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  • Removing "bad" accounts DROPPED credit score... ?

    I am baffled by this strange phenomenon. About 3 or 4 years ago, I consolidated all of my student loans. Long story short, there were a lot and they were in terrible shape... the usual story.

    Again, consolidated all of them into one lump sum and have been making on time payments via an income based repayment plan. Credit has been steadily building, all good.... until today. 

    Now all those "bad" loans, defaulted/charged off etc. were closed, because they were consolidated. Of course they lingered on my report, but that's normal. 

    What is puzzling me is, they "dropped off" or were "removed" today... and you would THINK, that would be a great thing. But for some reason it DROPPED my score... I mean tremendously. Like 75 points, which is HUGE. 

    Now if these were long standing credit cards, or loans that were in GOOD standing, then obviously that would be bad. Kind of like, when you refinance a car, long loan drops off, new loan goes on (likely a credit inquiry) drops a few points and will bounce back in a several weeks or a few months tops. Same with when an old credit or loan is closed be it paid off or just not needed anymore. Little drop, bounces back semi-quick. No big deal.

    But this---- this is utterly confusing me. Why did removing BAD accounts, DROP my credit score?? Is this going to "bounce back"?? If so how long will it take? By the way, this could NOT have come at a more inconvenient time. My lease is up and I need to move by Sept 30th. NO time for this nonsense.

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  • How to count Calories in multi-ingredient recipe AFTER cooking?

    For example, a basic meatloaf. 

    The calories in the raw ingredients are different after cooking. Like say, 2 lbs raw ground beef and 1 diced onion. Obviously the spices probably don't change much after cooking, and maybe things like the ketchup, mustard, Worcestershire etc. also don't change much after cooking (or maybe they do, I don't know), but the ingredients that do change after cooking, is what is baffling me.

    It's really easy to just measure/weigh all the ingredients out raw and then divide that by the serving size you have--- but who eats a recipe raw??

    Am I over thinking this? Is the difference in calories between the raw recipe and the final cooked product a negligible amount, or is the difference serious enough I should be doing more calculating?

    If so, how would I do that? I can't separate the ingredients after cooking and figure out the new individual totals. So--- how do you calculate calories in recipes with multiple ingredients that  (may) differ after cooking?

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  • Mortgage + Debt to Income Calculator Confusion...?

    Is there a way to figure out a rough estimate on how much you might be approved for for (mortgage)? I can figure out what monthly mortgage payment I can afford every month. I mean, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to add "hidden" expenses like home insurance, taxes, PMI, utility bills and normal monthly expenses you already have vs how much you bring home a month. 

    However, I have $80K worth of student debt. I imagine that would have a BIG impact on the total I get approved for. But I don't know HOW that is calculated into everything. 

    I keep my credit card payments very low and pay them off in full every month. Never missed a payment on my loans or cards. 

    My gross annual income is about: $41K 

    Other monthly costs: $1,200*

    *this includes, Rent, Car payment/ Insurance, All Utilities but nothing else. I also pay approx $200 on things like groceries and other necessities per month if you think that should be included somewhere. ( I think it should but those calculators never seem to have a place for it and some even say not to include "necessities"...which baffles me).

    I work from home and live alone so, no commute costs or extra mouths to feed and am very conservative by nature.

    Last I checked, my credit score was above 690, only because I recently refinanced my auto loan it took a hit, so hopefully, in 3 to 6 months, I should be back into the low -mid 700 range again. Not the best but not the worse.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read / answer!

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  • Job hunt during depression, advice?

    How do you get a job when you have NO interest in anything at all? Believe me, I -wish- I could even just -like- something... but I don't. I have lost interest in truly everything and it has made me bitter. This is not meant to be a pity party. I'm not here for attention but honest opinions.

    I also find it important to note I am 31 years old, and have been (trying to) dealing with this since I was about 10... no offense to minors or college kids who are struggling (I was there at one time too) but I'm not a "young" adult anymore.

    For ME, the phrase "It gets better" is not a reality. I have tried healthy diet and exercise. I went from nearly 300 lbs down to 105 lbs(I'm only 5' 3" that's healthy weight) over the course of 3 years...but that did NOTHING for my depression.

    Over all these years, I have tried to be spiritual, I tried natural and prescription meds, and psychologists, group therapy all to no avail.

    Right now, I am out of a job. So even if I wanted to "get help" I have no way to pay for it. Logically I know I NEED a job, but the mere idea of even TRYING any job causes anxiety because I can't stand anything. The idea of doing something I hate concerns me because I worry it will irritate the depression and put me on a fast track to a mental breakdown, yet if I don't get a job I'll lose everything (what little) I have. I feel like either way, I'm fighting a losing battle. Either lose now or lose in the long run. What is a person in my position -capable- of doing?

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  • Ways to distract yourself when depressed and on a tight budget?

