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  • Is there a website/app where I can find accounts by my email association?

    I can't remember what email I used to sign up for a couple websites, and when I enter an email for "Forgot password", I can put in any one of my few emails and it does not notify if the email is incorrect/not found. So far I haven't appeared to receive a reset password email for any email accounts.

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  • Suddenly a bunch of people calling my number?

    The last week or so I've been getting phone calls from 4-5 numbers(seems to be a new number calling every few times). They are all my area code so I think it's just regular people. I've blocked and blacklisted but still get the notification of a missed call..Rather annoying. It's like someone gave my number away??

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  • Which dorm level would I end up in?

    I have a lame AA in Liberal Arts from a Comm College but am now finishing prereqs so I can start a new field at University..But would I be put in the Freshman dorms or Junior dorms? Im 26 so I'd hope to be somewhere with people closer to my age then not...

  • Shimmery blush during the summer?

    Hi, just want some opinions if shimmery blush is a good idea for the summer. I find that most drugstore blushes(I just cant spend the big bucks for anything but foundation) have shimmer or glitter. My skin is normal and it will possibly get oilier during the summer. Im just not sure if a shiny blush will make me look sweaty or like a glorious mermaid.

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  • Tarte BB tinited 12 hr primer vs Tarte Amazonian Clay BB cream?

    Hi. I'm really interested in getting a good BB cream for the summertime. I have a few I'm trying to pin down as what might be best (Too Faced, Skinfood's peach sake, and Tarte). I have normal-combination skin and would prefer medium to full coverage. And considering the 12 hr primer is being marketed more as such, it probably wouldn't offer much coverage right? I can't tell on YT reviews because the women already have problem-free skin.


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  • My eBay item got marked as shipped but it hasn' can I unmark it?

    I selected my item to ship on Monday while printing the postage...But it decided to be marked shipped. I see no way of unmarking myself but does any one know a trick or something? It's late on Saturday so how could it have shipped?? Does my buyer see it shipped as well?

    Thank you!

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  • What's the name of this anime?

    Anime where a girl has an evil aunt who tries to poison her several times, and she's saved by this spy. Goes along with him and his crew and then he supposedly dies and she takes over his work? All I can think of is the girl's name starts with a K sound...

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  • No pointer for mouse. Help?

    Hi. I got a replacement mouse - Bornd C190. After updating my BIOS for my Dell Vista64 SP2 (which seemed to be the issue) the drivers were recognized. Problem is that there is no mouse pointer when I try using it, and there's no light on the mouse indicating it's on. I of course have my old mouse which works fine. I do want to try to unplug its micro receiver but I can't locate it! (I didnt set this computer up but Im still surprised I can't find it) Could the new mouse just be faulty or is my old Logitech the problem? I can't seem to find a similar enough issue answered anywhere..

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Do I really need a 3rd generation processor?

    I can only spend about $600. Maybe a little more. I want (a 14"-15.6") to use the laptop for streaming TV and movies, surfing the web, photo and video editting programs. I currently have an 4 yr old Dell desktop with an Intel dual-core processor and 4GB memory. It usually works for all of this..just maybe sounds like it's having an asthma attack sometimes. I really don't want Win 8 cuz I'd rather have a touchscreen for it & I know I probably won't be able to get the for under $1000.

    I should atleast get an i5 processor and...and it seems fast enough that a 2nd gen would be fine. And I plan to buy a cooling surface. What are your thoughts?

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  • Should I ask if they changed their screen name?

    So..had a bit of a falling out with a friend (my problem and it's a long story) but months later we're talking it out over via e-mail...There's been quite a bit of exchange & still unsure if our friendship can be what it was. Anyway she seems to have been busy, but..we both use AIM, and I havent seen her sign on using her current name since the attempted healing...I only just noticed today she signed onto an older name that I had recently added back cuz I felt paranoid @_@. I also havent received a reply to my e-mail. So..I'm invisible and it doesn't say Im on this buddylist within the Menu. She's also been known to switch names here and there to avoid certain ppl..So I a next potential email, should I ask if she's using another sn? Ask if she's uncomfortable talking to me instantly yet? She like's openess's probably none of my damn business. I'm just nervous that maybe slow e-mails are the only way she intends to talk to me anymore...


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  • Why can't I login to yahoo mail on Firefox?

    For last few days I've been unable to login to my mail using Firefox. It keeps looping me back to the login page. I've tried "can't access my account" but I only ever end up changing my password, and it's really just a browser issue. I'm using IE to type this question and I would prefer not to have 2 browsers running, especially IE. This is extra frustrating cuz I have a little mail client on my task launch that informs me of new mail, cept I can't get to it, as it will open the window in Firefox.

    Any fix for this?

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  • Why is does my cat have these strange 'mood swings'?

    This may seem silly but I have just never had a cat like this. I've had my Ronald since he was a baby. He was quite pushy about getting outside (he'd sneak past out feet, for example), so we just let him out. After we adopted a couple more cats in the family, he got angry. He lashes out at the cats often and they are pretty submissive towards him. He was not any only child before them though, we had an older cat with him before the other 2 came along.

