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  • What would be a good default username for a PC resetup.?

    I work at a tech company and usually they put "Preferred Customer" as the default username for a Fresh resetup pc to sell to someone. I'm trying to think of a better shorter name to use as the default. I've thought of "User", "Admin", "Owner" "Dell,HP......(Name of PC manufacturer)". I don't really feel like these are professional or would make any sense to the buyer. Anyone got any better names?

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  • Which Inverter do I need to get?

    This one was the one I was going to get until I read one of the answered questions at the bottom. When asked why their laptop was making weird noises, the answer was b/c this wasn't a pure sine wave inverter and that over time it will destroy your laptop. I don't need my laptop to be destroyed by an inverter!!! The description says for laptops and it is the #1 best seller for inverters on amazon.

    I found this one as an alternative but I still can't figure out what sine wave technology it uses. I like this one b/c it puts out more wattage than the BASTEK, but I'm still really confused.

    In the future I plan to get a monitor or tv with HDMI so I can play my PS3 or so my friend could play his XBOX ONE in the car (not at the same time of course). So thats why I'm interested in a little more wattage, but I have calculated that the 300W one would be fine. So I just need to know which one won't blow up my laptop or our consoles and a TV.


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    How to remap a mouse (buttons)?

    The scroll button on my mouse is way to sensitive and there is no software setting to fix it, it's just the way the mouse was made. I need some software to disable forever the scroll button and remap it to the button beside the left click (see pic). Anyone know of some software that can do that.

    P.S. the mouse has no make or model #.

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  • Which GTA is best?

    First off I'd like to say I ALREADY HAVE GTA V AND IT IS AWESOME, but I want to know wich GTA 4 edition is the best. And by best I mean has the most features. there is the special edition and the complete edition. I want to know which one has the most stuff. I don't care about physical things that come with the special edition, All I'm going to buy is the disk and what comes with that only.

    I have a PS3.

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  • Which processor is best for Dell Dimension 4700?

    I have 2 processors picked out and i need to know which one will be the best. don't answer if all you are going to do is tell me how outdated my system is. I know its old but it was givin to me and it is very reliable. I have Windows 7 installed on it, a nice graphics card, and I'm getting 4GB of RAM soon. I just need to know which 64-bit processor is best for an upgrade.

    Processor 1: This one has 2 cores (even though the dell can only process one), 3.4GHz, and 800MHz bus speed.

    Processor 2: This one has 1 core but has 3.8GHz and 800 MHz bus speed.

    I love both of them I just need you opinion on the best.


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  • Which one is the best HDD config?

    I want the most inexpensive best HDD for personal use. I need it to be small and fast. I have two HDDs researched and I can't figure out which one is better. 3TB internal HDD with enclosure or 4TB portable. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    3TB HDD:

    ^^^ Enclosure:

    Portable HDD:

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  • Can dual core processors only use one core?

    I know this may seem like a stupid question but i have an older PC and it won't run with 2 cores. I had already picked out the perfect processor but it was dual core and then I found out that it wouldn't run with my PC. So I was wondering if my PC would limit itself to use only one core (half) of the processor. The PC is a Dell Dimension 4700.

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  • Can I download a PS3 game update from a PC and then transfer to PS3?

    I have a limited data plan for my internet at my house and i can't take the PS3 anywhere. So I need to download the NFS Most Wanted (2012) 1.3 patch update (2GB) from a PC then transfer it to my PS3 vita USB Drive. Is this possible? If so, where can I get the trusted download from?

    P.S. I am talking about the GAME UPDATE!!!! I already have the latest System update.

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    How do I add this space to a partition?

    I want to add the unacolladed space to the windows 8 drive. but when i right click on the windows 8 drive i can't add any space. help

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  • My Icons Keep Disappearing?

    I am the main user on my Dell Inspiron N5040 running Windows 7. Occasionally my mom gets on her account to do stuff. She doesn't log off so I check her account for anything unwanted. and I find that some of my application icon shortcuts are on her desktop. Since she won't use them I delete them. But when I go back to my account, the icons that I deleted from her account have been deleted from mine.

    I thought user accounts were like having different PCs inside one PC. this is very aggravating, how do I fix this?

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  • Why is my keyboard not working?

    I have a Dell Inspiron N5040 laptop and the keyboard suddenly stopped working. When I go into control panel, it says that the keyboard is present and is hooked up to the PC. I tried to update the driver and it is up to date, I uninstalled and then re-installed the driver and even put the driver and utility CD that came with the computer in it and still nothing. I have also downloaded driver scanners from the internet and they all say the drivers to all installed keyboards are installed and up-to-date. I've run out of options and need help.

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  • How can I transfer an OS from one HDD to another?


    I have a very old 2 GB HDD and I want to put the Windows 98 that is on that one on to my 40 GB HDD. I do not want to spend ANY money at all. so what is a FREE way to do this.

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  • My Camera won't charge?

    I have a Sanyo VPC-E1500TP and I just bought a new battery for it and the charger is bent a little. So I just want to know is there any thing I can do before I buy a new charger?

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