    A list of hobbies and interests are worthless when you suffer from depression, which I do. Believe me, if I was capable of regaining interests or hobbies, I would LOVE to do that. It doesn't work that way.

    That said, any ideas on how to kill boredom when you suffer from depression? I can't force interests in anything (that backfires, believe me, I've tried).

    The only thing I am capable of doing, is creating distractions to deter from boredom. Extreme distractions... like, walking around NYC or Vegas where you're surrounded by flashing lights, lots of traffic, and basically overwhelmed with abundant visual... stimulation? Or an amusement park with lots of rides and other entertainment around every turn.

    Unfortunately, I'm a server at a simple chain restaurant. I can't afford to travel and I live in a VERY boring (rural) area.

    Walking around this place increases my depression because I can't stand this place... so "exercise" is actually UNhealthy for my mentality as it makes matters worse.

    Again, I can't afford to travel (I have no car/licence either) and looking at stuff online just isn't the same. I can't afford health insurance, and I can't afford to even go to Social Services to get assistance...

    I've tried mediation, tried to take the religious route, tried to be healthy (I succeeded, went from 300 lbs down to 105 lbs in 3 HEALTHY years, at 5' 3" that's healthy for ME)... But physical health did nothing for my mentality...

    Any ideas?

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  • How long should I wait to take something else after pseudoephedrine?

    I went to get my prescription at the Pharmacy today (Phentermine 37.5mg) and while I was there, my pharmacist noticed I was very stuffy and congested. I mentioned how the "old" Sudafed no longer exists and she corrected me. Apparently it is still made, it's just keep behind the counter for some reason.

    In any case, she gave me one that lasts for 12 hours, which at the time, I thought was a great. Take it once or twice a day and be DONE with it.

    I took the first dose and waited... and waited.... and waited some more, all the while my symptoms are getting worse and worse, despite all the usual remedies: drinking hot tea/chicken soup, hovering over a pot of boiling water for the steam (Using caution of course!) taking hot shower to get the benefits of the steam effect etc. By this point nearly 3 or 4 hours has gone by and my nose is now SO clogged and stuffed up, the pressure is effecting my ears to the point they're not just clogged, they're a bit achy. I can barely hear, obviously can't breathe through my nose AT ALL, so I've had to breath through my mouth, and now my throat is so dry it feels raw and scratchy where as before I had NO issues with my throat, now it's becoming a bit sore.

    If the pseudoephedrine is truly having NO effect at all, do I really NEED to wait the full 12 hours before I can take ANYTHING else? There's no way I can sleep like this and I don't have "sick days" at my job. So I can't even go to my doctor, which I pay for out of pocket (no insurance).

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  • Is there any real estate site that lets you search entire countries?

    For example, more than just a few zip codes in just one city in the USA.

    I have nothing tying me down to any one particular area or region, so it d just be nice to be able to do a wider search.

    All I ever really find are little articles about "Most affordable US cities to live and work in" and similar blurbs etc.

    I d even settle for something that could search one (ENTIRE) state at a time... preferably a state larger than Rhode Island.

    Closest thing I can come to is some search engines provide an option in their advanced search settings where you can choose to expand your search area to like 200 miles out and such... but it s never the extent that reaches coast to coast.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

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  • Laptop Internet connection not working.?

    I can not figure out why my laptop can not connect to the internet. The browser message says the DNS network isn't working. When this first happened, the network sharing center showed that the pc to router connection was fine, the wireless network was fine and the connection to the internet was fine, but the internet itself at the end of the line was greyed out.

    When i had windowd try to diagnose the problem and it said that the internet service was down and to call the provider. This isn't uncommon so i let it go and decided to wait and see if the problem would resolve itself...

    However, when i went downstairs to watch tv, my phone got one of its usual updates via wifi, and it uses the same network my laptop does. Both my housemates are online and can connect to the internet just fine. And i am using my phone to get online now, so i know the internet is working and the wireless router must be working.

    So i tried my laptop again.i had windows try to diagnose the problem again and it made things worse. When windows tried to "fix" the problem suddenly the router connection went down and that greyed out the network, which is now "unidentified" and it made the network to internet connection go down, and of course the internet is still greyed out.

    Windows is now insisting the problem is the router, that i need to reset the router. However the router is not the problem because every other device in our house is picking up the signal just fine and every other device is connecting to the internet just fine. Even my laptop can see the network and it has a strong signal strength etc. However even when it is "connected" to the network, and its a strong signal, it says the router is the problem and shows the network greyed out and "unidentified".

    I even did a system restore just in case i somehow messed up the settings when i tried to let windows fix it. And it had no effect. Any idea what might be wrong?

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  • US Citizen Rights, Laws and Lawyers Abroad?

