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  • My new friend asked me out, what should I do? ?

    I'm a dude that recently moved far away from my hometown to the city for college. Because of that, I don't know a lot of people and haven't made lots of friends yet. 

    However, I did meet this one girl (let's call her Dee). Dee is super cool, funny and smart. I genuinely enjoy hanging out with her but she asked me out yesterday. I was caught off guard since I was leaving her apartment when she asked so I replied "uh... yeah sure." Half because I didn't know how to say no and half because hesitating too long would've triggered her anxiety. 

    We have a pretty relaxed date tomorrow (just watching movies... like we normally do) but I'm nervous on how to tell her I just see her as a friend without losing my only close friend in this city. 

    Does anyone have any ideas/examples on how to let her down easy? 

    Singles & Dating2 months ago