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  • Depressed and bored and for some reason feeling lonely.?

    I have high functioning Asperger's, so I'm used to cutting myself out of society as I have no enjoyment of being apart of crowds of people or being centre of attention, spend most my time doing physical activities like rowing, running, rock climbing around nature which I enjoy.

    but as soon as it gets dark and I'm indoors I just feel really down, lonely and bored, I assure you therapy isn't the route I need so I'm turning to yahoo answers for some constructive feedback, maybe it would help to find out some productive indoor hobbies to take up or something, I'm so bored I'm starting to enjoy washing the dishes,

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  • Hot and Cold Immersion?

    I do exercise but id just like to discuss and get your feedback on hot and cold immersion, cause i believe there is more to it then people think :S so I'm going to discuss my experience and leave some links.

    When we work out at anytime we work out the body's temperature is higher then its core temperature which in my opinion results in cardio health and heart health cardio Etc., have you ever been relaxed in a hot bath or sauna to only realise your heart is working as if you was taking a run? well the body is in the process of working out even though your relaxed and this is burning calories and weight, why do some people run with more layers on and wrap in Clingfilm to burn more weight? because it increases the body's temperature even more resulting in more weight loss, what about cold immersion? people who adapt to cold climates or immerse there body's in ice or even freezing cold showers the body then activates its brown fat and metabolism and uses all its energy to get the body back to its core temperature giving the metabolism a dramatic boost again weight loss, so I'm starting to believe even though exercise can build muscle and give someone extreme confidence and a good image is it actually the cause of burning weight and being in optimal health? in my opinion I don't believe so I've tried passive heating, extreme cold immersion and hydrotherapy a mix of both and I haven't felt better, I'm gonna leave some links below and any feedback or advice good or bad :)

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  • Help its urgent! I'm not ready yet?

    i.. i was walking to assembly today holding my girlfriends hand, and the teacher winked at me like go on son get in there, so i kissed my girlfriend on cheek and i think i might got her pregnant:s

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  • Just A Theory lol?

    So I'm a chef and I was in the kitchen and something just popped in my odd little head, Its about life haha, so anyway obviously bacteria gets killed when it gets to a certain temperature and it lays dormant when food is frozen and multiplies when room temperature, when a human body gets over a certain temperature it can die same as in freezing depths it shocks the heart, the world is situation between sun and moon earth is situation between average temperature, so my theory is humans are a bacteria growth of earth and we have all different forms of species due to climate change and temperature changes which react with chemical balances in the atmosphere which creates life, so I believe earth and all the planets and species came from a bacterial growth but grew in all forms of life due to different temperature and climate change if that makes any sense of all but yes was my little theory of the day, and technically when you think of the worlds actions its a living thing we cant detach from the world cause its our source to survive we need oxygen which we get from the planet we have bacteria and cells in our body's and maybe that's what we our to earth a bacteria growth on it or one of its cells lol we are human but maybe we are earth?

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  • Concerned with blood test?

    Had blood tests done other day and everything came back normal, apart from the liver function which I need to go back and repeat bloods in 6 weeks should I be concerned?

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  • Do you believe that if death didn't exist people would still believe in God?

    Or is it a comfort we have in our minds to hide the unknown fear, would people really care about religion if we didn't die, didn't have illness etc

    What makes you want to believe and why?

    Not being judgemental here serious question.

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality4 years ago
  • Work out issues!?

    Hello I'm 26 Male, Finding it very hard to get back in training, when I was 16-20 I used to spend 4 hours daily doing intense training routines, I recently started going back in my gym, I'm abit over weight now i did 30 minute cycle indoor with 3 sets of 20 sit ups and plank between each set and 3 sets of squats with jumping jacks between I feel seriously tired and worn out unmotivated I don't know if its cause I'm just getng back into the swings of things or my mind is just not in it anymore? finding it very difficult cause I want to do it but I feel bored of it like its a chore?

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