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  • Why does this Taurus guy keeps running back to me?

    Ok I'm a libra woman and I've been dating this Taurus man for like 3 years and don't get me wrong wen we first met it wasn't all that great. He was a asshole but it's like he and I couldn't let each other go an he was real mean an I left him a few times because of it but it's like he won't leave me alone. And he says he loves me, he stays busy on the road travel in since he's a truck driver an I've traveled wit him a bunch of times but I feel doesn't want me to leave him I love him an stuff even though his Taurus ways irritate me sometimes but like I know they say Taurus is not a good match for a libra but this Taurus mmmm Idk why I feel the way I feel for him he's loyal but needs to work on not being so hot tempered sometimes and I just feel like I need to be more open sometimes but due to terrible relationships in the past it's kinda hard to. But what are the chances wit libra-Taurus love?

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  • how can i get pregnant?

    im 21 and me and my boyfriend have thought about having a baby i mean at times we have sex and then at times we dont and then im on my period once again. is it because im not having enough sex like i should in order to become pregnant? what is it help me out here...

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  • is a woman more easy to get pregnant with irregular periods or regular periods?

    ok im 21 and i dont have any kids but i do have one question tho ok if u know answer if u dont know then dont answer. but like ive heard that if a woman has irregular cycles she has to be careful because she could slip up pregnant easily since she doesnt know when her next cycle will start up vs a woman with a regular cycle. so the only thing i wanna is if shes easy to get pregnant easily wit a irregular period.

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  • What does a person have to do to get their vehicle registered in the state they moved to?

    Hi i have a cousin thats from atlanta georgia , & they moved here to north carolina and their confused on wut to do far as with their registrstion n stuff like that my question is if their car registration n driver license , license plate is from georgia n the car title n stuff will he have to transfer his stuff to north carolina from georgia since he'll be a resident here. I mean i dont wanna tell him nothin wrong so i need a lil help , if anybody can give me an answer thats from NC and knows all about this vehicle type of stuff please leave a answer , thank u :)

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  • Are my reproductive organs a good size?

    Ok I'ma 20 yr ol n I went to the doc back n December n while being at the hospital they gave me back my pelvic sonogram n my right ovary is 16cm n my left ovary is 14cm n my endometrial thickness is 7mm. They checked for other things n everything was fine no sigficant abnormalities no masses or nun like that. So is that ok for my ovaries to b diff sizes n is my endometrial thickness being 7mm

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  • Is my reproductive organs normal sized?

    Ok I'm 20 years old and I went to the doctor back in December of last year ok I had gotten checked out n stuff like that n everything was fine. I look at my pelvic sonogram n seen my endometrial thickness is 7mm , n my right ovary is 16cm n my left ovary is 14cm. Everything was fine didn't have no sigficant abnormalities or nothin like that. So my question is is that normal like my ovaries being kinda slightly different and my endometrial thickness being 7mm is that good?

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  • Why do people lie on Chatlines?

    OK I met so many guys on different chat lines and all of them could not be honest with me about what it is they wanted. I feel that I'm wasting my time anytime I get on a damn Chatline because I haven't discovered nothing good off of them. I think I should leave them alone because I keep getting hurt and I keep settin myself up for getting my feelings hurt and taken advantage of. I feel what's the damn purpose of having chatlines all men/women do is lie on them. Lie about what they want in a person, lie about how they look sometimes, and can't keep it simple. Most guys be on there 4 sex not interested in getting to know a woman. Its sad why people lie on chatlines

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  • could I be pregnant?

    Ok we're in the month of April and me and my boyfriend has been having constant sex for this month. I had a period on March 17th and bled til the 20th of that month. Now we're in April and it's April 27th and no I don't have regular cycles they vary but I took two pregnancy tests n both read negative. Its only been one week hasn't been 2 weeks yet. I'm gonna wait til this Friday to test again n use my last pregnancy test n my pack since it came wit 3 tests. Never used a pregnancy test called ept sum. Its new so I wouldn't kno. But if anyone can help me I wind appreciate it. Thanks.

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  • Why do guys sag ?

    My uncle asked me do I find guys that sag attractive and I thought that was so offensive because I'm a classy woman not no trashy woman. No I don't like that and nor do I find that decent or appealing. So why do guys say and be showing they're underwear and stuff while saggin?

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  • how do u get rid of bed bugs?

    Ok im 18, so last month a couple weeks after i graduated i noticed there were bed bugs on the edge of my mattress. It wasnt a lot of them maybe i'd say like 5 or 6 of them. And they were adult size. I think they started makin babies because i seen the lil tiny ones. Before i discovered i had bed bugs i never gave it a thought. But when i kept wakin up and seeing there were bumps appearing up on my arms and wrists and chest i automatically assumed i had something in my bed biting on me. I didnt have this problem until last month. I think they mite hav cam frm my dads bed bcus they wer al ova his i think they traveled frm his room n 2 they in tha livin he thinkin bout bombin the place.i don kno if this wil do any good mi sis had catched 1 n smashed it.i screamed i mean omg what shud i do.we wash everything.vacuumed evrything.shook stuff out pickd everything up off tha floor.sprayed bed bug spray.omg what to do! Someone kno?

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  • can u still have kids if u have had 2 stds?

    Ok and I don't need nobody judging me ima grown *** woman. But I'm 18 and in the past I've experienced two stds. One gonorrhea and the other chlamydia. I experienced gonorrhea twice and the chlamydia once I got both of them treated and cured. I asked my doctor can I still have kids she says well if u didn't come in at all for ur treatment than it could cause infertility. I said yeah but if its left untreated it will do that to me? She said yes. So I remember the first time I was exposed to gonorrhea the symptoms were bad and the second time I didn't really have no symptoms like that because they said its been caught in the early stage. I got treated and cured from both the gonorrhea and chlamydia. But can u still have kids after having 2 stds and cured from both of them?

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  • is 18 too young to have kids?

    Ok I'm an 18 year old black female and not that I'm asking this question because I want kids but because people think having kids at this age is entirely too young. Me I don't think it is. I've known people that have had babies at the age of 18 and they say they don't regret it. Me if I ever decide to become pregnant I want to first make sure this is what I wanna do, and also find that person that's not going to up and leave me hanging taking care of a baby by myself. I mean I know parenting is a lot of work but aye its worth it. I know the concept of taking care of a child. Took a parenting class where u actually had to take home the baby for 2 days and that was interesting. My gig, it doesn't matter how old u are when u decide to have a baby but the thing is if ur ready for to be a parent and take on those responsibilities because I'm not ready for to be a parent right now which is why I'm on birth control. So the question, is 18 too young to have kids?

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  • is something wrong with me listening to a lot of R&B music?

    Ok I'm an 18 year old black female and I love to listen to R&B. I grew up around it my mama and daddy was R&B lovers so I really didn't have a choice but to listen to it. Now I'm in tune with it. I love r&b. My friends call me old for like the old school throwback r&b but I see nothing wrong with that. I listens to rap also but rap I can't relax off of. I love smooth r&b that makes u think that makes u feel something. Which is why I wanna be a r&b singer. I love the thrill of r&b so is there anything wrong wit r&b cuz I love it. And can't get enough of it. I love my Luther vandross, Marvin Gaye, jagged edge all of those good singers.

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