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  • safest place to get septum jewellery?

    I’m from the uk, i know amazon have them cheap but i’m not sure on the quality 

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories2 months ago
  • is my septum piercing infected?

    I’ve had it pierced for around 5 days and i’ve been doing sea salt soaks twice a day but today i’ve noticed a something around the piercing and i’m not sure if they were crusties or not because they were a pale green colour, the piercing area doesn’t look sore and it’s not painful or anything just one side is a bit itchy, is this normal? 

    2 AnswersOther - Skin & Body2 months ago
  • is my septum piercing meant to be sore?

    i got my septum pierced yesterday so very fresh and after about 5 hours the initial pain stopped but was sore to touch but i’ve woken up this morning and it feels very sore and painful a bit like when you sleep on your arm and it does numb is this normal ?

    1 AnswerOther - Skin & Body2 months ago
  • will teeth move after teeth extraction?

    my teeth stick out on one side i had an extra tooth behind so i recently had the teeth removed, so will my teeth move back now i’ve had it removed because i’m so insecure about my teeth and i can’t afford braces 

    2 AnswersDental3 months ago
  • why do mirrors make my body look different?

    i have a mirror which makes my body look nice however i recently purchased a different mirror and i look so skinny and i don’t know which one i believe is true 

  • why do mirrors make my body look different?

    i have a mirror which makes my body look nice however i recently purchased a different mirror and i look so skinny and i don’t know which one i believe is true 

    2 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style5 months ago
  • infected piercings?

    i have had my ears pierced twice the last time being 3 years ago and both times the piercing got extremely infected and sore even though i looked after it well. My ears have closed up and i would really like to get my nose or my navel pierced but i am afraid of infection, what would you reccomend?

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    Why does my lip look like this?

    It’s been like this for about a year or 2 

    Singles & Dating6 months ago
  • how do you get semi permanent dye out?

    i dyed my hair about 3 weeks ago dark brown but the colour turned out really dark almost black, my natural colour is light brown, i want to dye my hair red but my hair would have to be brown to dye it so any thoughts on how to remove/fade it? i wouldn’t want to use any kind of bleach and i’ve tried baking powder which doesn’t seem to work.

    Hair6 months ago
  • is ogx a clarifying shampoo?

    i have dyed hair and i’ve heard clarifying shampoos fade dyed hair

    3 AnswersHair7 months ago
  • ways to straighten teeth without braces?

    my teeth are quite straight apart from two teeth at the top which are not straight and have a gap between, i’m 16 and i don’t see the point in wearing braces when the rest of my teeth are straight. is there any other options? 

    1 AnswerDental7 months ago
  • Do acrylic nails fade?

    i had clear polish put over my acrylics and i feel like they are starting to go matte and fade slightly, am i able to paint over the top of them with clear polish or would i ruin them, and also can i get them wet as i have been swimming and they are starting to lose colour?? 

    2 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style11 months ago
  • how can i grow my hips and thighs bigger?

    I am 16 and female, i have really skinny thighs and i’m so insecure i want my thighs to be thicker and bigger but i don’t know which kinds of exercise to do as i don’t want to make my legs slimmer. i also want to build muscle on the sides of my hips and the side of my bum as i have small hip dips which kinds of exercise would work and how many months would it take ? thank you 

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness12 months ago
  • Best fake tan for eczema?

    I have a lot of small patches of eczema and it mainly affects my face, I’m going to a wedding and I want to fake tan but I’m unsure which one would irritate my skin?

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions1 year ago
  • Siamese fighter fish depressed?

    He is 2 years old and he normally swims around and eats a lot and he sleeps at his heater every night, but now after we cleaned his water he is sulking at the bottom of the tank only moving to eat a tiny amount, he isn’t sleeping at his heater i’m worried. His water is purified with the bettasafe solution so it’s not got nitrate in it, but he’s so sad. I was thinking maybe becuse he was soo dirty and he went to clean durasticly maybe he hates it, he always sulks when there is change but never like this help?!

    2 AnswersFish3 years ago