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  • Relatives who never met previous relatives?

    My grandfather died in 2002, my sister who was 2 years old at that time never knew him. Is he considered an ancestor to my sister? She never knew or met him. Same with my great grandmother. My little cousin who is 1 year old was just a new born infant when my great grandmother died. So is she also considered an ancestor to my little cousin? Or are they just considered grandparents?

    7 AnswersGenealogy2 weeks ago
  • Black Friday and Holidays during Pandemic?

    What will Black Friday 2020, and the Holidays be like during covid19? Will BF have to be cancelled this year? Or will there be strict restrictions? Will the Holidays have to be cancelled as well? How will it be since we are 2-3 months away from these days?

    2 AnswersOther - Holidays1 month ago
  • Audio recovery?

    I recorded some videos with my iPhone 7, when i looked at them, i was able to see the video, but the audio is all static, i cannot hear anyone in the video. Just pure static. At first i thought i was connected to something via Bluetooth, but i was not. Is it possible i can have the audio on these videos restored? Apple says i would need to try another tactic

  • Bowel movement after meals?

    Again this is another embarrassing topic, but does the amount of stools i drop depend on how much i eat? For example, i eat a mcchicken and a small fry. I should expect drop a small amount, at least 1 or 2 pieces. And if i eat a big meal like at an all you can eat buffet, i should drop a huge amount like 5 or 6 pieces, right? Or does it not matter? Like if i eat a huge meal, and i drop 1 or 2 pieces in the toilet the next day, is that normal? If the pieces were smaller, is it still normal regardless if i ate a huge meal? This is what sort of is going on to me now. I fear that if i keep eating huge amounts, all the contents will be lined up in my colon, and be released one at a time on different days. This is sort of holding me back from having snacks. 

    Diet & Fitness3 months ago
  • Taking laxatives?

    Is it ok to take ExLax chocolate laxatives when im not constipated? I feel like im not emptying myself completely. I still feel like i have something release, but at the same time i cant, and i strain. I dont have the urge to use the toilet, but i do feel like i do have something to drop. And whenever i do, they come out in little pieces and sink to the bottom, and they sometimes mush together. Not sure if this is just a small change or if I M constipated

    8 AnswersOther - General Health Care3 months ago
  • Taking laxatives when not constipated?

    This is embarrassing for me to be asking, but whats the worse that can happen if i took laxatives when im not really constipated? Im asking because i feel like im not emptying my bowels completely. I have small urges to empty them, but i feel like i cant. So what if im not constipated and i still take laxatives? Will i still release something? [predigested food, digestive juices, etc??] Or will nothing happen?

    5 AnswersMen's Health4 months ago
  • Losing belly fat?

    I use to be skinny to point where you can feel and see my ribs, and my joints. Now i appear to be gaining belly fat. It’s becoming a bit noticeable by my friends and coworkers. I’ve been jogging, planking, and doing cardio exercises for some time, and i still look the same. I don’t know what else to do. With the gyms closed, i don’t know how much more belly fat i may gain. If i stop eating for 3 days, and only eat pieces of bread, will it make a difference? Or is there some kind of supplement? Im just trying to lose this belly fat, to make it less noticeable

    Diet & Fitness5 months ago
  • Can the virus spread through an argument?

    Me and my supervisor got into a heated argument with a customer. The customer bitched at us, and we all know when people yell or scream, specks of spit tend to fly out of their mouths. Me and my supervisor were wearing masks, I also had a face shield on, but the customer did not; her mask was under her chin. The counter was the only thing that separated us from the customer. We did not get in physical contact with her. Once it was over, my supervisor is worried the customer may have the virus, but i assured her she may be safe, because she had her mask on, and specks of spit wont fly that far compared to how far spit goes when someone sneezes or coughs. Any opinions? Is she safe?

    3 AnswersOther - Diseases5 months ago
  • Bank account of a deceased person?

    My coworker died from the virus, he lived alone in the country, and all his family is in Guatemala. His family are desperate to have his body/ashes sent to them, but the problem is there is no family here to claim his body. Plus they are trying to figure out what will happen to his bank account. My coworker didnt set a will to anyone to collect what he has on it. Surely there must be some way. Any advice? I cant help out more, because i reached my limits

    4 AnswersMilitary5 months ago
  • Smart sink/faucet?

    I M looking for either a smart sink or faucet I can install on the kitchen and bathroom sink. My stupid sister would always spend 5-10 min rinsing her hands, plate, and spoon.She does not use soap to clean her hands or plate, she just rinses and rinses. I would like a faucet that i can link to my phone. Where I can turn the water off and on with my phone, and perhaps have a timer set to turn off the water. This is making the water bill go high

    3 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs7 months ago
  • Virus transmit through humidity?

