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I love animals; I have endless favorites including horses, wolves, warrahs, types of snakes and dogs, and so many others, but those are just the simple ones to list.

  • Do blue jays ever lay eggs during winter?

    From what I ve read, it seems that blue jays only mate and lay eggs in the spring and summer. However, part of a story that I wrote involves a nest of blue jay eggs being frozen over during winter. Would it be possible for a blue jay to lay eggs randomly during winter, or is it a totally stupid scenario? And if so, is there a similar bird that I can substitute in its place for the sake of the story??

    3 AnswersZoology5 years ago
  • Why can't I cancel my Hulu Plus subscription?

    When I made a Hulu Plus account, I entered my email and password and it already had billing information on it, so I assumed it was connected to my Amazon account with the same email (assuming I had one with that email). But when I tried to go to Amazon and cancel the subscription (as it told me on Hulu Plus), there wasn't an account with my email... I knew I had one with my 2nd email, so I logged into that one, but there weren't any Hulu subscriptions either... so I made one with the email on Hulu, but still no subscriptions appear... I can't figure out how to cancel it!!

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  • How to set dimensions on QuickTime Player screen recording?

    I've been recording my entire screen through QuickTime Player, but I realize that the larger the screen area is, the more disk space it takes up. How do you set dimensions for what part of the screen you'd like to record? Thanks! :)

    1 AnswerSoftware6 years ago
  • How to change Facebook privacy settings for PAGES?

    I want to change my privacy settings on Facebook to allow a page to see my name (for a drawing), but I do want to keep the general "Friends of Friends" setting for my posts/info/pics/etc... Is there any way I can do that, specifically?

    2 AnswersFacebook7 years ago
  • Help with hatching corn snakes?

    I understand that it is not uncommon to lose corn hatchlings. However, I'm getting paranoid as always. One of my more unfortunate clutches has 6 currently hatching. So far, 2 beautiful Kisatchie Anery (selectively bred Anerythristic) have popped out! However, my favorite seems to have died within a few hours of pipping. What's up?

    Let me explain a few things that may help in deciphering the cause. First, I check on them A LOT (every hour, almost). Too much moving? Also, the 6 good eggs are surrounded by eggs that are closely attached and have died (and accumulated mold) over time. Have they damaged that baby? And lastly, we slit open the eggs one week early, so did our early timing risk the babies (though I doubt it)? The other baby, Buzzard, looks great right now, though.

    Or is this just a random death and something I need to deal with? Thank you. :)

    1 AnswerReptiles7 years ago
  • What should I do about mold on my corn snake eggs?

    I have four (hopefully soon to be 5) corn snake clutches in an ExoTerra incubator. The first one is due on 06/22/13. It has half healthy eggs (about 6) and half collapsed, moldy eggs. The rest of the clutches have a majority healthy and one or two moldy. I keep them at 81 degrees with a normal humidity (slight condensation on the inside door, too).

    Do you think the condensation is causing the mold? Mainly, my question is: What do I do about this mold? I haven't been too worried because there seems to be a perfect seam between moldy and healthy eggs (it does not get on live eggs for me), but NOW it is beginning to go along the vermiculite litter in one clutch's bowl! Again, it is not along the healthy eggs, but it is beginning to surround them. It seems that only slugs get the mold right now.

    Will this affect the good eggs??

    3 AnswersReptiles7 years ago
  • BEST university and job opportunities in the US for animal sciences?

    I'd like to become an Animal Geneticist, but after looking at different US salaries and job opportunities, I'm also highly considering Animal Scientist, Animal Nutritionist, or Zoologist, with Animal Geneticist and Scientist being my top two choices.

    Can anyone give me an idea or a reference for the BEST university options in regards to course options, degrees, etc. for the careers above? The university just has to be in the US. You can give expensive and/or inexpensive options; I'm just looking for general ideas of education options.

    Additionally, can anyone tell me WHERE in the US are these animal science careers best applied and paid for? I've searched that WA and rural states like Montana and Wyoming (which I love) have the best yearly incomes for Zoologists but I'm looking for the higher careers as well (especially Animal Scientist and Geneticist).


  • Why/how do some snakes give live birth?

    To me, my egg-laying ball pythons and corn snakes seem just as much of snakes as my boa does; when I remember that boas give live birth, however, I keep asking myself a ton of puzzling questions. I've always just stopped myself from looking up the anatomical differences of live-bearing snakes from egg-bearing snakes, but could anyone explain WHY and HOW certain snakes give birth to live babies rather than laying eggs? Here are just a few of the questions I've wondered before:

    - Do these snakes have reproductive organs similar to mammals?

    - If the above answer is yes (or not), do the snakes have different hormones than normal (i.e. estrogen if that's only in mammals)?

