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  • My Internet Explorer has a mind of its!?

    My laptop has Windows Internet Explorer 8 and also FireFox, and uses Windows XP.Whenever I use IE (when e-mailing or writing something on Facebook, etc) without me even clicking on anything, the computer makes the clicking sound (as if I'd clicked on sth) and returns me to the previous page!! Even when I'm careful about what keys I'm hitting and where I leave the cursor!

    I don't have this problem with FireFox but lately FF has been running too slow or stalling (esp. w/ Facebook), so I started using IE more. It's awful though cuz I'll be writing an e-mail or msg especially in another language, (which takes time w/ multi-lingual keyboards) and it'll send me to the previous screen and erase it!

    What do I do?? ::cry::

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Webcam issue with Yahoo?

    I have a new laptop whose webcam is built into the laptop & works just fine. While chatting w/ a friend on Y! Msgr, I tried to let them see my webcam but after I clicked on the invite to view, it said my webcam wasn't connected...Any ideas what to do?

    Thanks! :)

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  • Why do I keep getting an Error-999 message when I try to check my mail?

    The only thing I did out of the ordinary was to check the box to stay signed in for 2 weeks (since this is my own comp).

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