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  • Code for outlet for dishwasher?

    Bought a new dishwasher which will be delivered soon.  The old dishwasher was hard-wired.  The new one is going to be plug-in, so I added GFCI receptacle under the sink.  I read somewhere that the outlet should only have a single plug-in but it was not clear if that was a recommendation or a code requirement.   The outlet I installed has two plug-ins, and I went back to the store and couldn’t find any single-plugs that were also GFCI.  Do I really need a single-plug outlet to meet code?  

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  • List of characteristics that aren’t personality traits?

    I’m trying to come up with a list of several human traits that have nothing to do with personality.  Primarily looking for things that are driven by outside influences, or learned traits.  

    Some examples I already have:






    What I’m NOT looking for is things that would show up on a personality test.  This would be things like outgoing, shy, patient, assertive, detail-oriented, optimistic, etc.

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  • Cause of sharp knee pain while sleeping?

    Whenever I fall asleep with my right knee bent, especially 90 degrees or more, I wake up in the middle of the night in severe pain.  Once I wake up, if I try to straighten or bend my knee at all it feels like I’m being stabbed in the kneecap with a knife.  It usually takes me a minute or two to gradually straighten out my leg and once I do, the pain is completely gone and I can go back to sleep.  This has been going on for a few years and seems to be getting worse, which is scary because I’m only 29.  Has anyone else experienced this?  What could it be?

  • Controversies where both sides are justified ?

    I’m looking for story inspiration from history and fiction, specifically conflicts where both sides are justifiable and there is no clear moral right and wrong.  

    One good example from fiction is in the Dragon Age video game series, the conflict between Mages and Templars.  Because mages are dangerous, the Templars imprison them for the protection of the general public.  Adding to the dynamic are extremists on both ends:  Some Templars abuse the mages, or want to kill them all; while some mages rebel and become possessed by demons, killing innocents and thus justifying the need for imprisonment.  

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  • Ideas for tabletop RPG spells?

    I'm working on a DIY board game.  It's not a D&D type game where you have a narrative/game master, but just a turn-based game where players roll dice to move around the board, attack monsters, and cast spells to either buff themselves or mess with the other players.  The idea in some way is to win by killing the most monsters.  

    Hoping for some creative outside ideas for different spells that players can cast!

    Some examples of spells that I already have:

    Syphon - steal MP from other players

    Raise zombie - summon a zombie minion to fight alongside you

    Firestorm/Chain Lightning/Magic Bolt - generic "attack" spells

    Vampire kiss - Heal 1 HP for each damage dealt

    Enchant weapon - Add 2 damage to dice result

    Haste - gain 2x movement from dice result

    Rockskin - reduce incoming damage by 1

    Other spells like heal, teleport, Warg power (control beast)

  • Will the Witcher Netflix show be great or terrible?

    I am a huge fan of the Witcher universe. I loved playing the games so much that I went on to read all of the books, which is saying something because I normally hate reading.

    Although I did like the books, it seems like it would be hard to make the novels into a TV show. I remember Geralt’s storyline being largely uneventful across the novels. I hope they are able to tell the story but add some action to it as well.

    I do not know much about the show runner, but I was excited to see a game of thrones writer was involved in the script. Some of the statements I have heard from the show runner, like the show being about “family” make me nervous. I want it to be a dark fantasy where doing the right thing may not be obvious, and may not end well. I have heard it said that the show has no villain, just different characters with different points of view, which was good to hear.

    I’m not sure how I feel about Henry Cavill as Geralt. I like that he is a fan of the universe but I’m anxious to see how he portrays Geralt.

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  • How to tell if TV IR Receiver is broken?

    ~3 year old TV, remote stopped working suddenly. Have replaced batteries in remote and tried a new remote. The new remote was able to send one signal to the TV immediately after programming but then stopped working after 1 second. Tried reprogramming the remote and again was able to send a signal for about 1 second before it stopped working.

    I've heard that if the IR is broken it's not worth your time to fix, just buy a new TV. It seems weird that after programming a new remote the TV would be able to receive a signal, even if just for a second. This makes me wonder if there is something else going on. If the IR is truly broken then I would think the remote should not have worked at all.

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  • Why won t my diarrhea stop?

    4 days ago I came down with something: fever, nausea, headache, body aches, and fatigue. The following day most of those symptoms had gone away, but I started having frequent diarrhea. For the last 3 days I ve had 10-15 bowel movements per day, all diarrhea. By now I feel completely normal but my diarrhea has shown no signs of slowing down.

    Is this common for lingering diarrhea after a flu/virus? Or is this symptom of something more? Is there any way I can treat diarrhea? Other than that I don t seem to be sick at all.

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  • Is there any proof of a 4th spatial dimension?

    It's theorized that the Universe is finite and unbounded, but that it seems to go on forever because it is "warped in the 4th dimension" similar to how one could traverse the surface of the earth infinitely as a 2D object warped in the 3rd dimension. Where did this theory of the 4th dimension come from? Is there any proof of the universe being warped or is it just easier to think of it that way as opposed to the idea that the universe could be bounded by "nothing". If we can't observe the universe in it's entirety, why have we accepted the hypothesis of a unbounded, finite universe? How do we know it isn't infinite? How do we know it isn't bounded? (I understand why it can't be both at the same time... or maybe it is and it's just too hard to understand). If anyone knows of any good articles on the subject I'd love to read them. I think in general we assume we know more than we do about the universe. Once upon a time we thought the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around us. Maybe some of our current accepted truths will be disproved and seen in similar light in the years to come. Interesting to think about.

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  • Can't Load User Profile in Windows 7?

    When I try to log in I get this message:

    The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.

    I looked on a few websites for solutions and they all involve making a new profile or using a temporary profile. Problem is I can't seem to do anything...

    I'm trying to run Windows 7 from a mac laptop, probably 6 years old. It ran fine until this morning and now I get this message and can't open the profile or figure out how to make a new one. OS X works just fine though. Is there a way that I can make a new Windows profile for the computer while running OS X, or do I need to be on Windows to do it? Because I can't open Windows without a profile so I'm kind of screwed there.

    Any help is appreciated,


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  • Do I have ADD? What should I do?

    I'm a senior in college and I've been struggling to pay attention in classes my entire life. I never thought ADD was a possibility because I've always been a great student, but I can't focus in class to save my life. I wander in and out during lectures and find that most of the time I'm thinking about a movie I watched, something that happened recently, or daydreaming about different "what if" situations. when I read, often I'll get through a few paragraphs and realize I have no Idea what I just read. When people are talking directly to me for much more than 20 seconds without asking for any response from me, I'll start to phase in and out.

    I'm sure I could go through life just fine dealing with this the way I have been, but I feel like there's so much room to improve. I can imagine how much easier school would be if I could actually focus in class and no have to teach myself everything out of class.

    How does diagnosing ADD work? Do I just describe my symptoms to a doctor and he says ok, take some adderall? Are there any downsides to the drug? I've never taken it before and don't know how my body/mind would react if I were to start.

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  • Why does the microwave make things soggy?

    When you overcook something in the oven it gets burnt. When you overcook something in the microwave it gets soggy. I know ovens and microwaves work in completely different ways, but what is it about microwaves that causes this soggy phenomenon?

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