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  • Has America warmed up since the coronavirus?

    When the planes flew into the twin towers on 9/11 the US FAA shut down all aircraft flights over the USA for 2 or 3 days.  Weather experts commented that without all the high up Jet trails from all the passenger planes reflecting heat back into space that the USA actually warmed up a degree or 2 during that period.  Jet passenger aircraft flights have dropped to very few during the coronavirus pandemic so have the lack of Jet streams allowed more heat to hit the ground and warm up the USA, hence things like a warmer year or possibly made the Californian bushfires worse due to the land being drier.

    6 AnswersAircraft2 weeks ago
  • Why does the USA vote in such old people as President.?

    Most candidates in the US elections appear to be over 70y/o and generally closer to 80. Most other countries seem to have leaders in their 40s and 50s, but again we see candidates in the USA in their late 70s who could drop dead at any moment as leaders for their country. America seems to like their leaders to be geriatrics.

    10 AnswersPolitics1 year ago
  • With the current burning of the rainforests of Brazil and the world outcry about it should the world pay Brazil to re-forest their country.?

    The rainforests of Brazil are said to be the lungs of the world for their ability to take in carbon dioxide and keep it locked up in the wood and expel pure oxygen. The rest of the world has destroyed much of their forests over the last few hundred years and replaced it with farms and cities. Is it fair to just tell Brazil that they are not allowed to do the same. Should the world have to pay Brazil to keep their forests and jungle for the sake of cutting global warming and helping to keep the world's air oxygenated. Should the countries that cut down their jungle and forests be forced to pay for Brazil and other countries with large amounts of jungle to keep their jungle healthy for the good of the world.

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  • How did Germany hide an invasion force of 3 million men along the Russian border for operation Barbarossa.?

    It amazes me that In the build up of invasion forces of such huge numbers as well as tanks, trucks and other equipment that the Russians seem to had no idea of the invasion about to happen. I've even heard that Stalin once awoken and told the Germans were invading refused to believe it until it was confirmed.

    So how did the Russians fail to see such a build up to invasion within a short distance of their border and caught so badly unprepared.

    15 AnswersHistory1 year ago
  • Age of consent question?

    I was wondering what people here think the age of consent should be legally set at for teenagers to decide for themselves with who and what age they should be able to have sex with no legal consequences.

    1) for straight females with males

    2) for straight males with females

    3) for males having sex with other males

    4) for females having sex with other females

    8 AnswersLaw & Ethics2 years ago
  • Anyone remember the title and author of this book?

    When I went to High school around 1970 we had to read a book about a futuristic society where people no longer worked and lived in private small rooms, never venturing out. They were entertained by video screens, food arrived when they were hungry, they slept and did everything in their room. There only communications with others was with their video screens. One day the giant controlling computer which gave them everything they needed starts to fail and the people are forced to leave their rooms and see real people who are also emerging from their rooms for the first time.

    It sounds scarily like the lives of some people already living and likely the lives many will be leading in the coming years.

    Does anyone remember the name and author of the book.

    6 AnswersBooks & Authors2 years ago
  • Why is this section for lesbian gay bisexual and transgendered being flooded with religious questions?

    I have noticed the LGBT area of Yahoo answers is being flooded with questions about religious matters which have nothing to do with LGBT matters. It appears as so some Christian churchy people are misusing this area in an attempt to destroy this section of Yahoo answers by driving the sensible people out. There was a time this section of Yahoo Answers was quite interesting and full of sensible LGBT questions many from people looking for serious answers to major problems in their lives but religious Trolls came along telling us all to believe in and pray to Christ and all LGBT problems would magically disappear. Now about half of the questions are religious questions with no reference to LGBT and half of the other questions are from Bigoted homophobic Trolls who get their jollies coming here to insult LGBT people and to show off their own ignorance.

    Lets start reporting these people and claim this area of Yahoo Answers back for serious discussion and problem solving for LGBT people. Who's with me. Lets kick these people ruining this area out and show them LGBT people will not be silenced.

  • So another mass killing has happened in the good ol USA.?

    The National Rifle Association I assume will still say "guns don't kill people, people kill people" and deny there is a need for gun control right across the US. Do you all agree with me that the National Rifle Association should take their heads out of the sand and realize their opposition to government enforced gun control banning all automatic, semi automatic, and handguns is the reason these weapons who only were designed to kill people should be banned. In many countries these types of weapons designed for military use for mass killing of the enemy have been banned and these mass shooting events don't happen.

    Do you feel as I do the National Rifle Association should be held responsible for these mass shootings as they make US governments fear if they bring in legislation against these weapons that they will have the huge NRA voting against them.

    2 AnswersCurrent Events3 years ago
  • How do I appeal when an answer I gave here on Yahoo answers was reported and deleted and then I was fined 10 points.?

    I answered a question which was "is it gay for me to watch The Bold and the Beautiful". I answered "I had a gay male friend who also loves that show" and was reported by "one of Yahoo's trusted members". All I said was I had a gay friend who enjoyed watching the same show. I do not find that offensive and cannot figure out why the answer was reported and deleted.

    There appears to be no way of appealing that decision. You can appeal if your question was deleted but not if your answer was reported. Can anyone tell me how to appeal this decision.

    6 AnswersYahoo Answers3 years ago
  • What has happened to Yahoo answers?

    Why has Yahoo Answers become so bad lately. There have been virtually no new questions in over 2 weeks. I assume people are still asking questions but Yahoo is not posting them. Come on Yahoo you should inform us what is going on.

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers3 years ago
  • Why does the US have sporting events they call the World Series but never allow any other countries to enter?

    We hear of these World Series events in the US but notice no other countries are invited to take part in these sporting competitions. It sounds like Americans trying to make themselves believe they are the top sports players in the world, but are not game to invite other teams from outside the country in case they are beaten at their own country's sports.

    5 AnswersCricket4 years ago
  • Is anyone else having problems with Yahoo dropping out.?

    I have just lost another answer. I had just finished typing it out and as usual had to add all the letters and words that failed to type on both Yahoo Answers and even typing out an email on yahoo mail when the program stalled and reloaded the page (a regular occurrence), but of course my fully typed answer would not reappear and was lost. On Yahoo typing is getting a pain and I am thinking of going to Gmail. I am sick of waiting for yahoo to work again as it stalls doing is sometimes constantly. I have no problems like this on any other website. Would be interested to hear if any others are having similar troubles or is it just me.

    3 AnswersOther - Computers4 years ago