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  • What are some songs with fake bird sounds?

    Hi! I do a fun thing sometimes where I'll make a playlist based on some criteria, like "every song named 'she'", or "songs whose title contains the word 'shuggie'".

    However recently I came up with a list premise that was really hard for me to google songs for. The title says it all, really "Songs that evoke bird sounds using anything other than birds"

    For example, the song "Monkey Island" (

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    ?t=314), by The J. Geils Band. It has a part in the song that goes "The birds all started screaming" followed by what I assume to be an electric guitar slide. Another example would be "[If I Were A Rich Man](

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    ?t=110)", by Chaim Topol (or any variation of it), where he describes his ducks and chickens as "squawking noisily" and then imitates them.

    Here are some other examples:

    "Duvor" (

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    ?t=44) - Movits!

    "Fichtl's Lied" (

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    ) - Die Woodys

    "Bibi-Hendl" (

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    ) - Takeo Ischi

    Of course, the boundaries can be stretched a bit. For example, in "Oslo in the Summertime" (

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    ?t=48) by of Montreal, one can interperet the chorus as being an imitation of birds, although it is arguable. The line preceding the first instance of it is " ...sea birds and with crows all cackling".

    In any case: Please help me find some more songs that have elements of bird imitation!

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  • Is Coffee Soup?

    Soup is defined as: "a liquid dish, typically savoury and made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables etc. in stock or water"

    Coffe is liquid, and made by boiling the dried seed of the coffee plant in water. The seeds are not submerged, the water is strained through them, but I'd say this process is very similar to boiling it "in stock or water"

    Is it more of a broth?

    I want to settle a dispute between some classmates of mine

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