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  • Would asking out my ex again, as friends, be okay?

    Me and my ex broke up a couple months ago and we both ended in good terms as close and good friends and since then, we’ve been talking, hanging out and just doing things as every friends would do. We’ve gotten to know each other much more and more close than when we first started dating from before, which I do regret because things between us happened so quickly and because of it, we fell off after a month. The thing was, before, she broke up with me because she said that she wasn’t feeling the same anymore and would be wrong of her to continue in the relationship when she wasn’t committed to it, whereas I did and still do love her. Now, we’re much closer and compatible with one another that I wish would’ve happened when we first started dating and that we’re more understanding and have built an overall strong bond and connection than before. I truly do still love her, I haven’t let go and gave up on her either but I was wondering if there would be any difference if I asked her out again sometime later on? Is it a bad idea to do it to my ex again? Or should I just stay in friends term with her? I need help and advice with this. Please and thank you

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  • My girlfriend broke up with me but still feeling so much for her?

    To start it off, on Saturday she wanted to a break as she needed to think and sort things out about herself and would tell me her full answer on Wednesday about whether she wants to continue the relationship or not. Fast forward now, she broke up with me as she didn’t feel the same as she did before and didn’t feel committed anymore and chose the decision to end our relationship and move on. We broke up in good terms though and accepted to be close friends. But somehow, I still haven’t let go and still do love her, the same way as I did before from the start. I know it sounds stupid as she doesn’t feel the same and for me to move on eventually, but I told her that I’ll wait for her when she’s ready again and told her that I still haven’t let go and haven’t moved on and that I love her. Am I wrong for feeling like this...? I wish I could get a second chance to do things the right and better way that I didn’t during the relationship... I just feel so lost and down... It affected me so much that I can’t even sleep properly, to the point of not even sleeping at all sometimes and not eating as much as I always do...

    I really just need help and advice from this point on but I haven’t given up on her at all and yet here I am, still having feelings to my ex, who doesn’t feel the same anymore...

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  • Skinny guys wearing tank tops?

    So I'm Asian, naturally skinny and have a crap ton of tank tops to wear, especially for the summer, but sometimes I feel insecure (yes I do have a low self-esteem on my body) about wearing one since all the white guys and white friends I know look so much more better wearing them than I do. What do you guys think about skinny people wearing tank tops? Does it look weird? Cringey?

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  • Does height matter in a relationship? What do you guys think?

    I'm currently 5'5'' and my girl is as almost the same height as me. For me, it does matter and always wished I was a couple more inches taller than her (my ideal height wold be 5'8" or 5'9" at least) and just not feel so "low and small" compared to other guys that stand beside their partners lol

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  • Attachment image

    Weird thing on my chest?

    I’ve had this thing on my chest ever since I had an open heart surgery when I was 3 months old but when I squeeze it, this “black” sort of like plaque would come out...? I’m guessing it’s bacteria but it’s almost gone but I was just never quite sure what it was in the first place

    (Photo included; also it’s red because I was squeezing it out)

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    Skinny arms issue?

    Weight: 105kg

    Height: 5’5”

    Age: 17

    People mistaken me for being “too skinny” when my arms are exposed from wearing a t shirt because of how my arms look, but really I’m not even skinny since my chest, and the lower parts of my body are literally lean with mass and fat.

    I’ve been working out and lifting for a month now to work on my body, obviously, but at the same time, I don’t get how and why my arms rarely get big or get fat even though I eat a crap ton (even exceeding my 2000 calories/day limit at times) and nothing changes at all.

    I know it takes time, but I just wanna make sure that my motivation and dedication for working out and keeping my body healthy won’t turn into a waste just because of my arms aren’t helping.

    Need help and advice. Thanks :)

    (Photo of my arm included at the bottom)

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  • I’ve always loved dancing and danced since I was a kid but suddenly just stopped?

    I know this is probably a stupid-unnecessary question to put up, but I guess I just want and need the advice on what to do

    I’ve been dancing since I was 7-8 years old and been dancing until I moved to a different country. Ever since then I haven’t continued nor been to anymore dance schools/academies and haven’t competed in any regional or national competitions. I regret not continuing it but wish to continue. What should I do at this point?

