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  • If a person that wants to date you doesn’t believe in God but you do?

    This Guy wants to date me and he says he believes in a higher power but doesn’t believe there is a God. He laughs when I talk about God and says God isnt real I refuse to be with someone I can’t talk about God to and feel like I have to walk on eggshells with. God says if your ashamed of me I will be ashamed of you. I told him it’s impossible for us to date if he doesn’t believe in God. I told him I feel like a line is being drawn between  us and his response was the line been drawing. He’s a good guy but what’s a Good guy without a foundation without Christ? It won’t last. Who’s to say if I date him pray he will or won’t change I can’t set myself up for failure. I think it’s best I just walk away from the situation. 

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  • Can I give my fiancé a idea of my engagement ring?

    I don’t want my fiancé to think I’m being bossy and I really want to trust his judgment but on the flipside of things I’m overly picky what if I don’t like the ring he picks out? Should I like anything he picks for me long as it’s real diamonds and lots of them? I prefer princess cut. I showed him what I like and his first words were “ wow how much is that going to cost” it pretty much really hurt my feelings him telling me whatever it cost I wasn’t worth the money. What he should have said is I will do my best to find what you want I will come close. That really hurt me inside and now I feel some type of way even bringing the ring situation up I feel like he may never ask me now. I’m just over it.

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    Long story but I’m going to make it very short please try to read in boyfriend tends to all my needs and is a sweetheart in all areas BUT sees me on the phone and he says with a very straight face is that a guy not joking at all...if it is don’t get his face smashed in...he said this about my teacher which is a male, my best friend which is a male, and guys that he thinks are flirting with me he sayis it’s to protect me like I’m a child. I slept over his house and I washed with one of his towels and later that day he called on video I noticed that he had the towel over his face i thought that was weird. He wants me to marry him but I see or is it? RED FLAGS don’t get me wrong he’s a really nice guy but sometimes does some wired stuff. I told him that I want to put our relationship on hold because I felt like he was rushing me and he was. He told me don’t drag me along if you do I will hate you for the rest of my life I never had a guy say that to me. He answered the phone for his ex which he evidently loved enough she begging him back but he said oh I don’t want you. I was confused as to why he told me that like it was going to make me jealous or rush to marry him. I confronted him about being jealous and he says oh if you believe any of that your crazy I never been jealous. He asked me to be with him yes or no I told him to figure it since he’s controlling...well he never said anything back to me. Am I wrong for leaving?

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    Me and my boyfriend have been friends first but messing around off and on for about 6years never in a relationship. He wanted to be with me but I was in a abusing relationship which ended and he was in a relation. He was ready for 6years to be with me but I wasn’t ready. He feels like he waited for years to be with me so I should basically do what he wants me to do. We recently started dating seriously for 4months tops...I live with my 19 son and 23 daughter and grand baby who’s 2 years old. He came to visit and now is coming over more often. Here’s the problem...he smokes cigs and weed ALOT. No one else smokes in the house. He says he’s very uncomfortable and feel restricted of what he can do here because he stays in my room and is unable to smoke in my house. I went and let down my guard down a bit and let him smoke in my bathroom a few times early morning because he says he can’t take a number 2without a cigarette I let him smoke in early morning since everyone is still sleeping. I told him to take a fan and spray freshener in there to keep down the smell. He went and had a conversation with his mom and she said if I loved him I would make it comfortable for him, she asked did I have a basement and why couldn’t he smoke down there...everyone in my home has clothing in basement and don’t want their clothes to smell like smoke and you can smell it through the vents. Am I wrong for not allowing him to smoke in house...what should I do?

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