like this? The funny thing is the girls hate them so much now they covered the kitchen windows with plastic stuff so they can't wave them over while in the kitchen. 

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  • Girls, how comfortable would you be with a guy living in your all girls house?

    I had major problems with a guy in my last place and the landlord moved me next door to a all girls house. They already know the situation and said to move into the empty bedroom but really I'm sure they prefer it to be all girl place. 

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  • Advice asking a girl out?

    I really like this girl and I think she likes me too. Only problem is I can't work up the courage to ask her. She works at a subway and any time I go in to ask her there are customers or managers or she's not working. I could go through her friend who's also my friend but it doesn't feel right to do that. I'm so insecure about myself and she is very pretty. I've not been in a relationship for 7 years and never cared about being single till I met her. I'm struggling here 

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  • Housemate bolted the door and wouldn't let me in. I told the agency and they said they relocate me. But they gone silent after I told them?

    I don't think I'm a bad housemate. I honestly clean up after myself and once a week clean a room like kitchen, toilet or living room. I'm the only person who does this and I don't care or ever make a point about it, I just do it because that's how I lived independently. I don't get along with the guy, not into football or stalking girls 24/7 on tinder. Still I'm getting the blame for everything yet I'm not even there as I'm working from 11:30 to 22:30 6 days a week. I buy the toilet paper, hand soap, washing up liquid, sponges and everything for everyone to use. Still here's an example, I used the last dirty sponge which I bought to clean my bike and the guy called me a prick and I should think about others, it was late at night and I got more the next morning. 

    Ah I'm not happy. Last night he bolted the door shut and I couldn't get in, his doing this because he wants to be alpha male and I don't want to get involved and just ignore him most of the time. I thought it be okay I just stick to myself but bolting the door shut late at night after working a mental shift isn't something I can ignore. Are there any rules which he has broke? Even with the coronavirus lock down could he still be forced to go? 


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  • Trying to be friends with someone who seems to be getting bullied by others but the guy is such a struggle?

    It's like he now feels his in the position to bully me. I've already barked at two people who tried to put me down, I'm not a push over but this guy seems a Lil special. 

    Still there are times when he makes me question his motives and understanding. He got a new iPhone with an amazing camera, his taking pictures all over the place. I said ohh mate it be so cool if you leave your exposure on and keep the phone pointed at the stars, he just said nope. I'm trying to get him to take a picture of the sky and he just wouldn't. It's just weird so many times I just kept asking to take a picture of the stars and he just kept saying no, I asked why and he went silent.

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  • My ways seem dumb and people laugh at me, then go silent when I accomplish what I set out to do?

    Say for example fixing my bike. I use my bike a lot and had a problem with a stuck bottom bracket. To be honest the bike is worth its weight in gold for the amount of time I'm on it and was going to get a new one but thought I'd go mad trying to fix it. So cut off the chainset with a hack saw, smashed a screwdriver through to the other end then welded it to the inside of the bb and to the crank then twisted out and it worked. Oh sorry forgot to mention the driver side bolt seized in and nothing got it loose. Housemates laughing at me and I'm laughing back telling them the situation but they try to turn it to bullying. The bike is as good as new with every bearing and part replaced. Housemates then started laughing that it took about a week but it didn't, it took a week to get the parts I needed. 


    Not just my bike but everything in life. I wished people would leave me alone when I'm doing something because 9/10 I do accomplish what I need to do even if I have to go through crazy lengths. People always laugh at me and then they always go silent and start trying to dig at me anyway they can think of once I complete it. I took the bike to a few places and they said they could try but no promises and had to leave it there for 4 weeks. 

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  • Breaking through a sealed bottom bracket?


    So the hex screw to the crankset is rounded and I can't get it out. I have the other side off and can get to the bb from the left side. It all needs replacing so could I smash through the bb from the left and remove the crank set that way?? Thanks heaps

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  • Is this a good idea?

    I think the government should run a campaign getting people cycling instead of driving. Basically convince people to sell their cars and get a bicycle, show people how much they would save and benefit from the exercise. They should also provide deals on car rentals so people can always get a car of they needed. 