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  • Found out that the girl I like isn’t as religious as I am and my family?

    She was raised Catholic but she and her family are Agnostic whereas my family is very religious. Would this interfere or be a problem if we ever become a couple...? She totally understand and respects our culture though, I’m just not sure if it’ll be a problem that we’ll face in the future...

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  • Need help and guide for working out to a newbie?

    I’m currently in my 3rd year of highschool, and I’ve really been wanting to do fitness for myself but I always end up having no time to go to the gym and workout.

    Are there any specific workout routines I should do at home that’s superficial and beneficial for my body?

    I’m very underweight, weighing 105kg, skinny arms, barely any muscles, but I have more on my belly and my lower part of the body. I’m an ectomorph basically.

    I’m hoping to achieve a mesomorph-build by the time, or at least when I get into my last year of highschool, and continue on when I get to post-secondary with working out and getting fit.

    How many sets and reps of “what” I should do, and I focus a lot on eating high-protein foods so if there’s anything else like food or other workout routines I should focus and maintain, please send or lend me your ideas :) Thanks!

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  • Been dating someone for 2 years now but have developed feelings for another girl... ;-;?

    I’m dating this girl of mine who I’ve known for sooo many years and our relationship is really really healthy and good.

    The communication, support, love and everything is in there, no one has done anything bad to one another and she’s drop dead gorgeous, a very amazing girl and lucky to be with and am thankful for her.

    There’s this one girl in my classes, who’s also drop dead gorgeous and has many great qualities and I honestly thought she was those “quiet type of girls”. We finally talked that one time but the more I got to know and talk to her, the more we had so much in common and what we both like compared to my girlfriend where we don’t share much aspects of what I like...

    I really care for my girlfriend but I obviously don’t want to toy any of their hearts...

    I’ve been trying to ignore her and myself from being with her, but it’s hard since we talk most of the time now and how were almost always together, plus the fact that my girlfriend doesn’t know any of what I’m feeling towards her but I feel really something special with the girl I like..

    My girlfriend is a year older than me, so she is graduating this year, whereas I have another year with the girl that I like before we both graduate, and figured out that both of us are going to attend the same post-secondary school whereas my girlfriend is going somewhere else...

    I really need adivce on what to do, and what I think should “follow” for the best...

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  • PC freezing, crashing, and getting blue screen?

    A couple days ago (last Wednesday or Thursday night) my computer encountered a problem it never had before..

    I was playing a game during that time, and my PC started bugging and acting weird (my screen would freeze, weird jagged lines would come up and come out, then goes black for 10secs, then crashes/get blue screen saying: TDR_VIDEO_FAILURE ; nvldkm.sys <— something like that, and now it has gotten much worse last night because I can’t even get pss the log-in screen on my computer when signing in, or when everythig loads up after signing in, because my PC would freeze, turn black, blue screen, restart, then repears in that cycle, everytime I boot my computer up.

    Everything is updated in my computer. windows update, drivers, checked my ram/cpu/etc. for disk errors and whatnot, and it all came to nothing to no problems at all and any other else you may say, everything I’ve done is installed, updated, and I even reinstalled some at some point as well.

    I don’t know my my PC specs too well honestly. But I know that they’re old, except that I know I have a Windows 10 Pro, 64bit, and an NVIDIA GTX 260.

    I had an idea of maybe of reinstalling a fresh new Windows 10 installation through microsoft’s windows media creation tool and see if it’ll fix it.

    Please feel free to drop any ideas to do something with this. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  • Windows 10 “Why did my PC restart?” Loop after Resetting?

    I downloaded something online and got a ransomware virus named “GandCrab v5.0.4” and that I had the idea to reset my PC fresh to get rid of it. Everything went perfectly up until to the part where it heads to the set up with a blue screen and says “Hi there...” and on this part, you choose your language settings, time, and timezone before clicking next. But then whenever I click next, it takes me to the part “Why did my PC restart?” With thigs telling me to make sure my PC’s plugged in, connected to a internet connection, etc. (Which it is) then i’ll click next again, but it’ll restart to that same process over and over. I’ve been getting frustrated because I don’t know what’s causing it. It could be the virus, that’s why I said it up there first so that I can be sure that, that’s what’s causing it, or maybe some other things... Please help me, I’ve been getting frustrated with this since earlier this afternoon, and it’s almost night time already...