    Anyway, for years now he has had this strange behavior of being fairly mellow when it comes to being pet or getting food. He's talkative but acts sweet. Only if he hasn't eaten in a longer period than usual might he be just a little moody. So, after he's done being in the house and eating though, or even while he's eating, he starts to growl and then 'yell' at me and others. Once he gets to the door he'll be very angry; swatting at you if try to touch him, and clawing and biting your leg or toes. It's funny for us but I wonder why he does it..even when we are right there to let him out. What is this mood changing routine?

    2 AnswersCats9 years ago
  • Random user account when editing parental controls?

    I wanted to turn on the guest account. My nephew is getting older and will likely soon be using the computer for net surfing. I went to try and edit the Parental Controls (little to my knowledge the guest account can't be edited like that) and I see this seemingly random password protected standard user account. It starts with "RSS" then a dash with a bunch of numbers and letters after it. Again it only shows up in the Parental Controls edit page. Any answers?


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  • Where can I get Nabari no Ou RAW torrents?

    I need Raws or the English dub. Seems anywhere I try to go and get them there's either (a) no seeders or (b)the website is a virus haven(according to WOT).

    I'd prefer individual eps but a whole .rar of the 26 eps is fine to...

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  • Major problem after uninstalling rogue Windows Defender Pro! HELP PLEASE!?

    Ok. So I've always been careful when coming across the rogue crap when it would show up in my internet browsing. Obviously, this time it didn't work out for me...After it dl'ed I ignored all it's pop-up crap and followed the directions in using Malwarebyte's Antimalware to rid of it. It found 3 infected files. Two were located in the Appdata/Local folder called "ave.exe" and named Rogue.MultipleAV and the third one isn't in quarantine for some reason. So anyway, after rebooting, things like taskmanager and regedit don't exist and I can't seem to open anything without that window popping up asking you to "choose the program you want to open this file" and even then it may not recognize it. If I try to open a media file for WM player or WM player itself I get a message "the selected file has an extension (.exe) that windows media player does not recognize". I was able to open wordpad and it automically opened a file called "rstrui" which is located in the system32 folder...To me it's a bunch of jibberish plus some listing of ".DLL" and ".dll" files.

    Sooo despite my efforts to ignore WDP alerts, I guess WDP got to my there anything I can do without reverting to a fresh reboot or spending a bunch of money?

    Thanks guys!

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  • Is there a setting on AIM that allows your buddies to hear your customized sign in/out sound?

    I've used aim/aol messenger for probably a decade...and I'm not remembering whether or not this setting exists but I thought you could choose the sound you want others to hear when you sign/out or send an IM. I've only seen a setting that allows YOU to hear a sound...and I know when buddies sign in/out/send an IM I hear customized sounds for each of them. Is that AIM just varying things for me so I know who's coming and going or did the person set that sound themselves?

    Sorry if the question seems confusing...I'm confused >.<;

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  • Has mangafox been attacked or something?

    I've seen that people had problems a few days ago loading the site. But I just got the problem last night and it's still going on...

    None of the other backup addresses people have posted work for me either. :(

    I have using tried both IE and Firefox aswell...

    6 AnswersComics & Animation1 decade ago
  • Should I believe the hype about organic/grain-free/raw pet diets?

    At our house we have 5 cats and 2 of them (mom and son) were raised on Cat Chow and Purina ONE UT health. At the point I found/adopted the other 3 I was exclusively feeding Purina ONE. My momma cat is 7 years old and has never been sick. Her son is 3 years and has never been sick. The last 3 are two years and under so I wouldn't expect any illnesses yet. I will say that the mom and son are not very active but they all have nice coats, eyes, and teeth.

    I have tried to feed them Felidae and Chicken Soup when I was surfing the net and seeing how people were freaking our over how bad corn(especially), wheat, soy and by-products are for our carnivorous friends. My boy Ronny with his big personality would only nibble a bit on Felidae and wouldn't touch Chicken Soup. I gave up and am back to the old food now. I am aware about cats needing raw food and having low-thirst drives and need only wetfood. But we do not have that kind of money...and since my cats are so healthy, why should I bother? Plus for some reason now 2 of my cats including Ronny will not eat his wet food unless I have gravy covered fillets.

    So, anyhow are my cats just fine on the "bad stuff" or is it too early for them to be getting any illnesses, even the 7 year old?


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  • What's a good catfood to feed my finicky cat?

    I used feed my 3 cats Purina ONE and 2 cats that I adopted recently ate Science Diet. I found out just how crappy these foods were so I'm trying to switch to better foods. Anyway I don't a lot of money so I have tried Felidae cat and kitten formula then Chicken Soup for The Lovers Soul. The 2 adopted ones eat it. Two others only eat about half of what they need a day and my last one will only take a few bites a day. My last options are probably Taste of the Wild and Natural Balance. If those don't work I'll have to go back to the awful stuff and I reaaaallly don't want to. Any suggestions?

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  • Is it better for younger children to watch scary movies than wait when they are older?

    My sister's boyfriend has an aunt with a 7 year old and a 4 year old boy. My sister has seen the both of them watching such films as "Bloodshed", "The Eye", and the latest Halloween movie. The 4 year watches these kinds of movies more often and isn't frightened, then he talks about the events in detail. The aunt says its better for them when they are younger blah blah blah. I think it might be obvious that the 4 year old is going to grow up and kill his family. But the 7 year old is quite normal. Is it different for every kid then?

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