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  • No Teeth Loss?

    I can't wait for Vet visit in 4 days from now. My puppy is now 9 months old and I discovered she has double all her front teeth, canines x8 and all those front tiny teeth between the canines, look like a sharks mouth with rows of them.

    Guess, she never lost her puppy teeth.

    What is the procedure for this? I am guessing (hoping) the Vet will recommend pulling most of them, but I worry for her having that many teeth pulled only because I know she will have to be sedated several times. Almost lost her when she was about 4 months old and I worry, though she is perfectly healthy now.

    Anyhoo thanks for reading. Trying to prepare myself for what Vet might have to recommend this Thursday.

    For the record she doesn't appear to have any discomfort nor pain and chews her bully sticks, bones etc like a pro.

    6 AnswersDogs1 year ago
  • Attachment image

    Ears Flipped Backwards.?

    Chihuahua puppy with long ears flaps that often get flipped backwards.

    I flip them back to factory setting because I see so many tiny blood vessels in the flaps and think the flipping backwards can't be good for blood flow? Does it hurt, uncomfortable? They generally only get flipped backwards while moving in her sleep and doesn't notice.

    Yes, I'm being a worry wart. We have a Vet visit next Friday and I will ask our Vet about this then, but I would like a little peace of mind before hand =)

    4 AnswersDogs2 years ago
  • Super Heroes?

    Which is your least favorite super hero, more specifically Marvel Super Heroes? Why?

    (As for self, Wonder Woman; invisible plane, her floating in the air in sitting position, a lasso of truth- booo hissss - LAME!)

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys3 years ago
  • Name A Word...?

    You dislike the way it is spelled.

    5 AnswersWords & Wordplay3 years ago
  • Do You Use Profanity?

    If yes how often?

    How do you feel about profanity in general?

    (This is NOT a judgement question, profanities only bother me to hear children using it for likely they don't understand the meaning of the words. If they do, that is even worse).

    11 AnswersPolls & Surveys3 years ago
  • James Bond 007?

    Who is your favorite James Bond?

    Sean Connery

    Roger Moore

    Timothy Dalton

    Pierce Brosnan

    Daniel Craig

    George Lazenby

    I might of missed a few.

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys3 years ago
  • Thumbs Up / Down For Questions?

    If questions could be thumb up / down as answers it is only fair?

    Further, if questions could be thumb up / down connected to "reporting" and if a question got X amount of thumbs down "reported" so that level 7's don't have the ability to report?

    Also, if questions could get thumbs up, question asker's should also get a "point" for asking excellent questions?

    2 AnswersYahoo Answers3 years ago
  • Maybe you would like to learn more about one of these?

    At the bottom of the page.

    Keep or Banish?

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 years ago
  • Intoxicating Scent?

    Is there any singular scent you find intoxicating? So yummy you can't get enough of it?

    For me, it's the Lily flower.

    6 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 years ago
  • More things change,..?

    Betty Shelby is put on the chopping block, but not all the white MALE cops. She is, I fear a scapegoat, a sacrifice and nothing more even if she did WILLFULLY commit manslaughter.

    The more things remain the same.

    Feel I am off basis? Could be, and frankly I hope that I am.

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics4 years ago
  • POLL: How Fed Up of Y!A Trolls Are You?

    5 - Wish they would all die

    4 - Wish they were perma banned

    3 - Disgusted

    2 - Indifferent

    1 - Don't care

    0 - What is a troll?

    11 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 years ago
  • If You Could Get Away With?

    murder, would you seize the opportunity?

    Not kill as in self defense, I mean someone annoys or angers you and you can murder them with no consequence.

    5 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 years ago
  • Micah Johnson: Thoughts?

    This is what I have been fearing. Not just a random person becoming so fed up that they take lives (murder), but good cops dying (murdered) because of the bad cops actions.

    I am curious how others feel in regards to this sensitive and ugly matter. I by no means support murder, but what the hell is it going tot take to give law enforcement a wake up call?

    Gezz and now good cops are going to be weary and bad cops even worse.

    2 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police4 years ago
  • Realistically, How Easy Would It Be...?

    For any type of supernatural creature to hide among us mere mortals in these days and times?

    Eye in the sky...

    Big Brother....

    Camera phones in just about every hand...

    And people aren't nearly as naive as a hundred or so years ago.

    What say / think you?

    3 AnswersOther - Alternative4 years ago
  • Did You Like Will You Miss...?

    Prince the Artist?

    6 AnswersOther - Music4 years ago
  • Favorite Words?

    What are a few of your favorite words you wish were used more often and or used correctly?

    3 AnswersWords & Wordplay4 years ago
  • Simple Silly Why or Who Started...?

    Pink for girls and Blue for boys?

    Why not yellow, green, purple, red etc?

    When, how did this tradition start?

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys4 years ago