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born into a family where engineering was what my family has done for at least two generations. my grandfather was a wheelwright and a farrier as well as being a general blacksmith he was also a farrier. my father went into the army as a blacksmith tradesman.learned how to repair watches and clocks. set up in business as a jeweler. had two sons both have spent years in the business of horology. i the eldest went into electronics and electronic engineering also in between sold spares and was employed as a car mechanic. so have some knowledge with pre 1970's jaguars and land rover and rover cars. i am a radio amateur as well have an onc in telecommunications and have many course which relate to the networking of both speech and data transmission. spent time during the last 40 years as a systems manager within a large telecomms company dealing with VPN as part of my position and have been employed as a manager as well in a non people role. looking at stats and performanc