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  • Girlfriend keeps exposing best friend number?

    My girlfriend keeps sending me screenshots of her best friend number saying like oh look who texted me to apologize etc. she send me pictures with full access to number. She is constantly doing this? Is it normal? 

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  • Do you trust someone suddenly nice?

    My brother was incredibly rude to me growing up. He is 15 years older than me and very bitter and angry. He always acted like if he was superior to me and everyone else. As soon as he became unemployed, and I have a decent job he became the sweetest individual on the 🌎. A kindness that is not trustworthy. He started bribing me cake and would cook for me. The problem is as soon as we would talk, he would get straight to the do you remember that connection you had? Are they hiring at your job? I think he is trying to use and than trash me after he gets what he wants? What do you think?

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  • When someone is suddenly nice to you?

    I had a sister who was far from nice to me growing up. She was competitive and instead of encouraging me, she brought me down. After I got my job in marketing, she changed a whole lot. She showed interest in me a lot. Being extra smiley, bringing me home cooked meals, and treats. I don’t feel comfortable with all this. What do you think?

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  • Why is my uncle so rich and smart?

    Growing up I grew up with my uncle would always swim with me lol. He would take me to the store to buy stuff to make banana splits. We played basketball we make fire. However, he never told me he had a PhD in Accounting and has over 76 employees all the memories I have from him were eating ice cream lol. Why doesn’t he show off more?

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  • Nobody admires me?

    m 40 years old and work at a grocery store. My brother is 26 and is a civil engineer, we were given the same life. However, he made some better decisions than me. He gets a lot of respect from children and from far away family. Our nephews always ask him for letters of recommendations and advice and never me? Why? Why does this society work this way? I try giving me nephew a few hundred dollars and I still did not earn his respec

  • Brother more successful than me? Bastard ?

    I went to college and got a masters degree. My brother only graduated high school but his personality, humor, and kindness made him a top sales producer. So many girls wanted to be with him because he is funny and fun. I envy he earns more 3x than me over being funny and outgoing? Should I be mad?

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  • Father demands attention from my wife?

    My father is a narcissistic, I knew this even before I got married. He demands attention from others and praise. When fathers days comes around or his birthday he expects my wife to drop everything and to cater him. He forgets she has a father as well and she has a full time job. It doesn’t bother me if I visit my dad for Father’s Day and my wife goes with her father. If works in my marriage to allow my wife to not forget about her family. My father is angry about this. He wants my wife to drop everything and visit him only. Is this normal? Or am I stupid for allowing my wife to spend time with her father?

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  • I hide things from my father?

    My father is an awesome guy! There is only one problem we are equally driven but he won’t allow me to succeed without coming in between. For example, when I was younger I started freelancing. He started reading my notebooks and tried to start the same business as me which I found annoying. Now I do not trust him with my knowledge, I keep my college and business information away from him. Is this bad lol?

    1 AnswerOther - Family & Relationships6 months ago
  • How should I help my father mental health?

    My father has always relied on me on mental health. How should I deal and put up with him needing praise 3x a week? He needs to hear 24/7 that he has potential etc. Should I put reminders on the calendar? Sometimes we are having dinner and the moment I don’t praise him he gets sad. The moment I forget to praise he is sad for weeks maybe even months. How do I keep reminders?

    1 AnswerFamily6 months ago
  • My relationship with my father is broken?

    My father is a very demanding father when I got a boyfriend he was trying to force us to live in his back guest house so we can rent and give him $$$. I told him we will never rent it we are getting a small condo and he got extremely upset. I also started a business and told him he would not be included because I have the right to be on my own and he is very resentful. Everytime I won’t allow him to take he gets extremely angry. Now our relationship is broken because I stand up for myself. What do you think about him?

    2 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships7 months ago
  • My father and I do not click?

    My father growing up was the type of man who would tell me do this do that. For example, get a job at my company it’s the best company to work for and I said no. I did my own thing and boy did that offend him. I didn’t go work for that warehouse I went to college, my wife right now also went to college. He also wants me to shower him in presents and constantly baby him he is very draining and because I do not for that he judges me that I’m a peace of ****, greedy and stingy. I don’t want to live my life and become him I want to be my own person. What do you think of him?

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  • How to get along with girlfriends friends?

    My girlfriend who I love invites me to her friends parties and get togethers. When I met her female best friend it was a bit awkward at first best friend I caught her staring and me than looking away. After that, my girlfriend tells me her best friend asks about me several times during their alone times. Next, I see her again and as she was talking I stroked up a conversation with her and her best friend looked at me shocked and stared again I felt quite stupid so I avoided her. All the staring is making me quite feel like she knows something about me or what? What is your first instinct when a girlfriend friend stares?

    1 AnswerOther - Family & Relationships9 months ago
  • Why my father verbally attacks me?

    I’m 27 years old and I put myself through college I paid my own college. I got myself a decent job. I bought my own car and manage to pay my bills on time. Yet, my father when I talk to him he tells me I’m an idiot and don’t know squat for my age? He never went to college and worked at a warehouse his whole life. I truly don’t think I know it all but I have put in some effort in my life. I have at least tried. I have even managed to date someone who is working on her PhD. What is his deal?