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  • Are there any real teams and real leagues in FIFA Mobile?

    I'm new to FIFA Mobile on the smartphone. I don't see any real leagues and real teams in FIFA Mobile... Like the Bundesliga or EPL or the MLS... (Teams like Bayern and Chelsea?)

    Does FIFA Mobile have any real teams, like FIFA 21 does? Or is it all FUT teams, for FIFA Mobile? All I see is FUT teams, so far (can't find any real teams)...


  • Will the PS5 be region free?

    For example, will a European PS5 game disc play on a North American PS5? 

    PS4 is region free, and I remember the PS3 was too (but not the PS2). PS2 was region locked, I remember also...

    1 AnswerPlayStation2 months ago
  • Am I required to take a driver's test to move to Arkansas?

    To get Arkansas citizenship there too? I am an adult that lives in another State in the USA. I am a U.S. citizen. I have a driver's license from another State.

    4 AnswersImmigration2 months ago