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  • What's the best type of playlist for music on YouTube ?

    I like to organize my music and listen to different genres and artists. I'm wondering what sounds best.

    Option 1:

    - Classic and alternative

    -60s Soul, R&b

    -70s funk, disco, r&b

    -80s funk,r&b, hip hop

    -90s hip hop , r&b

    -2000s hip hop, r&b

    Option 2:

    - Soul , R&B , Disco, funk

    - west coast rap

    -east coast rap

    - mid west rap

    - dirty south rap

    - oldies and alternative

    1 AnswerRap and Hip-Hop3 years ago
  • Serious Question: can white people get ashy??

    My friend from school named John was scratching his arm and I saw it was actually dead skin that was peeling off. His arm looked kinda ashy too. My question is can white people get ashy like we can ? I'm wondering if John has some Afro-Caribbean type of genetics in his blood line , or is it normal for white people to get dry skin , without getting red and looking sunburnt ?

    2 AnswersSkin Conditions4 years ago