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  • Do you still need a degree to join police if you are in the armed forces?

    My boyfriend is currently in the navy and when he leaves he is planning on joining the police however apparently, as of 2020, you need a degree to join the police. Does this still apply if you leave the navy and go straight into the police? If so what’s the best way forward. 

    7 AnswersMilitary2 months ago
  • Will grapeseed oil remove my fake tan? ?

    I have recently bought tanologist water to fake tan after hearing good reviews about it however I moisturise every night using grapeseed oil and have heard that oil removes fake tan. Will the grapeseed oil remove my tan? 

    1 AnswerOther - Skin & Body3 months ago
  • Does the title matter on insurance?

    On my car insurance I’m sure I put ‘mrs’ but in the email and on the policy it says ‘mr’, every other detail is the same (the name, address, and date of birth, etc.). Does it matter that the title is different? 

    4 AnswersInsurance & Registration3 months ago
  • Home workout routines?

    I want to start working out but don’t really know where to begin. I used to go to the gym with my sister but don’t have much confidence to go by myself so I tried doing some workouts at home but found they really hurt my back which I’ve recently learned was down to scoliosis which I didn’t know I had. I’m looking mainly just to gain a bit of muscle especially in my legs and bum and I really want to focus on my core as well and getting a slimmer waist. Can anyone recommend either workouts that won’t hurt my back too much or any YouTube videos or apps/websites (free or cheap) that can make me a plan (I’d prefer to do it all online rather than having to talk to someone face to face/on a call).

    I’m a girl btw

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 months ago
  • Can I check if I was caught speeding? ?

    I think I might’ve been caught speeding by a mobile speed camera but I’m not 100% sure if I was actually speeding or not, if I was it wasn’t by a lot but when I saw the camera I put my breaks on just in case so when I went passed it I definitely wasn’t speeding but I know it can track your speed for a while before you actually pass it. The road was a 30 but I think I was probably going a little faster. I am really worried about it and really don’t know if I can wait 2 weeks to find out. Is there any way I can check online or phone anyone to see if I’ve been caught speeding (please no one send me those stupid prank websites) 

    3 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation4 months ago
  • Good and easy body moisturisers?

    My skin is starting to get quite dry, it’s seems very uneven and I often get little red bumps on my upper arms and legs, I started to moisturise using the body shops body butter but I don’t like the feel of having loads of stuff on my skin, I also found it takes too long after my shower and I just can’t be bothered. Are there any good body moisturisers that are quick and easy to apply that don’t give that bulky feeling, possibly any in shower moisturisers that work? 

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions4 months ago
  • Someone’s trying to log into all of my accounts?

    I’ve had emails from 5 different apps/websites over the past 3 days including Twitter, Spotify, my PlayStation account and others telling me about suspicious activity and that I should change my passwords, the PlayStation said that someone tried to log in from Brussels, my guess is that someone’s targeting my email address as that’s the only thing these have in common but I’m worried as some of these apps have access to my bank details and my personal details. I’ve changed my password on all of my important apps but what can I do or who can I contact to make this stop or to make my other apps more secure?

    1 AnswerSecurity5 months ago
  • Lloyd’s money manager?

    I found online on the Lloyd’s website that I can set up a money manager on the Lloyd’s banking app and keep track of my spending but when I go on the app I can’t find it anywhere, it says on the website that there should be a link on the accounts page but there isn’t a link anywhere, how do I set up money manager on the Lloyd’s app?

    Personal Finance5 months ago
  • Mortgages?

    I’m not looking to get a mortgage just yet but I do enjoy looking at houses online and have tried to get a general idea of how it works. I put mine and my boyfriends wages into a mortgage calculator to get a general idea and it gave us a reasonable sum, however I checked with the bank and the sum was almost half of what the calculator said. I looked it up and found out most places will lend you up to 4.5/5 times your wage which is what the mortgage calculator said. I also went on a website to compare some mortgages and put into the ‘house price’ section the amount that the original mortgage calculator said we could borrow with a 10% deposit but when I looked further into it it said that we did not earn enough to borrow that amount. I’m just trying to get an idea of how it works as I just can’t seem to get my head around it as different places are saying different things, can anyone try to explain this to me in laymen terms so I can get a better understanding of how it works. 

    4 AnswersPersonal Finance5 months ago
  • Are there any safe and easy ways to fake tan?

    I’m quite pale and don’t get a lot of sun, I used to use fake tan but I kept getting streaks or it went patchy very easily and I found it very time consuming and couldn’t keep up with doing it every few days. Tanning beds don’t really appeal to me and I’ve heard tanning pills can be dangerous, is there anything I can do that will get me a natural looking tan that won’t go streaky or patchy and won’t be a pain to keep up with?

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body6 months ago
  • I find it really difficult to pee after sex?

    It’s quite known that women should go to the toilet after sex to prevent getting water infections but although I always try I find it really difficult to pee after having sex and it’s causing me to get quite a few UTI’s over the past few months that are really uncomfortable and painful, is there anything I can do that will either help me to pee or anything else that will prevent UTI’s? 

    Thankyou in advance :)

    2 AnswersWomen's Health6 months ago
  • What qualifications do I need to become a dog groomer/walker?

    I’m thinking about becoming a dog groomer and would quite like to be able to work for myself and was wondering what qualifications I need to become a dog groomer and own a salon and also if there are any intense courses I could do quickly. In the mean time or on the side I’m thinking of becoming a dog walker/sitter for a little bit of extra money and was also wondering if I need any qualifications or insurance. I already have experience working with animals and a DBS check. 

    5 AnswersDogs10 months ago
  • PS4 keeps beeping?

    My PS4 keeps beeping and ejecting the disc even when it’s turned off, I’ve heard about pressing the on button until it beeps twice which hasn’t worked, I’ve also heard about tightening a screw but I can’t do this as I have extra storage attached to the PS4 which blocks access to the screw, is there anything else I can do to stop it?

    PlayStation12 months ago
  • What colour should I dye my hair?

    I’m quite a light platinum blonde at the moment but want something different but nothing too drastic.

    3 AnswersHair1 year ago
  • Attachment image

    Can anyone help me with a tattoo design?

    So I saw this tattoo design and I absolutely love it, but I’m a Taurus and this is for Libra, can anyone help me design one similar but using the Taurus star sign, constellation, etc instead?

    4 AnswersTattoos2 years ago
  • What ear piercings should I get?

    I have my lobes piecered and recently got my helix pierced in my right ear. I want to get more piercings in both ears but don’t really know what to get in each. What would look best?

    5 AnswersOther - Skin & Body2 years ago
  • Tattoo ideas??

    Me and my mum want to get the same tattoo, her and my sister have one of a sun and moon and it’s great, I want a decent size (not huge but not small either) that I will probably put on my back or lower arm, any ideas of what we could get is great :)

    2 AnswersWomen's Health2 years ago