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  • Is it ok for children to watch shows that I would think are to bad to watch?

    I’m wondering if I feel these shows are bad because they did not have shows like this when I was a child.Is this just a new way of life now that the rev world has changed?Os 

    2 AnswersComedy3 months ago
  • Luna Russia,Austria or Poland?

    Was there is ithere a city called Luna in Austria,Poland or Russia.Or was it past of the Old Austria Hungry or Galitzia?

    2 AnswersGenealogy7 years ago
  • Insurance company jobs?

    Besides the Mailroom or Maintence what are some entry level jobs in an Insurance company or Agency?

    2 AnswersMarketing & Sales8 years ago
  • Polish,Austrian,Galician and Russian town names?

    Hello i am looking to see if anyone can tell me if they have heard of a town,village or city spelled Prezejtek,Prasuyek,Przepiorow or Przyleak.I am also looking for a town,village or city spelled Brestlitcor or Brestlit.These places are in Poland,austria,Galicia and Russia.They might have changed names.

    2 AnswersLanguages8 years ago
  • collection lawyers what to do?

    My friend owes 3 thousand dollars to a company for any oil bill.A lawyer is now involved.Can they garnish his wages or can he work out a payment plan with the lawyer?Can they garnish alot of his pay check?He only works part time and makes very little money.What can he do?

    5 AnswersLaw & Legal8 years ago
  • Sculeni Romania question help?

    In 1913 my relative said was born in 1875 in a town called Sculeni which we think was Romania.The first thing i found was that it is part of a city called Victoria in Iasi County Romania.Then i ss that it is a village or commune of the Ungheni district of Moldova.So is it in the Country of Romania or the Country of Moldova?Which town,has his birth record?

    1 AnswerHistory8 years ago
  • Router passwords for security?

    My cousin need to set up his router to be secure.The router is a Linksys.The router is about 8 years old..He called the company and they wanted him to pay for support.Can he go into the router properties and do it himself?

    2 AnswersSecurity9 years ago
  • Oil or electric to use at home?

    My cousin lives in Nassau County Long Island Newyork.He has Oil and he told me that it is expensive to buy oil.He had heard that Electirc heat is better.Is this true?.He heard that Gas has leaks.Is it hard to convert to electric?Is converting to electric good or bad?

    1 AnswerOther - Home & Garden9 years ago
  • Employment taking care of a relative?

    Can my cousin change his availability with his job?He needs off on Saturdays to take his relative to the doctors visits.Can they fire him if he tells them he is not available on saturday?He can get a doctors note.

    2 AnswersLaw & Legal9 years ago
  • Employment Grocery store?

    My cousin works in a Grocery store.He went on a personal leave for a couple of months.He is going back in a couple of weeks.He calls in once a week to check in with his Manager.His Manager is now saying that his job duties are going to change and his hours that he usually works are gong to change.Can the company change his job duties and change his work hours?The hours he worked before allowed him to work another job.This is in Newyork.

    4 AnswersLaw & Legal9 years ago
  • Baby diapers and wetting?

    My cousins son just turned 2.He keeps taking off his diaper and pissing on the rug?What should he do?Do they sell clothes for a 2 year old boy that he can not take off himself.Maybe with buttons on the back?

    4 AnswersToddler & Preschooler9 years ago
  • Sculeni Romania question?

    In 1913 was Sculeini Moldova part of Romania?Was it part of Iasi in 1913?

    1 AnswerHistory9 years ago
  • Skolan romania in 1913?

    Is there a town that was called Skolan that was in Romania?Back in 1913

    1 AnswerHistory9 years ago
  • Hebrew Name Witte can anyone help?

    What type of name is Witte?Is it a Hebrew first name or a European first name?Is it the same as the first name Yetta?

    3 AnswersLanguages9 years ago
  • Can anyone tell me about Vending machines?

    Can anyone tell me if buying a vending machine is a good idea?I want to try Candy and soda.Is it hard to find a spot to put the machine in?Is it alot of money to pay someone to put the machine somewhere?Is it hard to fix these machines?

    1 AnswerSmall Business9 years ago
  • Printing general question?

    Im getting an error that says An unknown error has occured while i am trying to print.What should i do?

    1 AnswerPrinters9 years ago
  • computer memory please help?

    I bought a wireless usb adapter to get on to the internet for a computer with xp.Do they have wireless usb for winbows 98?I want to do a scan to find out what type of memory i can order for the windows 98 computer.How else can i find out what type of memory to get?

    3 AnswersAdd-ons9 years ago
  • Time in Iasi Romania?

    What is the difference in time between Newyork in the usa and Iasi romania?

    1 AnswerOther - Europe9 years ago