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  • Can the police help stop unwanted texts?

    The short of the problem is, I have asked and then told a family member to stop sending text/text pictures to my phone. This is a person I don't want anything to do with or hear from in any way. Her biggest deal is she sends these stupid Fwd's to my phone.

    Tonight I told her to remove our{whole families} numbers from her phone that I wanted her to leave us alone and not to send us anything! I told her if she sent anymore I would have a officer come talk to her. Her reply was"When you do call them, tell them I am not removing them unless a judge tells me to. You are not so important the cops will get invovled with this because u say so."

    How can I get her to leave me/us alone? Will the police do anything/talk to her,ect.


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  • Can charges be filed for someone taking your personal property?

    This may seem petty but this is not the first time something was taken out of my home.

    Long story short, I had to get my daughter glasses in Jan, just a couple weeks later they came up missing and I had a good idea on who had them. I called this person and their b/friend and both swore she did not take them.

    I have proof now that this person does have them so they both lied, as far as I am concerned they are both guilty but can I press charges against them?

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  • Kidney Infection or UTI?

    I have suspected I have a UTI for a week now, since I missed my period.

    I bought a AZO home test strips yesterday, took two yesterday and one first thing this morning and the results where the same, only positive for Leukocytes.

    I feel bad, washed out,sick tunny, pain in back,tummy sides, running a low fever but due to other medicine I take daily, that would help with fever anyways so I am not sure what it would be if I wasn't taking the meds.

    I developed another symptom this afternoon, my urine has turned a odd color, brownish/rust color, not sure what color you would call it.

    I do have a appointment to see the doctor BUT it isn't until Monday afternoon.

    Just other information, there is NO way that I am pregnant and I can't drink plain cranberry juice, it doesn't agree with me at all.

    Any ideas on what I can do until my appointment, love some ideas on what would help the throwing up feeling.

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  • UTI Home Test, is it a uti or something else?

    I have had a UTI a couple times in my life and a kidney infection.

    This first sign I have that something is going on is I miss my period. I am now 10 days late and not feeling so great, achy,tummy and back pain, having to go to the bathroom more then normal and have been running a little fever off and on for a few days now.

    I bought a AZO UTI test strips today, took two of the test and they both showed positive only for Leukocytes.

    Could this mean a UTI even tho the other pad on the test showed negitive.

    Just a side note--NO, there is no way that I am pregnant.

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  • Puppy has parvo, what are his chances of living?

    My daughter(13) saved her money and bought a pit bull puppy 3 weeks ago. The puppy was 6 weeks old when we got him. The day we got him, he was wormed and had his parvo shot!

    Saturday morning, he threw up one time but was eating a little late evening and drinking fine but you could tell he wasn't feeling 100%.

    Sunday, he was really sick, throwing up,not eating and just laying around. He would take liquids by a dropper so that is what we did all day and all Sunday night.

    Honestly, we thought he ate something that was causing him to be sick,parvo never crossed our minds since he had his shot.

    By this morning(Monday), you could tell he was very ill and we rushed him to the vets office as soon as they opened.

    We were shocked when they said he had parvo! He is at the vets now, getting IV fluids and what ever else is needed--we told them to do what ever needed to be done to try to save him--cost wasn't a issue.

    What do you think his chances are of making it and why would he have parvo if he had the shot to prevent this awful sickness?

    My daughter, all of us, will be heartbroken if this puppy dies.

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  • What can be done about threatening letters from a inmate? HELP please?!?

    I am going to make this story short. My daughter received a letter from a ex-boyfriend who is in prison doing time for stabbing a guy.

    This letter, he talked about snapping her neck and beating her until the cops show up.

    In another letter, he mentions the nice things we have and how he would come in and steal a few things, he mentioned our tv,computer and guns.

    What can be done about this?

    He is up for parole in Dec and I know our life is going to be hell once he gets out.

    Also, before he got put in prison, we have filed a number of complaints on him and he was charged once with harassing communications but we don't know what happened in that case because he was in the county jail when his court date was suppose to be.

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  • Ticket for harassing communications?

    I got a ticket for this today, anyone know what will happen? A fine, do I have to go to court,jail time, what? I live in Arkansas.

    The officer didn't want to write it but he felt he had to and he was pretty sure I could just pay a fine before my court date but was not 100% sure.

    Does any one know?

