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  •  Steam Old Account Login?

    I finally remembered my old Steam login, and when logging in, it says I have to enter this code. However I don't have access to that email they sent it to. I contacted Steam support and they want me to send a picture of a Steam wallet??? I don't know how I'm supposed to if I can't sign into my account. I just want to change the email and find a way into the account. If anyone could help that would be great because Steam support is no help.

  • Internet Connection Help!!!?

    So I got a new PC in my room and I also have my Xbox in here. However, my connection in my room has never really been that good and there's no way to get an ethernet cable in here. I can't really move my computer anywhere and just need any way to get my connection better in my room. If anyone could help that would be great!!!

    4 AnswersComputer Networking3 months ago
  • Instagram help?

    I had this second Instagram account which I made as a joke, and put a random email and password to make it. However, I stuck with the account and liked it. I was able to easily switch between my two accounts, but the other day I deleted the app and downloaded it again because of a glitch. Now the account is not available for me to switch to and I don’t remember the email or password. :/

  • Anyone know how to get rid of dark spots under eyes?

    I literally always have dark spots under my eyes. They are bags, they’re just dark under my eyes and I always look really tired even when I’m not. I get a good amount of sleep, does anyone know how to get rid of them??

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions8 months ago
  • Mouse Problems 2?

    (Sorry the first one I explained it wrong.) So whenever I press a letter on the keyboard, and hold it down, I can't use my mouse. My mouse is frozen and it won't move. I have Windows 8.

    1 AnswerAdd-ons5 years ago
  • Mouse problems?

    So I play a game and whenever I walk forward, I can't use my mouse, it doesn't move. But whenever I don't move it woks. It's not just in the game, sometimes if I am doing something else it will freeze. I have an HP. Someone please help me out.

    3 AnswersAdd-ons5 years ago