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  • Is there a way to stay on my parents health insurance past 26?

    I'm about to age off my parents insurance and it looks like Trump isn't gonna let Obama care be around. My parents can pay to keep me on, but only for a year and it's really expensive. Is there a trick or something I can do to stay on?

    7 AnswersInsurance1 month ago
  • Can I use isothesia to euthanize my rat?

    My rat is at the end of his life and he needs to be put down. However because of fires I cannot get to my vet. I do not want to use CO2, I have seen rats put down that way and I would rather use something else. Halothane can be used but I can't buy any here. Will isothesia work? Just let him go to sleep and then keep it going till he leaves.

    3 AnswersRodents3 months ago
  • Book where a fire destroys a town?

    I'm looking for this book I read, I can't remember what the title was or who the author is. I'm nlt sure I even remember the plot.

    Some key points where:

    A fire destroys a bunch of houses

    People barely make it out

    On kid goes back into the burning house to get his brother's ashes

    His brother died from AIDS

    I think there was either a litter of puppies or kittens that someone rescued?

    I also think the kid that went back for his brother's ashes dies and we read his POV as he dies?

    It may have taken place in America? I think California was the setting but I may br wrong.

    Books & Authors3 months ago
  • When you spay an animals, does it go through menopause?

    Like when a human is spayed, they go through menopause. Is it the same for other animals like cats and dogs?

    3 AnswersCats11 months ago
  • Is there a way to get a species prohibition in a state removed?

    Currently burmese and reticulated pythons are banned in Montana. Is there a way I can petition for them to be allowed? Also, what about hybrids? Ball pythons are allowed here, but what about burmballs?

    4 AnswersReptiles11 months ago
  • Is being able to play a song in your head after seeing the song title normal?

    I dont mean like a song gets stuck in my head, I mean if I've heard the song more than once, I can play the entire song in my head. No fast forwarding or anything, completely in time. I'll browse though my song list on my phone and have each song opening play in my head for a few seconds before I move onto the next song.

    I can do that with voices as well? If I hear someone's voice more than once I can immediately copy it down into my brain and use their voice in my head.

    I dunno. Is that normal?

    1 AnswerLyrics1 year ago
  • How soon after hatching should I separate my California kingsnakes?

    Eggs hatched last night, two out of the nine baby snakes are out. When should I separate them/put them in their own bins? Kingsnakes do eat each other and I d like to avoid that

    1 AnswerReptiles1 year ago
  • Best way to keep sulcata tortoise in winter?

    I have a sulcata tortoise (a rescue I wasn't planing on making. He spent the first couple days in my bathtub). He has finally reached the size where he needs his own shed/yard. I live in Montana, where winters can reach -50°f and rarely goes above 35°f. i have a general plan to get a 12x12 insulated shed and heat it with a small space heater along with heat lamps and sun lamps. . . but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

    1 AnswerReptiles1 year ago
  • Can I feed my ball python frog legs?

    My young BP only ate live when I got him from a breeder. I was able to switch him over to f/t but I moved and he wont eat. It has been several months and he has lost weight. I have some ground up frozen frog legs I bought from a snake food store. I got them for my grey banded kingsnake baby, and she doesn't need them anymore. Can I take the ground up frog legs and make them into a smoothie and syringe feed him? I've tried tease feeding and he wont take it.

    3 AnswersReptiles1 year ago
  • Is my California kingsnake an albino or a lavender?

    I got this snake second hand from someone who didn t really know much about him. They told me he was an albino (he has red eyes) but I think he looks kinda like a lavender. Anyone have an idea?

    2 AnswersReptiles1 year ago
  • Attachment image

    Snake Boob Egg?

    My California kingsnake laid 9 eggs and one has a boob on the bottom. It didn't have it when laid and has gotten more defined over time. Eggs are 11 days old. Is there something I should do or do I just leave it?

    1 AnswerReptiles1 year ago
  • Where is the country from country songs?

    I was born and raised in the deep south and country music wasn't all that common. I now live in Montana and country music is everywhere. Only in the songs they always sing in a southern drawl and talk about Georgia red clay or Louisianan food. So the west plays country songs singing about the south but the south doesn't play much country music. . . what is going on? Is the country in the south or in the middle of nowhere like Montana/Wyoming/Dakotas? Where most of the cowboys are.

    2 AnswersCountry1 year ago
  • Are venomous snakes more temperamental than non-venomous snakes?

    I've seen videos of people who own venomous snakes and handle them, and they seem a little more trigger happy than non-venomous snakes. Is it because venomous snakes aren't handled as much or are they just more temperamental?

    7 AnswersReptiles1 year ago
  • When will my call king lay her eggs?

    My call king locked for 3 hours 33 days ago. She stopped eating and has large scale spread. She shed 5 days ago and was pacing all day yesterday and is now in her lay box. Is she going to lay soon?

    1 AnswerReptiles1 year ago
  • Is there an illness or disease that causes anxiety and panic attacks?

    Like where anxiety is a symptom, not a diagnosis?

    2 AnswersMental Health1 year ago