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  • Iphone 5S Issue...?

    Hi so this'll be a long story so please read this 'til the end and hopefully you can give me some advice or help. First, one night I was using my earphones listening to music. I started fidgeting around with like yanking it everywhere because the audio kept cutting off. The earphone jack started to bend (and you know what happens if you bend metal a lot of times, it'll snap/come off) that's what happened. The head jack of the earbud got stuck inside my audio jack inside my iphone. So now the only way I can hear audio is if I connect it into something else (via bluetooth). So then I did everything to try and get it off (using a paper clip and superglue and then pull out, etc. something like that). Then for some dumb reason, and I can't believe I did this, and I TRULY regret because I wont have my next phone upgrade until February 2018, I decided to physically hammer my way through to "try" getting the headphone jack out, but unfortunately I hammered way too deep inside and affected the whole phone. Now everytime I try to power it on, it wont turn on at all unless I connect it to my charger, which will light up the screen and turn on, but will forever stay in a "red low battery mode" and wont charge at all but just show the same screen over and over. I know I probably broke my phone, and that I'll have to live a full year without having a phone until I get my next upgrade next year, what shall I do? Living without a phone for a year is just crap. Hope someone could help. Thanks

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  • Which highlight is better?

    I'm a guy and have black hair. I was planning on getting my highlights. Should I get blonde or silver highlights? :/ Of course help, and advices or opinions are always appreciated ;) thanks :p

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  • Need help with WiFi...?

    So I recently bought a new router for my wifi. I got the D-Link AC1750 (or AC1900; can't remember which one was which because they look alike). And so then a couple days later, everytime I would watch youtube, play, or go on the internet, it would say no connection, or would just randomly at one point disconnects me to the wifi even though im still connected, and after refreshing it for 5 minutes, it'll be fine now. Though it ALWAYS happens and it's been so annoying lately because I thought I could have a better one with no issues, but turns out it made it worse. I'd appreciate any help. Thanks :p

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  • Which sounds better?

    So my friends and I have been debating with this, but do guys sound better when they sing like William Singe or when they sing like Alex Aiono? Just out of curiosity :pp

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  • Which one looks good on em?

    Do guys look good with white adidas superstars with black stripes or black adidas superstars with white stripes? :/

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  • Hair Highlights?

    I need help for which the best hair colour highlight would work for me. I'm a guy and have black hair. I am either going for a blonde highlight or light brown highghlight. I need help if there's any other highlight that'll look good on black hair or which one would be better if blonde or light brown would work. Thanks ;)

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  • Health and Sport related?

    So when I was born (2002) I had a open-heart surgery when I was like 4 months old and was in the hospital for a month or so. Im already 14 and my whole years I never got to tryout for any sports because they always told me not to exhaust myself too much or I might pass out or bad things may happen or my heart will get worse etc. I just wanna know if I can finally play soorts, its been so long and i actually wanna go and do something different. My only question is, am I allowed to or not? The sports im willing to try out is basketball, soccer or baseball. I meed help if I can actually play or still have to wait because im bored of just sitting around at home. I wanna do something different. Hopefully you guys can help me out, thanks :)

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  • Love Issue in High School?

    So, im 14 years old and grade 9. During the first few weeks of my highschool, I told myself to focus on studies and not get any crushes or gf's and whatnot. Then something weird happened. As I was walking by the hall, I notice this girl, and for some reason, my heart started beating so fast and I got an instant attraction to her. Now we dont know eah other so I didn't know what to do. Though, she's in grade 10 and a year older than me. Is it weird that I like a grade 10? I've always wanted to go talk to her and tell her I like her but its hard because she's older than me. Shes cute and hot (but she's not one of those "****-girls") She has the cutest smile and from what I see, she is very kind, quiet, chill and smart. I really want to talk to her but I dont know how to start a convo with her because I only get to see her twice a day because of different schedules. I really need help and advice. Anything'll be appreciated

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