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  • Can you get genital herpes from someone who jerking you off?

    My partner was jerking me off and she said she got genital herpes. I was shocked now I am scared will I get genital herpes for having her jerking me off? 

    9 AnswersSTDs2 months ago
  • Can you get Genital herpes from your partner jerking you off? ?

    My partner jerking me off with her hand and we didn’t have sex. She later admit she say she got Genital Herpes. Can you get Genital Herpes from someone jerking you off?

    4 AnswersSTDs3 months ago
  • Please read this and tell me what you think I should do?

    I have been working for 3 years and I am one of the most reliable worker on the job. My boss rely on me for almost everything including doing the boss work too. So few times boss will ask me about my social life and stuff. Boss have a poor childhood life and family didn’t have money. I didn’t have that problem growing up. So one day I feel like I need a raise after I was doing all this work and stuff. So I asked the boss for a raise the boss said oh you don’t need the money you had a good childhood life and your family got money and will take care of you. I am like huh this doesn’t make any sense and boss said just stay quiet and keep working. What do you think I should do?

    4 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 years ago
  • How to deal with insecure/jealous immediate supervisor?

    My immediate supervisor openly express about her difficult childhood life, grew up poor and how life is so hard on her because she a single mother and etc. I would say I understand and sorry this happen. She would ask about my life I said my childhood life was good, grew up middle class family and life was good. You can see her face she got intense like angry. Every other day she would repeatedly said you had a good life wow you lucky I wish I had a life like you. I said okay then she said it again day later and I started to feel annoyed. She started to throw me under the bus, don't included me in an important meeting, whenever there a in-house training she would not included me. She is in her 50s acting like this like come on and I am in early 20s. My other co-workers didn't have a good childhood either but they just keep moving forward. I feel like I want to quit and try get another job. How can I deal with this thing?

    4 AnswersPsychology3 years ago
  • Is my gf into her male friend? is she cheating on me behind my back?

    My gf and I have been together over 3 years now. We used to spend hangout with each every other weekends. Now that has stop she been making excuses like she don't want to go out or she tired blah blah but she would now out almost every weekends with a male friend she used to go to school with. Her male friend been texting her and fb messaging her saying he want to hang with her. They have been going to parties together and different places together. Whenever I talk to her she has been giving me attitude and behavior has changed there wasn't no love affection. She said him and her just a friend. Her best friend told me don't worry about it they just friends. what is your opinon of this situation?

    3 AnswersFriends3 years ago
  • Do you think she like him because she keep talking about him? I want your opinion about this. Please HELP Thank you.?

    my girlfriend and I have been together for 3 years. My girlfriend told me there a guy at her job like her n keep flirting her. She want him 2 stop I was like oh okay so did u tell him that u got a bf? she said yea I told him that n the guy still won't stop (she smiling while she telling me this). I said okay let me confront him about this n she said no she will handle it. Then weeks later I was waiting for my gf 2 pick me up after she finished work she said I'll be pick you up after I drop someone off. I said 2 myself I wonder who. I just waited then here she come with a smile on her face I was like okay dropping off a friend or something? she rolled her eye n just said just drop someone off. Later she would tell me non-stop about this guy who keep flirting with her almost everyday Then what got me was she explain about where he lives I was like oh that the him? She roll her eye and said yea he beg me everyday to drop him off to his home she been dropping him off everyday I was like hmm ok she swear that she didn't nothing n just drop hm off. I said okay then later I saw her snapchat video I caught him in her snapchat video at work and added him on snapchat and I told her what going on? She said that nothing just for fun with a smile. Now he no longer works there and she kept talking about him like "I wonder y left the job" "Where he is work now?" What ur opinion about this?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating3 years ago
  • How to be prepare for a baby?

    My gf and i have known each other for 7 years. We been dating almost three years and we are in our late 20s. My gf have always have been talking about she want to have kids before she get to age 30. I am on the fence of having baby now or not because i don't know what to expect having a baby. We both have jobs. What are the responsibility of having your first baby and what is it like having a baby?

    1 AnswerNewborn & Baby4 years ago
  • Why can t my parent just accept my gf?

    My girlfriend and I have been friends for 7 years before we started dating. We both graduated from college. I was able to find a professional job in my field (computer) and she couldn t find one and have to odd jobs until she can find a job in her field which is graphics. So I have my parent to meet my gf and once they found out that she doesn t have a real job. They immediately said you should find someone else who have a real job and get rid of your gf for someone who have a good career. This really made me mad because they just wrote her off fast without even giving her a chance. My parent doesn t want to talk to her or see her again. All just because she doesn t have a professional job. Have you been though this situation before?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating4 years ago