    BTW-I did call the court house and the clerk had no idea on the matter. All she had was the bail amount for the charge. She said to call back in a few days.

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  • Ticket for harassing communications?

    I got a ticket for this today, anyone know what will happen? A fine, do I have to go to court,jail time, what? I live in Arkansas.

    The officer didn't want to write it but he felt he had to and he was pretty sure I could just pay a fine before my court date but was not 100% sure.

    Does any one know?

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  • Please give me ideas to help my daughter make a rollercoster?

    My 12 year old daughter needs to make a rollercoster.

    It needs to have loops,turns in it and a marble has to be able to go threw the whole thing without falling off.

    I am so clueless on how to help her build this. Any ideas on what to make it out of and how to make it?


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  • Wives, would you be mad?Husbands would you even think about doing this?

    Sorry if this is longish but will make it as short as I can.

    Talked to my sister in law Friday night and she was spitting fire!

    Her and her husband knew one of his ex co-workers wedding was coming up. The guy called to get their address. My SIL only checks her mail once every 1-2wks.

    She checked it that evening, around 5ish and there was the invite for THAT night at 7. She called her husband to let him know--he was at a friends house working on something.

    Anyways, she reads the invite and he says, then he better get home and chang so he can find the place--no mention of taking his wife to the wedding!

    He came home, showered,dressed and left without so much as asking her if she wanted to go--she had met this guy a few times in the past.

    They have been fighting ever since, she is still not talking to him as of today!

    Wives, would you be mad if your husband went to a wedding without you? Men, would you not even think about asking your wife to go with you?

    I have to agree with my sil, I am sure I would be very mad also! Then again, I don't think my husband would every think of doing something like that.

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  • I am begining to hate for him to touch me, why doesn't he understand this?

    I have a issue with my husband and I am not sure how to get this threw his head.

    Like all men, or most, men, my husband likes my chest and "grabs" at my boobs all the time. I am not talking a couple times a day, I am talking dozens of times a day and I hate it!

    Around my period, my breast get very swollen and sore, yet he keeps grabbing at me. I have explained this to him and I have told him that it gets annoying--honestly, it is to the point that I don't even want to get close enough to kiss him because I know he will go straight for my boobs.

    What do I have to do or say to get him to stop grabbing me all the flippin time?

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  • My daughter's friend into some scary stuff, should I tell?

    I have a 12 year old daughter and she has told me several times that some of her "friends", more like ex friends now, are into "Wicca" The whole witch deal.

    Anyways, she was telling me tonight how the Earth,Moon,Mineral,ect were fighting--each girl is one of these and how they are suppose to kill each other! All of this talk about killing each other is happening at school.

    My daughter could not tell me much more as she is not "allowed" at these "meetings" they have at school. She gets her information from two of the other girls that are in this "club". There is also certain ways they have to kill each other.

    Should I call and talk to their principle or chalk it up to them just being odd kids?

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  • This isn't abuse--right?

    For the past couple of days, my husband has been saying that I abused him, that I almost killed him--good grief! He swears I did it on purpose.

    Okay, I have to be blunt about it, we were haivng sex, me on top and I had my **** in my hands--I guess.

    When it was over, he was gasping for air, my shirt was around his neck--I find it funny!LOL

    This is not abuse--right!LOL

    What would he tell the cops--my wife tried to kill me during sex with her shirt?

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  • wife+friend+kiss=1 mad husband?Would this upset you/your partner?

    We have known this guy for 14 years. When ever we see each other we hug,talk and then hug again when saying goodbye,sometimes a kiss on the cheek.

    Today, I ran into him, we hugged,talked and out of no where, he grabbed me by my face(hand on each side of my cheek) and kissed me on my lips and said "gotta go".

    It left me a little disturbed also, he has never just ended a conversation so abruptly and grabbed me like that.

    My oldest daughter was with me and she told her dad as soon as we got home, she thought it was funny. My husband didn't find it at all funny and is ready to whip his butt over this, which I find crazy.

    Did I mention he is gay?

    What I also found unsettling, is I hate my face being touched,let alone grabbed, and I am not a fan of touching lips with someone that is not my kids or husband but hubby is acting like this is a sorted affair or something.

    Would you get this mad over this?

    21 AnswersMarriage & Divorce1 decade ago
  • He is getting out of jail soon..need advice??Please?

    I am really sorry this is kind of long but I have to go into some background.