    - How do snakes detach umbilical cords and/or clear afterbirth?

    - Since snakes are ectothermic and can't regulate their own body temperature, does having live babies inside them heat them up? I know that pregnant women are supposed to have increased temperatures; do the active snake infants do the same or does it not affect the cold-blooded snake?

    - Is gestation longer with this method? Since the snakes are still developing in their egg once laid, is gestation twice as long since they're inside the belly until birth?

    - Are there any complications with birth (i.e. coming out tail first and ending up breathing fluids before fully leaving the mother)?

    - Or am I over-thinking this process and it's actually just the same as eggs but they don't leave the mother?

    I know this is kind of an in-depth topic, so if you have a web link you can direct me to, that'll do! :)

    3 AnswersZoology8 years ago
  • What is that square chewy candy?

    What is that square candy that looks like Starburst but is kind of firmer? They are very thin, individual, and seem to usually be grape. They're like Halloween filler candies that nobody ever knows the name of... I handed them out just this past Halloween with a bag full of other common candies such as Dubble Bubble. It's driving me insane. I've always seen them but I can't remember the name.

    2 AnswersOther - Food & Drink8 years ago
  • How to bypass admin password on Windows 7 AND system 5 error?

    So, here's the thing. Some stupid guy put a fake Windows 7 copy on this computer, and it's impossible to download anything, manage accounts, or even access certain programs due to the administrative account having a password HE made. Apparently nobody ever got the password and now I'm stuck trying to hack it. (The user is called Mason.)

    I've tried all the hacking and bypassing I know of (and could Google), but so far nothing's worked. I tried the "regedit" method when on Safe Mode, but that had errors. I also looked up how you somehow make sticky keys turn into a shortcut for CMD when on the login screen, but I wasn't sure how to do that. On the CMD in Safe Mode, when I try putting in "net user Administrative 1234567890" or "net user Mason *" which gives me the "enter a password for this user" option, it all leads to (you guessed it) System error 5.

    Basically, most hacking options work until I get to the end product and it's ALWAYS System error 5 occurring. Now, I could use normal methods of getting past System error 5, but as far as I know it's impossible without (you guessed it again) administrative powers.

    So is there some possible way to get past "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied." without administrative privileges? If so, that will lead me to bypassing the admin password. Any helpful tips on doing that would help too, so I don't waste time on failing methods.

    If there's no way to get past this conundrum, is it because the not-genuine copy of Windows 7 screwed it all up? Thanks in advance.

    1 AnswerSecurity8 years ago
  • How will a gunshot flesh wound heal on a canine?

    I'm writing a novel. In this one, a type of canine gets a flesh wound across her left hind leg. The only gunshot wound information I can find similar to this pertains to humans, and I'm not sure if it works the same way. I have not yet decided what type of gun the bullet was shot from (considering it's from a fellow canine's point of view, and they don't even know what guns are), so you can go ahead and choose some basic hunting gun a person would keep to veer off unwanted animals.

    So, here are some questions:

    *How long would it take for the flesh wound to heal completely?

    *What type of scar would it leave?

    *What are the stages of healing for this? Meaning, how would it look the next day, a few days later, then multiple weeks later?

    *What would be the consequences of it? Just trouble walking, then soreness, then it's healed?

    And additional info:

    You choose the gun.

    It was shot from a distance, hence the off aim, as well as only grazing the surface of her leg, but it was enough to cause a flesh wound. No bullet remains in her flesh.

    I don't want her to be incapacitated (as far as mobility goes) for more than two weeks (with several more weeks for it to heal; the first week or two can be the brunt of it), so I'd like the wound to be quite superficial.

    The type of canine is called a warrah, which is mainly a mix of a wolf, fox, dog, and coyote, so for anatomy, think of a large, yet lanky coyote.

    2 AnswersInjuries8 years ago
  • Why does my corn snake stay in her waterfall?

    No, she's not shedding, firstly, nor is she constipated, unhealthy, or of a questionable breed. This is a snake with several weird quirks. She is a female Hypomelanistic Bloodred corn snake, of about average age and health, though much thicker than the other female she shares a tank with. I put a medium-sized Exo Terra waterfall in the corner of their tank. Stryker (that's her name) practically lives inside the base, and I'm not exaggerating. She knocks all the water out as she fits her fat self inside, curling up in the base and, often in the process, disrupting the pump and the waterfall itself. To avoid the pump burning up from lack of water, I have to completely fill it everyday, which is more frequent than normally necessary. It's really odd, and often (not only when I'm cleaning the waterfall, but also when we're checking on Stryker, feeding her, or just taking her out) we have to pry her out. After this, she simply curls back inside unless we place her in another hiding spot, which she uses for a while (no more than an hour, usually), then moves on to the waterfall again. This seems extremely weird to us, considering Champagne (other snake) only uses it for appropriate purposes, then goes off on her own. Is this normal?

