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  • Liver biopsy results. ..chronic liver disease?

    Liver biopsy results shows mild scar tissue and no significant inflammation. MRI of the liver shows fat around the liver and enlarged spleen and liver, bile ducts of the liver are normal. Blood tests shows elvated liver enzymes, and a positive AMAS and postive smooth muscle antibody. My wife is been horribly sick. She has vomiting and naruea and pain upper right abdomen. And she has no energy and can t get out of bed most days. I wanna see if anyone has had issues like this and what was the end result.

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  • what is going on with me!!?

    Hi i am a 23 year old married women with two kids. i had my tubes cut.burnt and tied last year in March. I am almost two months late on my period my last period started on November 21. I took two pregnancy test both were negative. so i went to my doctor and told him about the missed period and i have green/yellowish mucus like discharge coming out. but it has no smell or nothing hurts no itching or burning. And they also found Gallbladder ensign's in my pee and i don't have a gallbladder been took out five/six years ago. they also did a pee test on my urine and they said it was clean. i have a doctor's apt monday but i am really worried and wonder if i should go to the E.R. cause i am having lower abdominal pain. dull to sharp pains in like my ovaries. can someone please let me know what's going on i am scared.

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  • Is my sister going away for a long time?

    she got caught stealing at a church earlier this year and served 90 days and now she's got four counts of Larceny of a build and two probation violations. And i guess two or more counts of Retail fraud.. She took less then $500 dollars of stuff but she stoled and took back the items and got in store credit. She has had alot of trouble with the law in the last year or two. She also is mental unstable would they put that in to count?

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  • My four year old son has postive ana's?

    I just found out that my son has positive ana's and it worry's me cause i have Lupus SLE and his doctor thinks he has it to. Considering that i have it it make's it more then 98% more likely. what will his life be like when he's twenty four he'd already lived with this disease for twenty years. Can anyone tell me what this mean's for him and his future will he be ok..?

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  • How much american indian would I be?

    My grandma's grandpa was full blackfoot indian but also my dad's grandma was full serenca indian

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  • Question About SSI In Michigan?

    my sister went to jail for 90 days and she lost her ssi check starting this month and she get's out this month can she get it back..or not she lives in Michigan

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  • what does it mean for a kindergarten kid to be put in the stars program?

    My daughter is just now starting her kindergarten year but the teacher sent me a letter saying that there pleased to let me know that she's in the stars program for her language arts i was just wondering if that's good or bad...?

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  • am i pregnant even though i got my tubes tied.?

    got them tied this last march and now i'm thirteen days late on my period, and it's been regular for a few months now. but now i'm having a little bit of light pink blood but it goes and comes like days later. i only been feeling really really tired, i usually have pretty heavy periods. i had the pregnancy test right before the surgery and it was negative. i did pass a skin like pink bouncy ball thing but it didn't hurt but i never passed something like that before..?

    Pregnancy8 years ago
  • Is it possible to get pregnant a few months after having your tube's cut,tied and burnt?

    i just had the surgery this march, but he took out my mirena right before he did the surgery. this last july i started on the 28 spoting a little very light then had a heavy one which is normal for me, But this August i didn't get it now it's September 10, i'm thirdteen day late now which is only happen to me when i was pregnant with my two kids. anyways what should i do i don't know if it's stress or i'm pregnant. i found out this month that my dad has cancer and my kids went back to school. should i call my Ob gyn and what should i say to him they'll laugh at me.

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  • My dad's got Leimyosarcoma?

    He had this growth on his arm but the dr took it out and sent it out to see what it was it came back as leimyosarcoma but they said that theres still signs that there more then just that. Also hw's got little bumps all over his arm they cant tell what stage he's at but i was wondering if anyone knew? he's going to the hosptial and do a scan..

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  • how do i help my nephew and my sister?

    all i'm looking for is just advice on what to do about my sister's pill problem and my the welfare of my nephew in all this. well since she was sixteen she's been in to drugs pretty hard. she met a guy though our parents that was the same age as my dad and she started to go with him well our family lived with the guy at time we had no idea they we're together like that until one day he brings her up to the hospital and they call my moms saying that the guy is wasted and there's all different kinds of drugs in her system and they wanted to know what to do. so my mom went up there and she told them that her and the older guy was dating. so my mom sent me and her down to live with my aunt while they move cuz she did so many drugs that she couldn't walk or feed her self or bathe her self and i might of been that way for her whole life. well i took care of her for a few months then she got better but she left again when she was eighteen to live with the guy again and there was nothing my mom or dad could of done to stop her while anyways a year and a half later she calls my mom from a police station up where she was living. saying that the guy cheated on her and left her for a older women and that he hurt her pretty bad and she wanted to come home when she came home she was a mess she loss so much weight it was scary then they did a phycial on her and found out that she was pregnant at one time and had loss a baby recently and on top of that she was having withdraws from the drugs she was on anyway she got better after time and she started school and getting her life around then my dad left my mom and she stoped eating and she turned to skin and bones and then she almost died from it they kept her in a mental home until she could deal with it then a years after that she seem to be in a good place then she met harry who was a friend of our cousin and she and him fell in love i guess and she started to party with him and that did that for a another year or two then she became pregnant with there son and she got her self back to normal and but then we started to learn that her would be husband was doing crack and pills and he would stay out all night while she was pregnant and they got in a huge blow out she hit him he hit her they made up then she had the baby then a few month's after that she started to act weird hang out with ppl that she didn't even no that well and she started pushing her the baby on my mom so a little bit after that we got in a huge fight i moved away she stayed with my mom and brother. i moved back a year later to live again with all them to help my mom out then a few month's after that my mom and brother got in a fight with my sister's husband's kids and then the pill thing blow up we found out she was on pills and that she might of been doing other stuff anyways that moved away to a town that is out in the middle of nowhere. me and my mom and brother stayed together but my sister and her husband are becoming more and more unpredictable when we see the little boy he seems that he's been out in the sun to long he got tans marks on tan marks and sun burns and then his clothes are dirty looking and he doesn't wear any socks during winter his coat was to little for him and he always ate like he was super hungry we talked to his mom about that his coat was to little even his diapers was to little they were leaving marks in his sides then she got mad and took him away for a little while he come back and he lost fifteen pounds. then a little while ago she got with another guy while she's still married cuz they have problems that was twice her age and was staying the night over here with her friend as she likes to clam and my brother caught them kissing and touching and whatever her husband asked my brother what was going on and he told him so she and him got in a big fight and she got mad again took the baby and we didn't see her for a month. now lately she got in trouble with the law for stealing a two hundred dollar check from a church and trying to cash it while she was already on probation for stealing and drug use so she has piss test so we thought she was ok with that part but then her and her husband come over walk in to the house screaming and yelling she's saying he's taking her meds and he's saying she's taking his pain pills that he get's off the street and then my sister got physical with him went to go hit him all in front of my kids and there son who was so scared he was crying and telling them to stop so my brother took my sister's husband out side to defuse fight and the baby wanted to go with his dad cuz he was scared so they went outside and my mom and sister got in a fight about coming over her like that and my sister became in a rage and went outside and was trying to pull the baby out of his dad's arms. the baby was so scared then she smacked him while he was holding the baby so my mom kic