    With the pandemic continuing to spread, Im now seeing that the gyms can be a high risk. I see that the virus cannot spread through sweat, but what about the body heat we release? Can the virus be transmitted through the humidity or heat we release while we work out? Please do not try to be funny by giving me a false answer.

    4 AnswersInfectious Diseases8 months ago
  • Treatment for belching?

    My cousin is having a problem with frequent belching. Every minute he feels an amount of air rising up his throat and belches. He as well feels a small burn feeling on his throat, which i assume may be a bit of his stomach acid as his belching may be pumping some acid in his throat. Sometimes bits of his acid would reach to his nostrils and mouth, which he quickly swallows back and cant spit it out. Is this like a heartburn or something? How can he get it to stop or reduce it? Some kind of medication?

    3 AnswersOther - Diseases9 months ago
  • Attacks in France?

    Sooo ever since those terrorist attacks in Charlie Hebdo happened in 2015, i had a couple questions that to this day i have no answers to. Im sure we've all seen those videos online of the 2 suspects killing a police officer, and then shooting at a police car blocking their path. My questions are: Was that police officer alone trying to stop them? Where were the other cops when that police car showed up alone? Why did it take so long for other cops to show up? What ever happened to those 2 suspects? Were they killed, were they captured?

  • car start problems?

    I have a 2013 Honda Accord. For sometime and reason, whenever i push the ignition button, all i hear is just a click from the hood. The dashboard does turn on. But sometimes i have to push and push the ignition button over and over again, but all i hear is just a click from the hood. I keep on pushing the button until the engine does turn on. What does this mean? My dad says its because the battery on my key is dying, but i dont know. Plus, what does it mean when the engine light turns on?

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 year ago
  • accused with lack of evidence?

    a former girlfriend has stopped talking to me for months. A week ago she texted me, accusing me of posting a comment in one of her youtube videos, written in Kazakh. Yes i did speak to her in Kazakh before, but only a little. Apparently the comment said “you will suffer for this”

    In your opinion, should she have either asked me first or jump to conclusions quick? I do not recall posting that comment. She accused me of posting it because its in the language i would sometimes speak to her. But thats not enough evidence for her to prove it is me, because im not the only person in this world who can speak Kazakh

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • how should the extraction site look?

    its been 16 days since i had 3 wisdom teeth removed. Now im wonderin how should the extraction sites look now. Im more concerned about my bottom extraction site. I can see what looks like an empty socket. At the bottom there is a white small spot. Is that a piece of food particle? If so, how can i remove it? Salt water is not working. Should i use a toothpick? How are the extraction sites suppose to look 16 days later?

    1 AnswerDental2 years ago
  • how can i flush out food particles?

    there’s what looks like to be a hole at the bottom jaw where one of my wisdom teeth use to be. Does not hurt or anything. However, im seeing what looks like it could be bits of food particles inside. I tried to rinse it out with salt water, but it did not work. How else can i be able to remove those particles?

    Its making me want to stop eating in order to prevent more particles from getting in

    Is it even food particles? My mom says that its just the hole starting to cover up with new gum tissue

    2 AnswersDental2 years ago
  • small hole?

    today is the 10th day after getting my 3 wisdom teeth removed. Just this very morning, the last stitch thread fell out. When i looked in the mirror, i noticed a small hole at the slightly bottom right about where the gums and cheek meet. Is that suppose to be the hole to where my wisdom tooth once stood? It doesnt hurt or anything.

    How long will it take to close? I find different answers online, and i dont know which one is more accurate

    Is it ok to eat rice again?

    Can i go back to chewing regularly?

    What foods should i still avoid?

    How long will it take for that hole to close?

    Should i even be concerned about that hole?

    2 AnswersDental2 years ago
  • can socket holes be stitched?

    My lower wisdom tooth was partially erupted, but impacted. I was able to see and feel it. During the extraction procedure, i saw the surgeon taking a scapel and making an incision. Then he took some sutures and stitched up the incisions. I forgot to ask him if he also stitched the socket hole. Is that possible?

    ALSO, it has already been 1 whole week since i had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed. What comes next? The sutures are still there, but coming loose

    2 AnswersDental2 years ago
  • Is it normal for sutures to losen itself?

    I know i keep asking questions about my wisdom teeth extraction, but just yesterday i noticed what looks like a loose thread. When i realized the sutures were coming loose, i notified my parents, and they both said to leave it like that because the incision is now closed and im almost recovered. Should i be concerned if sutures do began to fall by itself? Im not in any pain. I dont think i was scheduled to return to the dentist after a week. But shouldnt dentists tell their patients to come in a week after wisdom extraction, just to check on how the healing is going? Im wanting to go back just so one of them can check and see how im healing

    2 AnswersDental2 years ago