    If a person from the USA is arrested in a foreign country, how would they go about getting a lawyer? As far as I know, here in the USA, lawyers get State licenses. So they can only practice in the State they are licensed to practice in. Some have licenses in more than one state, but the most is usually 3 (which is rare).

    So if a US citizen is arrested outside of the USA, who would represent them in court/trial? Would they have to get a lawyer in the country they were arrested, or does someone else from the USA step in?

    Also, is there a general answer to this? I just used the idea of the person getting arrested as an example. Could be anything.... such as, setting up a small shop in another country and someone trying to sue them for selling cheap/harmful products. Just a general sense. If a US citizen is summoned to court outside the US, do they have any rights, or are they almost always completely in the hands of the legal system of the country they're in? And if they do get represented by someone from the US, is that person a "Lawyer" or are they a different type of legal representative? Or, if they aren't represented by someone from the US, do (most?) foreign countries have lawyers who specialize in foreign cases who go to court for foreigners and such?

    Sorry if this question is confusing or not specific enough... I'm just looking for a general idea of what happens. I write fictional novels and would like some legit feed back, I certainly hope to never get in any legal trouble here in the USA or abroad.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Digital Artist looking for new Laptop?

    I need some advice about what laptop i should buy.

    I am definitely a PC person so I do NOT want a Mac.

    Speed is everything to me. More than anything i hate when I am working on a program and it freezes, or takes forever to load changes. I am an artist so I work a lot in programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design etc. I also really love to do Video Editing in my spare time.

    I am a freelance artist and most of the time, I will go to my clients, not vice versa. So it's important i have a laptop because I need something portable ((so light weight would be a plus)).

    I like to run multiple things at once, I'll be working on an art project in one program, editing a video in the other, talking to friends via instant messenger, and usually have about 3 internet windows up ((one for music, like Pandora, one for emailing back and forth which i do a lot, and one more for casual browsing)).

    Again with speed--- I hate restarting or shutting down because it takes forever. Many years ago I used to have a Dell Inspiron B 120 and i LOVED that laptop. It could shut down and restart in like 30 seconds flat! And that was back in 04'...

    Also... is there ANY screen for a laptop that doesn not drastically change when you look at it from different angles? As in... with desktops, the screen hardly changes at all. I'll be sitting to the left or the right and the whole thing will never "black out" or do that "lights to darks" thing like most laptops. So is there any screen out there for laptops yet that provide the same consistency? I ask this because often times I'll finish an art piece and it will look fine on my screen, but when I look at it on another computer, i'll see the "true colors" or when I print it, it will look different etc.

    More importantly... BUDGET: $1000 - $1200 is my max. Also, my dad gave me a $200 gift card to I would REALLY like to use that toward my new laptop. So if you could suggest something i could get on that site, it would be very helpful.

    Any advice would also be helpful. Like if you can tell me how much "CPU" or "RAM" i need... or if what i need is a good video card... or any of that stuff. I'm clueless on that stuff. I know what i want in a computer, but i never know the technical terms for it. Whenever i'm working in a program that slows up, it usually says "memory" is the issue. Whatever i'm doing apparently takes up a lot of memory... so what is "memory"? Is that CPU, or RAM, or something completely different? And how much would i need in my laptop to prevent it from freezing (as often) etc.

    My one friend suggested I look into getting an Asus laptop. I have not heard much about those, but the little i have heard is usually good or average. I've always heard great things about Sony laptops, but I'm weary of them due to my price range. The last leptop i had was an HP and i refuse to ever buy HP again ((obviously, did not have good experience with that one)). I loved my Dell laptop but I've heard so many mixed reviews with Dell I don't know what to think.

    Hopefully all that info will make it easier to help me decide what's best for me... sorry if it was too much to read.. i just wanted to be as detailed as possible so i could get serious answers and better chances of getting what's right for me.

    Thanks in advance to all who read and respond to this!

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  • Any other networks use GSM? I have a new phone and NEED a new company?

    A few months ago, I got the new Sony Ericsson Satio phone. I really like the phone and want to keep my phone... but i HATE my phone "service".

    I am with AT&T right now and I can't stand any of the plans they offer. The only other company i know of that supports my phone is T-Mobile. And I've had T-Mobile in the past and was very displeased with their service.

    The Sony Ericsson Satio uses a simcard and currently works on the GSM network (which is what AT&T and T-Mobile use). I've heard of people "unlocking" phones to get on the GSM network but can that work vice versa?

    Can I "unlock" my phone so I can get service through Sprint instead? Because I used to have Sprint and it was GREAT service. I always had a signal where ever i went, and I love that i could just go into a store and pay my bill on the machines without having to wait in a tedious long line where every person has to ask a million questions when all i wanna do is "get in and get out".

    Or... is there any other companies in the US, that would support my phone? My contract is almost up and i REALLY rather not have to be stuck with AT&T. And i don't want to have to get a new phone.

    Thank you!

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