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  • Why do I feel so lonely and empty?

    I have two beautiful kids and a good marriage but when my kids are at school or sleeping o get this lonely feeling that wont go away but seems to get worse rather then better. My family besides my kids and husband isolate me my mom acts like she dont want nothing to do with me. My grandma doesnt like me cuz I dont agree with the stuff that goes on with my sister. She steals from the family all the time shes in and out of jail all the time and has been knpwen for doing pills but because I dont like how the family lets her do whatever she wants that they care for her more. They take her out to eat sometimes and go places together but wont even ask me to go or rven call me to talk. My grandma dont say more then five words to me. I lnpw i'm a adult now and have kids but what did I do that was so bad? My sister has a son that she negects all the time my mom sits with my grandma and talks about how bad she is. But no one wont do anything becuz she has alot of metal illnesses or my moms thong she says is that she doesnt want the child took away by foster homes but isnt that better then him being negected bt his parents? His dad loves him I think more then my sister does but they both do drugs vicodins they abuse them but everyones ok with her. But treat me like **** I mean I know no ones perfect but I did nothing wrong to make them be like this.

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  • how do you go about contracting your indian tribe your great grandmother belonged too?

    my great grandma was a full blooded Serena indian and she lived in the Reservation Cattaraugus in new york but i would like to found out more info about her and her family if you could please help me i would be grateful!

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  • if your grandpa is half serenca indian what percent are you?

    my dad is wanting to know if we're enough indian to get our birth race changed or something and if we're enough to i don't do anything about

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  • Need To Find Out Great Great Grandmother's Maiden Name!?

    i am doing research for my school and i need to know this women's maiden name i only have her married name which is Dussie Perritt she married a Albert Perritt in early 1900 hundreds i think her birth date is August 25 1903 born in detroit Michigan or just around Michigan she born a son Russell Perritt in 1920 if anyone can help me find her maiden name i would be grateful!

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  • i was wonder about my great great great grandmother first name is a muslim name..?

    her name is Iram Palmer i looked up the first name cause it sounded strange to me and found out it's a muslim name. does that make us muslims or does it mean anything her last name was Palmer that's american for the most part. if anyone can help me out i really be in a debt to you.

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  • is the last name Gossett Italian?

    my husband grandma maiden name is Gossett she always told him it's Italian but every thing i researched is enlish and french last name..?

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  • My son has a very pronounced vertebrae I think it's called T10?

    i have notice since my son has turned one that his vertebrae in his back stick out more then anyone else i seen, i have told the doctor that i was worried he told me it cause he was a skinny kid that he grow out of it. he hasn't and now he has a little more meat on his bones but it's still there anyone know's what it could be i am worried and most likely have a x ray down on him he's three now and i just want to no somewhat what we're gonna be dealing with. plz any advice would help.

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  • Cramps in my neck and calf' is constant all the time.?

    these cramps are becoming more and more painful i had one in the mid of the night make me cry out in my calf then when i strecth i have them in the side of my neck talk about ouch. i have Alto of health problem i got lupus.Delta SPD,low thyroid, Iron anemia, so i have no clue on to what is causing this does anyone know or have these same things going on. i am on no Mead's for theses illness i don't taking pills so does that matter? please give me so advice beside going to a doctor i am going wednesday but all she does is tell me to take more and more pills..yuck

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  • Please help i think i might be bleeding out!?

    i'm on my period now for four days and it's really heavy which is normal for me but not this thick blood is scaring me ,it's leaves alot of drops of blood in my toilet not in the water part but the other and there like a dark red some are bright red like actual blood. i have a IUD in for almost two years now i haven't had it check on since the first four month's i been moving alot, anyways i also have a blooding disorder called Delta SPD i don't no what to do it's scary cause last month i had almost a two week period and i had dark brown/ black blood now it's bright red and it seems like real blood ...i just want to know what to do cause if i go to the ER i have to pay for the visit but i didn't have time to go to my doctor's office today had to work and i am really worried about it i also been cramping i just sit down for a minture and i stand up and there's blood splatter on the toilet seat and there's droplet's of blood and the water is light red and i been having alot of clots with it one of them was a really dark red about the size of a quarter..any advice of what it could be? i would really be grateful.

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