    My daughter, who is 18 now, was friends with a girl for a couple of years when she was 15. She met the girls brother and they became friends.

    This boy had a hard life, was in and out of JDC and during one of his stints in there--from running away from his house to ours, we talked with his lawyer and PO and they thought he was a good boy that just needed a chance.

    Okay--long story short, we got custody of him when he was 17, just short of 18.

    By this time, he and my daughter were an item. He was in our house about 4 weeks and I started to notice his behavor, at 6 weeks, he left our home.

    On Christmas Eve of 06 he stabbed a guy in the back.

    From that point on,he and his family made our life a living hell. One of his family members even threatened our family's lives.

    He broke his probation and has been in jail for almost a year now.

    Today, a letter came for my daughter, I looked at it and noticed it had a DCC number and opened it--yeah, I know, it is her mail but, you have not been threw what we have.

    It was from his cell mate, saying how much R loves her and wants her back,ect.

    Then it said R would be getting out soon--Oh flippin joy!

    I know once he is out, the hell will start all over again and I am at my witts in with this boy. We have filed numerouse police reports on him and he and his sister was charged with haressment one time.

    I am just worried he is going to push me to far and I am really going to hurt this guy. He seems to get out of amost everything he does and the hatessment just goes on day after day after day.

    What can we do---just so you know, my daughter wants nothing to do with him--ever again. She/we will now be looking over our shoulders all the time, waiting for him to strike again.

    The only positive thing I can look forward to--I am 100% sure he will get into more trouble after he does get out and will go back to jail but until then, he will make our lives a living hell.

    4 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • Coloring your hair with Kool-Aid?

    My daughter is in a school club and they are doing something for halloween. My daughter said she needs to color her hair for the event. She gave me a recipe that her teacher gave all of the kids to color their hair with and told them it would wash out easily.

    It is made with Kool-Aid,peroxide and water. Has anyone every tried this,heard of it?

    My daughter's hair is very blond and I am really worried about her using Kool-Aid for this. I am worried it will not wash out and she will be going around with green,purple or red hair!

    8 AnswersHair1 decade ago
  • What are signs/symptoms of depression?

    I have had a number of life changing events happen in a very short time, like in a 3 week period. I have been very very stressed out but even tho I am still stressed, I just feel very different, not my self.

    I was talking to my sister in law about it and she said she thinks I am or maybe going into depression.

    I thought most people that suffered from depression have thougths of killing themselves--which has not even crossed my mind, that wouldn't solve anything.

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  • Very strange, what is your opinion on this one??

    I know what I think and I think my sister in law believes my way of thinking but doesn't want to except it but maybe I am wrong--what do you think?

    Her hubby has a number under the name of Roy. He has called that number for the past 4 nights around 8:30pm, she knows this because she was on-line checking his account--which he is clueless about.

    That isn't so strange but what is strange is when she checks his cell phone, the number is removed but all other called numbers are there, just not that one, but he forgets, or doesn't know, that you can see the timer for the last phone call and this "roy" is always the last call accourding to his account.

    Now, why would someone just remove ONE number every night and not the others--yeah, I think I know but like I said, she is in denile(sp?).

    Give me your thoughts please?

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  • Reaction to anesthesia, what will they do now?

    My step-dad went under anesthesia yesterday morning. He stopped breathing, they had to shock his heart back, it took him hours to wake up, they even had to move him to ICU last night, after his blood pressure dropped really low.

    Here is my concern, he needs to have a biopsy done on a mass on one of his lungs, how will they do this? Surely they won't put him under anesthesia again, will they?

    What do doctors do/use when someone has had a bad reaction to anesthesia and they need to go under the knife again??

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  • Scary symptoms, any idea what could be the cause?

    First, my stepdad has seen a doctor a few times in the past 3 to 4 weeks and is at the ER now.

    First symptoms--headache,achy all over, sinus pressure,fever--doctor thought it was sinus infection.

    2nd-his body started to swell, got knots on his head and something about his liver--doctor then thought it was due to a chemical he used to treat his lawn.

    3rd-still have all the above symptoms and had a lot of blood work done--test results not in yet.

    4th-late this evening, he went to bed, got up a couple hours later with a bloody rash all over his stomach--not sure if it is on other parts of his body.

    He is at the ER right now but I am sure it will be awhile before I hear anything until then--does anyone have any ideas on what this could be?

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