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My name is Nikki. I love my fiance I have plenty of friends. OH and i love giving, people advice and such. July 20th, 2008 =D

  • I'm looking for a picture frame.?

    Hi everyone! My friend has this picture frame and it would be perfect for my mom for Christmas. I just have no clue where to find one like it, my friend got it as a gift so I can't ask my friend. Maybe one of you can help!

    They have photo frames that electronically slide show thru photos, and I do not want that. This photo frame holds about 10-20 5 by 7 photos. You manually turn it to the next photo. I'm not really sure how to describe it, but if you know what I mean/where I can find one, please tell me. :) Have a good holiday!

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  • Who was in power of France, in the 1600s?

    I need to know who was in power, for a school project. If you could include your source also that would be great. Thank you all :)

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  • No sex drive at age 16, help please?

    I love my boyfriend, and we are obviously having sex. Please, don't bother commenting saying that i'm to young; or anything of that matter, thanks. I just can't seem to enjoy/want to have sex. I love him and i know he loves me, i just can't stand myself. I just think of how fat i am, or how i ugly i am, and idk. I want to look "hot", i want to enjoy it. I just can't! I don't know what to do. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all :)

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  • I have a pain on my right hand side by my hip?

    Hi all! I need some help! For a few days now, i have been having this strange pain. Every time i step, i get a pain. Almost like someone is punching me. The pain is internal, and located by my hip, but a little but behind it. I will post a picture, highlighting where the pain is! Does anyone know what this could be? thank you all! -Nikki. This is not my hip by the way, i just googled it!

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  • Who was scotty's little friend that sat around in the new star trek movie?

    He first appeared in the scene when the spock from the future and kirk entered a federation base on the snow planet. They opened the door to this place, and he ran down the hallway to them and lead them to scotty. He sat around alot, and scotty always told him to move. He was adorable, i want to know who he is. =]

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  • Why is my pee orange/brownish?

    I sit on the toilet, and my pee comes out normal. When i am done peeing, my crotch area seems to go into a contraction and it hurts. More pee comes out and it is orangeish/brownish. As well as my crotch region, it also hurts my back. If any one knows anything on this, i would appreciate the help. Sorry for using awkward language. I didn't know how else to explain it, thank you. -Nikki.

    Btw. it is not my period, that has passed this month.

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  • Is my 360 picture working?

    I changed my yahoo 360 picture, and when i come on here its just a box with an x in it. Can you see it, or i it just a box for you with an x as well? Easy 10 points, haha. Thanks.

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  • Hi, am I as ugly as i think?

    Hi my name is Nikki, and i strongly dislike how I look. I dress "emo/scene" but feel fat and look weird in the clothes.

    Please, leave your honest opinion! I dont like people that suck up JUST so I will pick them for best answer. Like i said be brutal and honest, and I guess rate me 1-10. I will be chosing best answer at this time tommorow, thank you for all your help.

    ^ most recent photos, since i dyed my hair (2 days ago)

    Top one;; is my facebook default. (just noticed i look fat)

    Second one;; is my myspace default. (just relized its gross)

    Thrid one;; is a sign for my friend. (just relized my skincolor looks odd seeing i boosted the contrast//lighting oddly)

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  • Pro ana bracelets?

    Pro ana bracelets are obviously for pro anorexia. I have anorexia and am obviously all for it. Where can i buy one?

    they look like this -->

    Could i just make one? thanks for all your help.

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  • Recently cut my hair, do i look like a boy?

    I recently cut and re dyed my hair,

    I believe i look like a boy, so i need your help.

    be honest and totally brutal with your comments.

    I am really gross and fat, but my friends hot (:

    im on the right.

    once again im on the right.

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  • is not eating anything bad?

    My name is Nikki, and i believe i am fat; i havent ate for a few days. Does not eating actually make you lose weight? thanks.

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  • Hip piercing...?

    im getting my hips pierced this weekend..

    ( )

    for those that've had it done, how does the pain compare to other piercings? ( I have snakebites, my belly button, my nose, my ears guaged, && my septum was pierced) also, how much does it cost and how long will it take to heal? How old do you need to be to get this done?

    thanks for your help.

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