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  • The future of working from home maybe?

    Heya. Just wondering if your company is considering allowing employees to get work done from home? Mines saying that it would reduce office space 

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  • Cycling encounter?

    I'm fast at cycling even at my 40% effort into it. This guy overtakes at my 40% effort. We enter a cycle lane which has a barrier so no overtaking. He starts to slow and I can still go but no overtaking. 

    I notice with his gears that it's only the middle one he is using, I'm maxed out. My bike is heavy and probably in need of service, it's a hybrid trek ds1 2019. He had a very expensive racing looking bike.

    I took careful consideration to his gears he used the middle gear which looked the same as mine in size and then middle gears on cassette. This is weird to me because we were going quick, in years I've been cycling this guy is definitely quick. If I had a bike like that and used the toughest gears would I be quick quick?? 

    Unfortunately no real race happened. Oh and just remembered that his legs wasn't spinning as much as I know mine would have been if I went down a gear at that speed. Maybe gears wasn't same size but they really didn't look much different.

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  • Would it be insensitive to ask this Chinese girl why she speaks English so perfectly/posh?

    It's not a race thing I actually think she's cute. Her accent though is a full posh British accent. She looks fully Chinese but her voice sounds more like a multimillionaire snob. I'm just curious really. 

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  • How do weird people operate?

    Living with people for the first time as lock down has really hit me hard. Anyways I always clean up after myself and take everyone's rubbish out, never really bothered me just thought I'd might as well do it. 

    We have a cleaner that comes round once a fortnight and she does a great job. So this guy says to me that this is how he wants the house to look everyday and we all should make more of an effort. I said okay I'll take the rubbish out as I always do that anyways and I'd clean the sides and tables. He said that before the cleaner came it was me who left loads of mess out, I asked him what mess exactly and then some time later he said ohh I'm just saying this to everyone. Thing is its mostly his mess and dirty dishes absolutely none of it is mine, well apart from a mug I leave in the sink. 

    The same night he plays weird dance music in the dark and laughing like a nut case at his phone. 

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  • Feel like I'm about to snap at this guy?

    Constantly telling me what I should do. I'm sure in a week his told me about 20 times I need a new bicycle, the bike does need work but I explained to him I'm waiting for a certain shop to be open.

    It's constant everyday anytime I touch the bike or go out with it. The guy doesn't even cycle but apparently studied sports science at college. I've cycled all my life competitive,for work and for fun. A flat tyre means to him get a new bike.

    Not only the bike but shoes too. I have to justify every Lil thing like when my shoes/trainers get too worn down I get new ones but keep the old ones to wear around the garden.

    I'm shattered after a long day and sat on the floor in the kitchen waiting for the oven to heat up a bit. Had to justify that to him for like 10mins.

    I'm gonna snap at him I'm sure of it

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  • Is the movie iron sky meant to be a comedy?

    I had no idea of it was or not I see the fort bit assuming it was a serious movie and thought it was so bad it was funny, now I just been told it was a comedy. I only watched the first few mins

    Movies2 months ago
  • Could I use a card trick to ask a girl out ?

    I'm sure she likes me and I really like her but there's two things. First I'm scared and have no confidence and she's so pretty. Second ya I'm a deliveroo(courier) and she works at a restaurant, there's customers and other staff with managers. 

    I'm good with cards and could pretend like I just bought some for poker tonight. I could shuffle and play out whatever cards I want by cheating. Could write a message on a card, do a cool trick then play a card with my number on it to her but fold it and tell her to put it in her pocket then leave.

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  • What's the best way to deal with "you should" people?

    Like every word from this guy is you should get this or that or do this. 

    I've never lived with people before and this one guy is driving me nuts. For example my fitness and eating choices, I should eat more and I should buy better running shoes and I should join a running club and I should blah blah blah. 

    I just want to do my own thing. My own thing works for me. Everything is I should. I cycle too competitive and have a few bikes but like my hybrid trek to get around but I should use my racing bike. 

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