    I'm partly asking because I've noticed she has other quirks. Champagne acts like a normal corn snake, whilst Stryker does the waterfall thing and shakes her tail like a rattlesnake at times. It's not just Stryker, because the Hypo Bloodred baby at the pet store does the same thing, though the rest of the corn snakes don't. Are they a peculiar hybrid?

    Lastly, it's not only the waterfall, it's water in general. She prefers the constantly running waterfall, but there's also a water dish she used to perpetually soak in. At first, she didn't like water so much, but when shedding, she soaked a lot. After shedding, she stayed in the water. We knew this was all normal. Then, after a while, she got over it, but now with the waterfall, she's back with the water habit. Help?

    3 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • Where does Ariana Grande have live chats?

    I have seen so many videos on YouTube of Ari Grande doing uStream chats, but under what official username? She tweeted yesterday about hosting a new live chat today, so quick answers are appreciated. :)

    Celebrities9 years ago
  • How was America in the early 1900s?

    Below is a rambling mixture of my assumption (for you to correct) and more about my overall question. If you'd like a quick question to answer: How exactly was the daily lifestyle and economy, politics and events, and overall setting like in America? As for a US state in particular (considering I need this info for a story I'm writing), you don't have to explain one, but if it's easier, my story setting is explained somewhat in the paragraph below this.

    Pretty vague question, I do understand this, but I'm desperate to be sure that my perspective of the early 1900s, US, is correct. It's literally three o'clock in the morning and I have to inspiration to write one of those old Edgar Allen Poe short stories with the depressing, foggy scenes and the clap of horses' hooves . . . . The intro would develop into a mysterious, suspenseful scene with the horseback rider bearing important news. The story would turn out to be adventurous.

    In my mind, if the setting is in the USA, about 1908, then the government shouldn't be much different from today. Woodrow Wilson (I think) would be president currently, monetary value would be different, the economy and lifestyle of America would be changed (of course), and people would be more vintage, however. I do realize 1908 is hardly over a century ago, but I know citizens spoke with much more respect for the English language, and talked more carefully, logically, and elegantly. Contrarywise, I also know that there was lots of country slang and extremely uneducated people in the rural, farm-like parts of the US then. See, I'm very conflicted.

    You don't have to give an in-depth history lesson, nor do you need to tell me how to write my story; I'm only asking for advice on how to write about this time period accurately. :) Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersHistory9 years ago
  • How can an amateur writer publish their first book?

    I'm a young writer and my new year resolution is to publish a book I've been working on for a while. I believe it's good, but I'm an amateur nevertheless and I'd like to know what the basic steps to publishing a book are. I'm under 18, but there aren't age restrictions for publishing material, right?

    Secondly, what publishing company is ideal for me? My book is an animal fantasy fiction. It's along the lines of books from authors such as Kathryn Lasky and Erin Hunter. It will be my first finished book, but I'm working on several different genres. The book is fully kid-friendly and I feel like it would hit the same age viewers as those authors' books.

    Help and advice? Thanks in advance.

    8 AnswersBooks & Authors9 years ago
  • If a police officer becomes a PI, would they keep their office?

    Okay, quick question that I'm a little confused on. If the police department supplies a police officer with an office then they become a private investigator, would they keep their office though the PI is self-employed?

    This is for a story I'm writing. I would also like to know a little more about New York (New York City and Brooklyn to be exact; that's the setting.) and modern-day private investigators and detectives.

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police10 years ago
  • Does anyone have a Diamond Apple for sale on Howrse?

    I can send objects, access the auctions only, and I have over 10,000e!

    I really want one!

    Check my presentation for details...

    Hypnotic's Stables

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games1 decade ago
  • What's a good way to take care of 2 soft-shell turtles? I need the tank size and tips on multiple turtles.?

    I have two baby soft-shell turtles. I know they're aggressive and prefer to be solitary, but a lady gave them to me in a pair. And I don't have room to put two tanks in.

    What's a good tank size to put them in? Another few things are... Turtles tend to grow with their habitat, right? So if I don't get a really big multiple-turtle habitat, and just a large one, they could adjust, huh? And that if I monitor their actions and make sure they don't hurt each other/get the minor wounds healed, they could leave in peace, right? I mean, breeders have to keep them somehow. And they wouldn't be cramped, at all.

    So basically, I need a recommended tank size for two baby soft-shell turtles to grow in, and advice on how to keep them together and safe. Help?

    2 AnswersReptiles1 decade ago