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I'm a bigender with the pronouns of he/she him/her. I'm bisexual and God damn proud of it. I have no shame about my fetishes and fuck any who ask.

  • So I have a weird pronouns. ?

    As a bigender I hate the pronouns like they or them because it's saying there are two of me. I go by he/she him/her because i have two genders not two persons. I love my pronouns. Do you find my pronouns weird?

  • I'm new to being bigender anything I should now about bigender.?

    This about almost year of becoming bigender I'm proud of it but I still have my assigned sexual orgin. I was born male but as I got older i felt feminine. And the icing on the cake is that I'm also bisexual. 

  • Am I a ******* weirdo. 18+?

    So let's get one thing straight the only people I protect are my friends so I'm going to tell you about my fetishes and sexuality. If ya don't want to hear it click off.

    I think this should start off when I was 7. Now mind you this 100% true. The year was 2006 and I remember the day very well but always felt weird around this time i liked girls at this point and will one day i ask a girl i liked her name was Brianna if I can smell  her shoe. She took off her shoe and handed it to me I took a big sniff I looked it. This was 1st grade. 

    This story is a haze on what year this was in but I was around 8 or 10 I kissed a boy named Patrick his mouth tasted like how he smelled like burned cigarettes which was awful. I spit it out immediately. Year later after this I kissed another boy (I'm still friends with this one and no we're not together) I actually like it but we are friends still and it will still stay that way.

    This story takes place 2013 and you know this one is short but this when I question my sexuality. I discovered I was Bisexual.

     Now 2015 I got my first girlfriend this she my first kiss with a girl but it didn't work out between us so we ended the relationship. 

    Present days I'm currently bigender and bisexual. Bigender is new and if you wandering I'm Male and Female and go by both he and she pronouns.

    Now that you read my story am I weird.

    There are still a lot of storys I did tell because of text space tell I have another question. 

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